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i find the women beutiful

  • Beutiful as you - Adam Cohen
    "Some people fall in love I've just been 'round the edges I'm still not really sure about what it is or how to get it Is love by chance or seduction all that I have are vague assumptions of what love"
  • Beutiful Mind - Non Phixion
    "(Ill Bill) They got AIDS infectin' the globe, Laser weapons and Clones Comfortable as Presidents, Death, Artificial intelligence Frozen organs, post-mortem, alien ? Get your vibe together Who decides truth?"
  • Love Is Beutiful - Mark Medlock
    "Now, I am telling you this my girl: Yeah, for the ladies in the world Mark Medlock is here To sing and make you happy All the ladies left and the ladies right Come on, we party through the night Oh, I'll"
  • Women - Lou Reed
    "I love women, I think they are great They're a solace to the world in a terrible state They're a blessing to the eyes, a balm to soul What a nightmare to have no women in the world I love women ... We"
  • Women - Def Leppard
    "Ooh we ooh Ooh wee ooh In the beginning God made the land Then He made the water and creatures, then He made man He was born with a passion, love and hate A restless spirit with a need for a mate"
  • Women - Brian McFadden
    "(Lose Lose Situation)When we fall out I like to go driving in my car Listen to something ironic And end up in a bar Get an earful of shit from a stranger Who's got a broken heart Weighting up what would"
  • Women - Primitive Radio Gods
    "Don't say you love me, life isn't fair And I don't care...So don't be stupid Who builds the missiles? Who trains the gods? I am the rod in desperate women We can ask for nothing more Chocolate legs and"
  • Women - Harry Styles
    "You took me to the other side Oh baby I feel like we’re alone Maybe you be the only that I love Yes I think You could be the one Oh, Oh, Oh, yeah!"
  • Women - John Lenon
    "Woman I can hardly express, My mixed emotion at my thoughtlessness, After all I'm forever in your debt, And woman I will try express, My inner feelings and thankfullness, For showing me the meaning"
  • Dirty Women - Black Sabbath
    "The neon lights are shining on me again I walk the lonely streets in search of a friend I need a lady to help me to get through the night, through the night If I could find one then everything would be"
  • Texas Women - Brooks & Dunn
    "(kix brooks/ed hunnicutt) Well I'll bet by the time I get to tulsa She'll be pullin' on them tight blue jeans She'll go down to cowboy's, buy herself a cold one And on a friday night in dallas, she's"
  • Beautiful Women - Boyz II Men
    "La da da da da da La da da da da da Ahh You can put them on the cover of a magazine The finest woman you'll ever see It would be my fantasy To have them all surrounding me All of them in love, it seems Their"
  • Single Women - Dolly Parton
    "(Michael O'Donoghue) Single bars and single women With a single thought in mind Just to make it till the morning Looking for what they can find For a man they won't remember For a night they can't forget Do"
  • For Women - Talib Kweli
    "(Spoken) Yea, so we got this tune called "For Women" right Originally, it was by Nina Simone She said it was inspired by, you know Down south. In the south, they used to call her Mother Antie She said"
  • Women To Women - Baccara
    "Baccara Miscellaneous Women To Women You and i We love the same guy Don't it make you sad Don't it make you cry You and i Asked you to choose Someone must win And one of us has to loose Women to women Women"
  • Find - Lifetime
    "Take me to a place where i know i belong take away my anger and replace my hate with love find my reason hiding behind my second skin find what is pushing me, it starts from deep within take apart my insides"
  • Find That - Beatnuts, The
    "Beatnuts, The Stone Crazy Find That Psycho les: Step in my pride again balloons you're swallowin' Importin' it transportin' it Through metal detectors no one's followin' Coast is clear from the east coast"
  • Find That - The Beatnuts
    "Psycho Les: Step in my pride again balloons you're swallowin' Importin' it transportin' it Through metal detectors no one's followin' Coast is clear from the east coast to South America, MEDELLIN Known"
  • I can be that women - Christina Milian
    "Christina Milian - I can be that women Baby ,Someday you're gonna know There's more to get than what you've got You gotta learn to let go Stop living it up, ready or not Cuz you don't know what you want But"
  • Planet Of Women - ZZ Top
    "What can I do, I'm a nervous wreck? There's girls everywhere, I better go and check. Check it out I can't tell a diamond from a hole in the ground. They all got my head spinning round and round. Planet"

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