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i cant take any chances i cant climb any mountain

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i cant take any chances i cant climb any mountain

  • I Cant Love You Any More - Benny Goodman
    "I Didn't Know What Time It Was Benny Goodman Words by Lorenz Hart and music by Richard Rodgers. Introduced by Marcy Westcott and Richard Kollmar in the musical "Too Many Girls." Sung by Lucille Ball, Eddie"
  • What I Cant Describe - Transplants
    "Let the funky beat blaze! I take my last breath Its like Im dead inside Its like Im past it Its what I cant describe (Rob sing this): You said money cant buy me love and that's true But money can buy"
  • If I Cant Dance - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    "If I can't dance, If I can't dance (oh baby), If I can't dance, If I can't dance, If I can't dance then I don't dance. Any part of your revolution! A new dorm waits for us tonight If you play the cards"
  • Move Any Mountain - Shaaman
    "Move any mountain Move any mountain I will not fail nor falter, I shall succeed My perception is altered I do believe Faith is so strong now nothing shall bar my way From conviction, no fiction this is"
  • Another Mountain To Climb - Warner Mack
    "I got another mountain to climb I gotta get you off my mind I can't let a heartache get me behind I got another mountain to climb Well all of my life I been a learnin' you gotta live it day to day There's"
  • Cant Take Anymore - Pennywise
    "Thought you could face the world now you lost your nerve All the things you held so close until the tables turned And when I tried to warn you still you took the risk How did I know we'd drift apart"
  • Through Any Window - Willie Wisely
    "Early in the morning when the sun comes through any window Break the promise that each day is a new early morning, through any window Blue is the memory of her bedroom eyes Green as the envy I cant hide Red"
  • Chances - Roxette
    "Hear my call, here and everywhere I've been walking the streets in despair. One more fire turns a shade of grey, one more tear is lost in the rain. And I say that I love you. I say that I need you. Baby"
  • Any last wordz - Eazy-E
    "This is a real life jack in progress. Nigga give up your shit or take two tha chest with tha cripness cuz I aint fuckn around G,so take a look at a real at a real live nigga that craaazy and get ready"
  • Any - The Connells
    "Be yourself Be yourself so you won't fade out Keep yourself Keep yourself so you won't change at all Anyone in a crowd sees you fail to leave a definte scar Don't you hold back now See yourself See yourself"
  • I Wish I Could But I Cant - Bellefire
    "There you go again...comin' on to me Like nothing here has changed You just don't wanna know, can't you see I've let you go, baby Get it thru your head...we're history You've misinterpreted The way I"
  • Climb - Noe Venable
    "Can you hear me? I don't love anybody else Keep you near me Just like i try to keep myself near All the givers And all the rivers in the world Cannot quench it The arid desert that you Bring to everyone"
  • Climb Trees - Sage Francis
    "Sun set and sun rise I'm my own personal light show Flipping switches...moving from basin bottoms to plateaus The Earth...manipulates itself beneath me I stand still...stagnate. Can't kill...this lagged"
  • Any Road - Randy Bachman
    "If your life is going nowhere And youre movin pretty fast Any you just cant face the future Cuz you never faced your past And nothin really matters If it did you wouldnt care If you dont know where youre"
  • Any longer - Papermoon
    "Sitting here a cigaretteIs waisting my time nowMy hands are tired my head achesI drank too much drank too much wine nowPeople say just take your timeI wish they only knew more about meI'm not the one they"
  • Any Woman - Terri Clark
    "(Tom Shapiro/Terri Clark/Chris Waters) Every time you ask her out she turns you down You've seen a tear roll down her cheek When she thinks no one's around You don't know what's going on But you know there's"
  • Any Day - Over It
    "I lost you in my desert mind I dried up in the sun when you were water, my oasis, I could not kill the thirst in time catch me, if you think you can promise you wont look back If we rinse it away, all"
  • Any road - George Harrison
    "Oh I've been travelling on a boat and a plane In a car on a bike in a bus and a train Travelling there and travelling here Everywhere in every gear But oh Lord we pay the price with a Spin of a wheel -"
  • Any Way - Fisher
    "You can take me away from my sorrow But you can't take away my scars I stand in the middle of the highway Playing chicken with the cars It's not that I'm destructive I Just want to feel your pain If there"
  • Any Foolish Thing - Michael McDonald
    "(Michael McDonald & Chuck Sabatino) I'm not used to saying things like that 'cause all my best intentions fall so flat But when it comes down to it My love for you knows no limit, darling I'll say, I'll"

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