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i fell fine

  • I Fell Fine - Beatles, The
    "Beatles, The Past Masters - Volume One I Fell Fine Baby's good to me you know She's happy as can be you know She said so I'm in love with her and I feel fine Baby says she's mine you know She tells me"
  • Fell - School Of Fish
    "Well the girl in the front row is leaving She's leaving because it's twelve fifteen I wish she would stay the whole evening Just wish she would stay and see what I mean And I can't find the girl in the"
  • Fell - Cassie
    "You will never know how i fell inside the pain i kown is real it hurts to speak of the past that i had with you the times that you hurt me the times you let me down i let you push me around now look where"
  • I Fell In Love - Carlene Carter
    "(Carlene Carter/Howie Epstein/Benmont Tench/Perry Lamek) Hey, I hit town without a clue Minding my business like I always do Just my luck I ran smack into you And I never could've known it would be like"
  • Too Fine - Christian Alexanda
    "(Feat. Ja Rule) Ja rule: yeah all you ? ladies, cristian. let's get 'em. girl you be checkin on me. and i wanna know if we cut what it's gonna be. you f*ckin with the wrong expect nothing less than diamonds,"
  • Fine Girl - Limp
    "She was the finest girl I've ever seen See her face in a magazine And ironically I knew her when sincerity was in her grin And she had this power that was within Possessing men was commonplace And one"
  • I Fell - Brady Seals
    "I didn't believe in love at first sight 'til you walked in that night When my eyes met yours it took no time at all 'Cause right then and there i knew I fell in love with you There was nothing i could"
  • I Fell - Handsome Family
    "there's a mountain north of Winnipeg buried under ice and as the black clouds roll above white pines crack like glass walking under those swaying trees branches bowed with ice I wanted one to fall on"
  • I Fell - Mario Vasquez
    "have you ever loved someone and your lost now that there gone in the middle of the pain you do your best to move on think about it day and night and try and patch things up and once you get back its not"
  • Fine - Lemon Demon
    "One, two, three, four. Today has a way Of scarring your eyes With negative light, But it's a disguise. I put on my shades And see through the lies. The convenient truth is Light is on the way, We'll"
  • Fine - Whitney Houston
    "It's Fine Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine It's Alright Had a dream last night That the world stopped turning But your madness, it kept on Guess I wasn't too bright And I really wasn't learning Should have"
  • Fine - Krezip
    "held the door for me you'll make sure i'm fine, yeah hold my hand all day, no you would not care you would just be thankful to but do you feel you've won don't you see i'm weaker with you i hope you don't"
  • Fine - James
    "I'm a boomerang In the outback Keep your throwing arm steady So I get home I'm a vampire bat Out in Shanghai Haven't eaten in four days I've ordered in a Chinese takeaway I show more than I hide I care"
  • Fine - The Cardigans
    "Words: Sveningsson Music: Svensson Upon a roof below the moon nearby a park-bench in the sun upon the stairway to your room Why won't you wrap your life around those certain words I just found I wear"
  • Fine - Sarah Bettens
    "FINE.. I look up and I look down I take my shoes off to be closer to the ground I can think of many ways to screw up all these perfect days But I am feeling bold an brave I think I'll just feel good today Somehow"
  • Fine - Edie Carey
    "What i wouldn't give to give you the benefit of the doubt what i wanna ask you i'll ask you you don't have to answer right now what i need to know i already know is that you painted the house a nice clean"
  • Fine - Pat McGee Band
    "Fine It's all right, I don't mind It's all right, I don't mind And it's fine with me Could it be that I found you there Or just another time Time to be when it's still time for me to be Time to figure"
  • Fine - Crush
    "I thought I know you much better, seems you proved me wrong. I never dreamed I could live without you, now my dreams are gone. Funny how the hands of time can wash away this pain of mine, I think I'll"
  • Fine - Alabaster Box
    "got this burning deep inside me that i know its got a hold of me and i can not let it go but im sick and tired of living like im never here i want this fire to be ever near yeah CHORUS just one day in"
  • Fine - Jackie.O
    "Jacki-Jacki-Jacki-Jacki (Jacki-O) Jacki-Jacki-Jacki Jacki-Jacki-Jacki-Jacki (Ying Yang) Jacki-Jacki-Jacki Jacki-Jacki-Jacki-Jacki (Po'Boy) Jacki-Jacki-Jacki Jacki-Jacki-Jacki-Jacki (College Park) Jacki-Jacki-Jacki Damn,"

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