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i follow river

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i follow river

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i follow river
  • Richie Havens Follow
    "Let the river rock you like a cradle Climb to the treetops, child, if you're able Let your hands tie a knot across the table. Come and touch the things you cannot feel. And close your fingertips and fly"
  • Emeli Sandé River
    "If you're lookin' for the big adventure, And gold is all that's on your mind, If you want someone to take your picture, Then I won't waste your time See maybe I'm too quiet for ya, You probably never"
  • Moya Brennan River
    "River, did you bring me here Touch me now, wipe away my fear I will follow you along the river There many years carved the way I am reaching for love that's gone astray Now I cannot sleep some days Beyond"
  • Virgo River
    "Waking up your fantasy Starts by simply saying In your world of apple trees and flowers never fading Please take me where you wanna be We live in childhood memories Our little piece of heaven In our world"
  • Triggerfinger I Follow Rivers
    "Oh I beg you: can I follow? Oh I ask you: why not always? Be the ocean, where I unravel, Be my only, be the water where I'm wading. You're my river running high, Run deep, run wild. I, I follow, I follow"
  • Lykke Li I Follow Rivers
    "Oh I beg you: can I follow? Oh I ask you: why not always? Be the ocean, where I unravel, be my only, be the water where I'm wading You're my river running high, run deep, run wild ref: I, I follow, I"
  • James Taylor I Will Follow
    "Yonder mountain so high, I can't make it all on my own, no. Rolling river, why so wide? To sweep me up and to bear me on, up against the sky so bright that I can't even close my eyes. I know I will follow,"
  • FFH Follow Love
    "I'm gonna miss the simple town full of memories I'm gonna miss just hanging out with all my friends The rainy days and summer nights Skipping stones by the river side But i know.. its time to go So heres"
  • Angel Dust Follow Me
    "Do you remeber - a walk along the river In the valley of our dreams Forgotten problems - they've darkened the horizon Life's no more what it seems The other side of pain is rising high again And makes"
  • Dj Ross Follow
    "No desolation no hesitation I feel security You're my philosophy you are my rising star I want the way you are I fell in love the first time I saw you Now I believe that dreams can really come true I think"
  • Alex Lloyd Follow
    "Careful steps we take Don't want this bridge to break again In this winter's cold Embrace the love we used to know Wherever you get, wherever you go I'll follow you With every new breath and every new"
  • Planetshakers Follow
    "Where can I hide Where Your love cannot reach me Where can I go Where Your arms, they're not here for me Where can I run to Where I cannot feel Your love Cause Jesus Your love rescued me So I'll"
  • Delirious Follow
    "I've found love, as deep as the oceanAnd your eyes, they hit me like a trainAnd your words serenade me like the sweetest of songsHere I find peace again, againI will follow, I will followI will follow,"
  • Android Lust Follow
    "Follow You lead I follow Shadow I am your shadow I do as you do I walk as you walk Stray not lest i be lost Follow -From the booklet- follow you lead I follow shadow I am your shadow I do as you do walk"
  • Mushroomhead Follow
    "Chorus:Follow, follow, follow, follow your heartThere must be something to rely onFollow your own wayFollow, follow, follow, follow your heartThere must be someone to depend onFollow your own wayWe were"
  • Youth Alive WA Follow
    "You've got me singing Gonna give You all my praise And all will know that You gave Your life for me You got me shouting For all the world to hear That You're the One And I'll live for You my King Follow"
  • Edith Frost Follow
    "Ahhh we'll snort with pleasure Ahhh we'll forego washing We'll hold a holiday of love I'm a green tree you're the air I'll follow you there I'll follow you Engulf me lover Ahhh we'll take a tumble"
  • Breaking Benjamin Follow
    "I'm losing sight, don't count on me. I chase the sun, it chases me. You know my name, You know my face, You'd know my heart, If you knew my place. I'll walk straight down, As far as I can go."
  • Drowning Pool Follow
    "Right now! Here I am... understand With this comes... frustration Chorus: A better way to follow through I'm far from done The truth is right there in front of you A better way to follow through I'm"
  • Semisonic Follow
    "I would sure love believing In something that's never leaving Would like to let go the hurting When everything's so uncertain You know I tried To show you what I have inside Will we laugh at how this"

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