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i did it

  • It Did - Brad Paisley
    "A single red rose and a table for two A nice chardonay and an ocean view Ships comin in and stars comin out We sat and we talked till the place closed down Then we took a long walk down on the beach Her"
  • I Did It - Dickies
    "I did it you didn't mean to do it no I didn't then why'd you say you did it but I didn't you just told me you did it no I didn't I did it you didn't mean to do it no I didn't then why'd you say you did"
  • I did it - Dave Matthews Band
    "I'm mixing upa bunch of magic stuff A magic mushroom cloud of care A potion that will rock the boat will rock Make a bomb of love and blow it up I did it Do you think I've gone too far I did it Guilty"
  • I Did It, I Did It - Monsters Of The Midday
    "I saw her standing there With the light shining brightly in her hair And her sweater was tight and I could see she had boobies up under there Then I was introdo-o-o-oced All I could say was "Ahu-hu-hu-hu" Then"
  • Did It And Did It - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "Lynch): I feel my nut sacs loadin' up Get off the freeway at Broadway with saccage like a muthafucka Gots to parlay, I was off that Alize like everyday I was on stuck, hoes ain't shit So I fucked that"
  • I Did - Trisha Yearwood
    "Did you ever want something so bad That you could taste it Did you ever want something You knew you couldn't have Well, I did Did you ever know what it feels like To get lost in a lover's kiss Did you"
  • I Did - Lorrie Morgan
    "Something sad about a road hotel, It's only meant to sleep in. For me it's like a prison cell, for doing time and thinking, Bout, you and me and stupidity, One word from you would bring me home, but"
  • I Did It All - Tracy Chapman
    "A Cosmopolitan, a Manhattan Call me one Pour a round for me and my friends Cape Cod sea breeze, Long Island ice teas I won't go there or drink it if you paid me When they come to waylay me When they close"
  • Did I Do It - Mystikal
    "(Scarface voice) Ok, ok, jou wanna fuck wit me? Come on. Who put this fuckin shit together? ME! THAT'S WHO! Chorus: X 4 Did I do it? You fuckin right I did it! (Alright) Fuckin right, fuckin right (Verse"
  • She Did It Did I Didn't - Conway Twitty
    "And she did and it did and Lord knows I didn't and I know I'll never again She left me somewhere between it's over and the end With more than an effort to destroy any man There'll never be another to share"
  • MAMA I DID IT - Bonson / Matek
    "Może chciałbym cos jeszcze od życie Ma dwie ręce, serce, oddycham Umiem pisać, gdzieś na głośnikach Znów mnie słychać, siema, witam Mam gdzie mieszkać, Kogo kochać Ktoś mnie kocha – spoko opcja Są tacy"
  • Did it before - Lil Wayne
    "Woo... Its Feel Good... Arite Yea... Carter 3... All Day... Lets Play Ok I Know 2 Girls Dat Don Did It BeforeBut I Wonder If Dey Know Dat We Did It BeforeIf The Other Girl Know Dat We Did It BeforeShit"
  • Did It Before - Lil Wayne
    "Woo... Its Feel Good... Arite Yea... Carter 3... All Day... Lets Play Ok I Know 2 Girls Dat Don Did It Before But I Wonder If Dey Know Dat We Did It Before If The Other Girl Know Dat We Did It Before Shit"
  • She Did It - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen) I set to sea on a ship called Emptiness Cast away on the Island of Loneliness Lookin' for love Ooh, and I was lookin' for love (You know) I didn't think she could hear my S.O.S. But she"
  • You Did It - Audrey Hepburn
    "Pickering Tonight, old man, you did it! You did it! You did it! You said that you would do it, And indeed you did. I thought that you would rue it; I doubted you'd do it. But now I must admit it That succeed"
  • God Did It - Edgar Winter
    "They say God made the Earth in six days He said, it looks good so it all stays The seventh day He took a rest I'm not so sure that was for the best (but) If God did it, I can't take credit If God did it,"
  • Did It Hurt - Nevershoutnever
    "I been waitin my whole life for (a) someone like you to go and pick me up and take away my blues It's been one hell of a year in my own shoes But I got some questions for you Did it hurt when you fell"
  • We Did It - Missy Elliott
    "We made love, now you gone Now you don't wanna claim me no more Told your boys, you never knew You never kissed or held me in your arms How dare you even leave Me looking like I'm lying on you When you"
  • Did it again - Shakira
    "First Floor Room Sixteen Smells like danger Even better Set your goals Bless our souls I'm in trouble But it feels like heaven Hey! You were like one of those guys The kind with a wandering eye"
  • Done Did It - Kierra Kiki Sheard
    "If He don't do Another thang, said (Already done enough) If He don't do Another thang, said He ooo (Already done enough) Put food on my table And clothes on back, said (Already dont enough) If"

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