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i dont wanna dance

  • I Dont Wanna Dance - Split Enz
    "I don't wanna dance - no more Not since you walked out - the door Left without a se-cond glance That's the end of my - romance No more fancy footwork in the nightclub I'm a still point in a turning wor-orld I"
  • I Dont Wanna Stop - ATB
    "Hey there I hope everything's alright I forgot to call you in the winter time Like the waves crash coming back I've got feelings pouring down against this healing While you try to trace which side I'm"
  • Dont' stop - Musiq Soulchild
    "Party people in the place to beThis is history in the makin musiq & BilalDont stop rock onEverybodys on the floorSo how bout you just come on and dance with meAint no need to be afraid (no)I just want"
  • I dont wanna leave - US5
    "Missing you in my life cant you see our lives really aren't better now did we waste our times do we have to be separated for all time now it seems we are free to be alone in misery I dont wanna leave I"
  • I dont wanna grow up - Tom Waits
    "When Im lyin in my bed at night I dont wanna grow up Nothin ever seems to turn out right I dont wanna grow up How do you move in a world of fog Thats always changing things Makes me wish that I could be"
  • I dont wanna lose you - Hall & Oates
    "You and I have separate lives girlYou and I go different ways on roads that crossWhen love and loss is ruled by fatePeople have a tragic habitOf letting love get in the wayThey tend to lose their overviews"
  • I dont wanna hurt you - Queen Latifah
    "(Latif speaks)Baby, you know you mean the world to meThat's why I can't keep you in a situationwhere I can hurt youCan I talk to you?(Girl speaks)Okay...VERSE 1:First of all, I wanna tell you that all"
  • I Wanna Dance - Lazy Town
    "If you want to be a dancer Then I can give you the answer You've got to swing You've got to sway Then everything is gonna be ok Olay! I wanna dance! Dance! I can move left to right Go slow or faster then"
  • I Wanna Dance - Jonas Blue
    "I wanna dance lose my mind thank about you all the time thank about you all the time thank about you all the time thank about you all the time thank about you all the time thank about you all the time thank"
  • I Wanna Dance - Michael Learns To Rock
    "It's late at night they've al gone home so finally we're all alone The waiter says we're closing very soon Still the night's so long don't wanna say goodbye to you I've got plans for us tonight baby that's"
  • Dance - Frankie J
    "ah ah alright here's how we gon do it u ready ah ah F.J. (CHORUS)you rock me like prince, girl u so nasty like vanity 6. im loving u outta control take me where you wanna go..i said u rock me like prince"
  • Baby Dont Go - Fabolous
    "I try to play cool Actin like what you do don't phase me, don't phase me Meanwhile I'm sittin at home, all alone Tryin to keep myself from goin crazy When I'm in the house, when I think about When I see"
  • Nobody dont dance no more - Kano
    "So look, I'm in a dancing mood, So i hope you got on your dancin shoes, If you aint movin i aint askin you, I cant stop and talk i'm just passing you, Cause all im askin for is a fun night, I dont get"
  • Dont Wanna Be A Player - Joe
    "Don't wanna be a player Don't wanna be a player Don't wanna be a player Don't wanna be a player Don't wanna be.. 1 Don't wanna be a player no more I think I found someone I could live my life for"
  • Dont Wanna Loose You Now - Backstreet Boys
    "Chorus Don't leave me 'Cause you need me I never wanna be without you I woke up this mornin' From a dream That you were sayin' goodbye We had a simple argument But not enough to keepeach others life Bridge I"
  • I dont wanna miss a thing - Aerosmith
    "Aerosmith Ultimate Aerosmith Hits I dont wanna miss a thing I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleepin While your far away and dreamin I could spend my life in"
  • I dont wanna talk about it - Romeo
    "Before you speak, don't tell meAnother one of your liesI already know, 'cause I heard youOn the phone with him last nightDon't even cry, don't shed a tear'Cause you brought this on yourselfThere ain't"
  • I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing - A New Found Glory
    "I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleeping While you're far away dreaming I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever Where"
  • I dont wanna lose at love - Tanita Tikaram
    "You don't want to do too much staring at the evening sunMaybe you cannot stand up but you have become oneI just want to see her smile maybe she will never hurtAnd all that I have yearned to touch, well,"
  • I dont' care - Pink Slip
    "Just because you guys are nothingAnd im here getting everythingYou guys say what you really want to beAnd im here being what i wanna beIm so far, doing lot of thingsDo you think ill ever read one ofThis"

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