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i can feeling allright

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i can feeling allright

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i can feeling allright
  • Fool's Garden Allright
    "Can you hear me? Baby, wake up! You're a little late, it's nearly ten. You look awful without the make-up and if you don't stop you will kiss the end Allright, allright Say did you ever think about it Allright,"
  • Danzel The feeling is allright
    "The feeling ... (x4) This morning I woke up next to a woman I don't know, She opened up her eyes, looked at me And asked me for the time. I said:"Excuse me but do you remember when and how we got here?""
  • Bon Jovi Allright now
    "There she stood in the street SMiling from her head to her feet, I said ''Hey, what is this?'' Now baby, maybe she's in need of a kiss. I said 'Hey, what's your name, baby, maybe we can see things"
  • Various Its Allright
    "In the dark of the night I was tossing and turning And the nightmare I had was as bad as can be-- It scared me out of my wits-- A corpse falling to bits! Then I opened my eyes And the nightmare was...me!! I"
  • Kiss It's Allright
    "Oh yeah I'm pretty good at takin' care myself I always get enough to get me by So if you're askin' for a little love Well, baby, there ain't nothin' I won't try You got me knockin' on wood I never knew"
  • Houston Allright
    "Ladies and gentlemen this is a Jazze Pihhzle productshizzle introducing Houston Woo shawty u hurt me babe, saw ur body a mile away, I realy dont know who you came here with, coz all I see is what your"
  • Axxis Allright
    "It's like another kind of revolution It's seems to be another century Caught in a web of world wide information A spider's net of digitally There's no borderline The borders fading with the time No"
  • Gordon Lightfoot Baby It's Allright
    "It's alright for some, but not alright for me When the one that I'm lovin' slips around You think it's fine to do things I cannot see And you're doin' it to me, baby, can't you see That I know how"
  • Zididada It's Goona Be Allright
    "Release date: 30. September 2002 Album: Happy Fool IT'S GONNA BE ALLRIGHT (verse) Every now and then, I get this feelin' girl, you have a doubt within your heart how can I convince you? I'm not leavin'"
  • Mr. Lil One Feeling
    "Mr. Lil One - Feeling Lyrics I show up in the room, wit a witch and a broom Mothaf**kas know how I do it when I show Blowin up houses showin up like mouses Leavin f**kin holes in wall til they fall Callin"
  • Genesis Say it's allright Joe
    "Say it's alright JoeI need another drinkTo blow on the glass so I know I'm alivePlay me a song JoeTo fill the hours till morningThen never again will I bother youOoh, build myself a towerNo way in no way"
  • Ninja High School It's Allright To Fight
    "You're going home in a f**king ambulance! fisticuffs in the street, we're intellectuals admitting to ourselves we're collective animals. collection of west coast avengers annuals, pop psychiatry and technical"
  • Public Enemy Hell No, We Ain't Allright
    "People are dying.. They don't have homes.. They don't have jobs.. The city of New Orleans will never be the same Now let's get off your asses and let's do something and let's fix the biggest goddamn crisis"
  • Wainwright Loudon I'm Allright
    "Woke up this morning, didn't feel that bad Last night was definitely not one of the worst I ever had Ate a nice dinner, drank a few drinks Didn't think about you baby no matter what you think Went back"
  • Ricky Martin & Matt Pokora It's Allright
    "Matt: Hahaha! Yo! Ricky... Ricky: Dissipate your every mood I got nothing left to prove Something, something I cant explain... Matt: a fait longtemps quon stourne le dos Tu me dis rien A quoi tu joue Tes"
  • Aaron Carter You Can Keep Feeling
    "maybe your the one who is the only secret I keep there's no one like you all the dreams you have I don't want any yeah! it's all yours( all yours) maybe your the only one that let me have wonderful happness we"
  • Papa Dance Everything is allright
    "Some saying what they saying it drives me crazy but, everything is allright. One way they sayed one way, could be better way, everything is allright. One say or lives one if will feeling DJ now's"
  • Elton John Saturday Night's Allright
  • Skew Siskin It`s Allright
    "Reach my hand up to the sky Hope one day you will return Talkin' to myself, I know you won't But will I ever learn You know I'll always feel for you Doesn't matter where I am Whatever you say or do You'll"
  • Queen Baby it's allright
    "I could be your loverI could be your friendIt's one or the otherOr is that where it ends'Cos I never see youAnd you never callI want to be near youTo hold you that's allBe there if you fallBaby it's all"

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