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i give

  • Give - Tori Amos
    "So you heard I crossed over the line Do I have regrets? Well, not yet there are some, some who give Blood I give love I give Soon before the sun before the sun begins to rise I know that I I must give so"
  • Give - Relient K
    "No one told me the right way to go about this So I'll figure it out for myself Cause how much is too much to give you Well, I may never know so I'll just give until there's nothing else Yeah, I'll give"
  • Give - Powderfinger
    "I keep looking back for clues They're all mine I keep pulling back from truths They're all mine to give All mine to give All mine to give All mine to give Lies to relieve and soothe They're all mine I"
  • Give - Audioslave
    "Oooohhhh, ooohhh Oooohhhh, ooohhh Well now if you want blood with your money, You can help yourself, And if you want a lot more then you got coming, I will never tell, Hide away all your time and your"
  • Give - Custom
    "We give ourselves A beginning, a middle, and an end And we look for love And a couple of friends It's how you see it It's not what you see You don't really know much Just what you believe Give me something"
  • Give - Dishwalla
    "I have felt the comfort Now what did I do to disappoint you? Idle my emptiness And it keeps returning to remind me That I want to remain A child with you forever And here as you lay before me You tease"
  • Give - Radial Angel
    "Oh, just give it up to... Oh, just give it up to... I'm feeling secure as I warm my feet on the rug. Over my eyes, this rug becomes a wool now. I'm finding comfort in what is here today. So sure yet so"
  • Give - Widespread Panic
    "Rain kept pourin' down We had places to be No funnin' around Curiosities There were plenty for our heads You were somethin' to see Do you remember what he said I know it may sound funny but How dare"
  • Give - Third Day
    "You said all that follow you may find Comfort and pain, blessings in hard times Were I to leave, where else would I go? The words of life and of truth you hold CHORUS: All I want is love I confess to"
  • Give - Urban Dub
    "I wait by the phone I wait for the call that never comes I play in your game But the truth is it's driving me insane. The moment I give Is the moment you take You're less than forgiven The moment"
  • Give - Brian Webb
    "It's so late its early He straightens his tie The morning news is on the TV He rubs his weary eyes There is so much behind these eyes There is so much behind He takes the same route to town He"
  • Give - Suicide Machines
    "I've got a million things going around in my head And i never really paid attention to what you said no And now i wish that i would have said goodbye, But its much too late, and all i do is give and all"
  • Give - Cold
    "I give you everything but me Everyone around you twisted fame I can't control you and your look You silly freak you super fuck I can't believe whose wide you're on Everyone around you layed with dogs Like"
  • Give - Society 1
    "Ground the things you see down underneath Ground the things you see down to the 't" Do what your told your not to bold Soul is what's sold, heart is so cold Keep what is not real, sell the cheapened deal Keep"
  • I Give - Elisa Peimer
    "We stare at each other across the board Your move Every time I think it's your turn You've left the room What more can I do to make you play The game I've had my fill of solitaire It's not the same I"
  • I Give - Take 5
    "I've been waitin' all my life For the moment I knew it was right To make a promise, and give my heart away It's a feelin' I just can't fight I feel the sun, when you hold me tight Now I surrender, everything"
  • I Give You Give Blind - Crosby, Stills & Nash
    "Hey, would you dig to be alone? And tell me when will you be back home? And why did you leave me all alone? You blew my mind Fool listen on to yourself You don't know even when you been left Tomorrow"
  • Give Up The Ghost - Give Up The Ghost
    "Bizzy - That's right, that's right. LDB. LDB - What's happenin'? Bizzy - Romeo. Romeo - What's up? Bizzy - Batman. Batman - Yo yo Bizzy. Bizzy - That's right. Romeo - Let it go. Bizzy - What? What? Let"
  • I Give Up - Roy Orbison
    "(Roy Orbison) I'm losin my mind completely from you telling lies so sweetly breaking my heart too neatly I give up You told me that you once loved me and you placed yourself above me now I know"
  • I Give In - Effigy
    "I crucify myself inside my head, like you said You want to prove that I'm dead, just a shell, a living hell I give in I give in I give in I give in I justify this sin, control it from within, so you can't"

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