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i don't know why i need break your heart

  • I Don't Know Why - Helmut Lotti
    ""I really have to show you I am so glad I know you Now we are saying goodbyes I,m not ashamed to cry But God knows the reason why You have to leave I don't know you must move on I don't know why but"
  • I Don't Know Why - Lennie Moreno
    "I don't know why life is movin so fast It's like losin your past when you're choosin your path Ask Lennie Moreno bout movin the map Cruisin with class while doin some tracks I don't know why life is"
  • I don't know why - Mia X
    "Ooh, ooh, ooh, hey yeah, ahh no So much yeah, ooh There's so much trouble in my life Sometimes it gets so bad I just breakdown and cry I got my rent to pay and it's overdue Don't wanna sale my body just"
  • I Don't Need To Know - City And Colour
    "I don't need to know why the oceans blue or how the flowers grow I don't need to love waiting on someone to forgive me for my sins Like my father before me I'm a working man a working man But I don't need"
  • I Know Why - H2O
    "And so she said to me I'm leaving, I can't take it anymore For all that it's worth, I knew that was over Long before she turned the handle on my door Cause I can read between the lies And I can see"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Freestyle
    "You keep on trying Trying to tear me apart But I'm the from the virgin star But you, you steal my heart It sounds like you were crying I never know that you were lying What we have must be You can't hide"
  • Don't break the heart - Connie Francis
    "Don't break the heart that loves you, handle it with care Don't break the heart that needs you, darlin', please be fair Why do you flirt and constantly hurt me Why do you treat our love so carelessly"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Sa-Fire
    "You, you keep on trying, trying to tear me apart And I knew from the very start that you'd, you'd steal my heart Because of you I'm crying I never know when you're lying What we have is real You can't"
  • Don't Break My Heart - LION BABE
    "Baby, baby A baby, don't break my heart! /2x Will you come and safe me? Wanna be your lady Give me love, amaze me Baby, I feel Kiss you in the evening Hug you in the morning Have you thinking god damn We're"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Shanice
    "baby i know you're ready for love you gotta be patient with me for me cos u're not burst i want it to be jus like a dream baby so you know why i've been taking my time do you think about the rest of"
  • Don't Break My Heart - Shanice Wilson
    "Written by: Daryl Simmons Baby I know you're ready for love Ya gotta be patient with me, for me Cause you're my first I want it to be just like I dreamed So you know why I've Been taking my time To think"
  • Why Did I Break Your Heart - 10CC
    "Inside my loneliness and sorting through the mess I came across a bunch of snaps and letters I found an eight by ten, taken God knows when It took me back to when we found each other How did I let"
  • Break Your Heart - Natalie Merchant
    "People down-cast in despair See the disillusion everywhere Hoping their bad luck will change It's a little harder everyday People struggle, people fight For the simple pleasures in their life The trouble"
  • Break your heart - Barenaked Ladies
    "The bravest thing, I've ever done Was to run away and hide But not this time, not this time And the weakest thing I've ever done Was to stay right by your side Just like this time, and everytime I couldn't"
  • Don't Know Why - Norah Jones
    "I waited 'til I saw the sun I don't know why I didn't call I left you by the house of fun I don't know why I didn't call I don't know why I didn't call When I saw the break of day I wished that I could"
  • Don't know why - Ewan McGregor
    "I waited till I saw the sunI don't know why I didn't comeI left you by the house of funI don't know why I didn't come I don't know why I didn't comeWhen I saw the break of dayWished that I could fly awayInstead"
  • Don't Know Why - The Rutles
    "I don't know why The world turns out to be the way it is As time goes by Oh I (I...) Don't know why (don't know why...) True love turns out to be the stuff Between hello and goodbye Looking back with"
  • Don't Know Why - McFly
    "One by one Drinks are gone Do I have to stay Hate the sound Of one more pound As it rolls away Why did I need your proof When I knew the truth And I don't know why I just let it slip by Me all the time I"
  • Don't Know Why - Trish Thuy Trang
    "Don't know why you always want to say good-bye I guess you're seeing someone new If it's true oh baby please don't try to hide your feelings I will try to learn to live with all this pain I feel inside Give"
  • Don't Know Why - Swollen Members
    "I don't know when the time will be Which side of me whom you might see Be careful what you ask for That's no lie sometimes we Just don't know why Why do I do it like I do How come I don't get in"

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