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i gave the first witch the cursed

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i gave the first witch the cursed

  • Cursed - Cactus
    "Could today have got any worse I've got dog crap in my hair And I think I've been cursed Dog Crap in my hair I tryed to wash it out But my showers bust I wacked my nose on a chair And I think I've"
  • Cursed - Robbie Williams
    "Dig your polished nails into the dirt Rip your skirt off, wipe the hurt off You know it tears my heart out when you Flirt with danger and any stranger You're not as stupid as I look Before I could read,"
  • Cursed - Vivian Green
    "I'm cursed with loving you baby It hurts cause you'll never know it I was put here to hopelessly love you And you ain't thinkin of me that's the tortue I go through It's been a long long time now ANd"
  • Cursed - Tech N9ne
    "(1st Verse) I was born in seventy-one In seventy-two I started to walk Seventy-three Seventy-four Seventy-five I learned to talk Seventy-six I tried sexing That was around the age of five Seventy-seven Seventy-eight And"
  • Cursed - Sadus
    "So you think a man can cheat death and outwit doom? I say a cunning man can cheat death for a long time He spoke the curse and nothing more to set our fate Cursed to leave, cursed to fight, cursed to die"
  • Cursed - Mest
    "Is this good bye? Well you'd be better off dead Than lying here alone I'm desperately waiting For the beating of my heart It just won't come Unless you creep into this night Find me, rip it from my chest Now"
  • Cursed - Theatres des Vampires
    "When the darkness falls you see a new worldthe winter's embrace lost...in the forestSilence...deep secrethidden in the darkthe witches and their spellsthe trees seem alivetears of your mothercry 'cause"
  • Cursed - Deadsun
    "Morning broke down on me, as I tumbled out of bed. My face was ready to explode. My eyes are bloodshot red. I dragged myself up from my knees and bravely falls ahead. I shook and my eyes adjust. I hit"
  • Witch - Hellraiser
    "I'd been craving for death and I screamed in a wrath when she came up to me said she would det me free she was pretty and wise and she gave, me advice "go tonight to old lake and you'd find there your"
  • Untitled ( Cursed ) - Vivian Green
    "(UNTITLED) CURSED Cursed With loving you baby It Hurts Cause you'll never know it I was prepared to hopelessly love you But you ain't thinking bout me That's the torture I go through (2x) It's been"
  • The Witch - Ancient
    "(Music & Lyrics : Jesus Christ !) up from grave I come to break the spell slept with corpses scraped dry blood from veins dark clouds above shadow hallow deranged insane my hate my pain her my footsteps"
  • The Witch - Insane Clown Posse
    "The witch jumped on my back last night, I couldn't breathe In it's clutch, I was frozen with fright It went on for, what seemed like hours of terror To see the witches face, stare in the dark at the mirror "
  • The witch - ICP
    "The witch jumped on my back last night, I couldn't breatheIn it's clutch, I was frozen with frightIt went on for, what seemed like hours of terrorTo see the witches face, stare in the dark at the mirror"
  • Witch - Sister Soleil
    "Your pychic little princess had a dream about me the other day She said that i was laughin because you were dead What a witch i am What a witch i am What a witch i am What a witch i am You crush me to"
  • Witch - Fergie
    "She is living to bless me With magic and fear She knows what I am feeling In the darkness the witch The power of illusion in Tuesday night The wind of destruction starts the fight I am running away, she"
  • Witch - Cold
    "I never knew, she's gone She's flown away Everyone said she's not Your kinda girl I'm so alone, this girl Is flowing fear Everyone said She fucked up this time It's my brand new world"
  • Witch - Peter Cincotti
    "Theres no more to drink But it doesnt really matter Cause one things for certain Nobodys leaving now I like the room I like you even better Black lacy curtains Cant wait to pull them down Shes winding"
  • Angel Witch - Angel Witch
    "Nobody else can see you the same way as myself Fly high and touch the sky, you're the angel I adore If only you could feel for me that I feel for you Why do you ignore me, angel, why can't I go with you You're"
  • Cursed - Venom
    "From the Golden seat of Ramses to the ending of the sacred Nile The pharaohs of this ancient land the deserts cross countless miles Inside the labyrinth where buried is the king his waiting maids countless"
  • Cursed - Pissing Razors
    "Dare to embrace this wrongful healing I've tried to change cause life has it's ways Bent with I'm bent with this feeling thoughts start to drain me bury the reasons why Restless my mind seems so restless"

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