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i could not die

  • I could - Twiztid
    "Ya see I could make a mill, and don't have to sell drugs I could smoke a roach, and do have to light bugs I could pack a bowl, but I'm not Cheech and Chong Not Cypress Hill, but I like hittin' bongs I"
  • I Will Not Die - Jude
    "1-2-3-4 It only hurts me when I'm awake It seems to die with dreaming and ther's only so much that i can fake when my whole life's careening down I will not die It only kills me cause i'm alive and living"
  • Die - Beanie Sigel
    "We chapters of the same book, just a different page Niggas in the struggle all out ta get paid Doin' what we gotta do to avoid the raid Before you get caged, but you can't avoid the grave We chapters"
  • I Could Just Die - Earthling
    "I'm so relaxed I could just die I wanna move my head But I'm too relaxed to try The moon be dancing in the sky Can you see the black doves fly Is it true what the trees said Is Freddy Krueger really dead Oh"
  • Die - Christian Walz
    "Would you like to become what you are That ain't such an honest set of mind Could you try to let go of your stars That would let you be one of a kind Be some one that I admire Now the good words left"
  • I Could Not Love You More - Bee Gees
    "Now that we're alone no more hide and seek You are the highest dream to me and as you softly sleep Then I can tell you what it means Locked in my arms like lovers lie I will not let you slip away Is this"
  • I Could Die For You - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Something inside the cards I know is right Don't wanna live somebody else's life This is what I want to be And this is what I give to you Because I get it free She smiles while I do my time I could die"
  • If I could - State Of Shock
    "Everytime that youre around, it cuts my throat (takes my breath away) Everytime that youre around, you bring me clouds (breaks my heart now) So hard to show (chorus) If i could say the words the ones i"
  • Bleeding The Tears (I Could Not Cry) - Aura
    "Now the sun has melted away You keep it up A moment to see things clear It failed in my mind I've been waiting for the end I cannot explain PAIN! PAIN! In my heart... HURTS! HURTS! In my soul... Feelings"
  • Not Ready To Die - Manafest
    "Breathe, reflect in between my rhymes Don't know if tomorrow will be my time Release, ye whole mind body and soul Up in your zone this world's out a control Cause If I die before I wake Pray to God my"
  • Could You - Maarja
    "Just look at you... You haven't a clue.. Hidden leelings, Things I wan't forget. You'd cheat and you'd lie, The crimes you cant' deny. It's over now.. Baby it's over now! Chorus: Could you just"
  • could you - Maarja Kivi
    "Just look at you... You haven't a clue.. Hidden leelings, Things I wan't forget. You'd cheat and you'd lie, The crimes you cant' deny. It's over now.. Baby it's over now! Chorus: Could you just do youself"
  • Could, Not Should - The Action Design
    "Ready or not, it's winter again That wonderful time when we go inside our heads Reflect and deny It's been a battle year after year Planning on winning by a landslide if I can control the fire in my eyes This"
  • If I Could Fly - Die Happy
    "I have been falling Falling backwards In slow motion Going down Nothing is changing But the distance to the sun I have been trying Such a long time (To) Get my feet back On the ground I lost my gravity Is"
  • I Could.... - Insane Clown Posse
    "I could buy you a Lexus Truck, with a white leather interior, I could I could kill off some bears and dogs and shit, just to make you a fur coat. I could love you and treat you with class, and have babies"
  • I Could - Kimberley Locke
    "Hey..yeah I could pretend to love you Be someone else for awhile Make you believe you're the one that I want Give you my heart in disguise I could be all you've wanted Make all your dreams come true"
  • Could I - Bread
    "Daughter Bread (David Gates) Daughter - don't give your love to the first man you see. Just bide your time so your heart will be free to find the one, Girl you don't have to run. Daughter - don't think"
  • Until I Die - Nasty Boy Klique
    "Yeah this one's for you pretty mama this ones for you girl (chorus) Until I die until I'm gone until I can't see light no more I'll be your queen your everything cause you've been so good to me Until"
  • Until i die - NB Ridaz
    "Yeah, this one's for you pretty mama This one's for you girl that's right yeah c'mon *CHORUS* Until I die, until I'm gone, until I can't see light no more. I'll be your queen, your everything, cuz you've"
  • If I Die - Something Corporate
    "A train crashed And everything slows down I was wishing I could get out of this town These dreams we've had Have never made you cry And I am not a twinkle in your eye But I've got to get out of here Cause"

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