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i give my life to die for you

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i give my life to die for you

  • I'd Give My Life To You - Death By Stereo
    "I've got my discontent, I've got my right to vent, And if you question me, I'll show you who I've got to be, I've got to strive for something, I will not die for nothing, It's time to bend for no one,"
  • Give My Life - Krezip
    "it's stuck inside my mind so nice nothing else that makes me laugh i have tried to put it all a little bit away, yeah tried to get it out of my mind i never have to walk alone there is always someone next"
  • To Die For - Mercury 4
    "Chorus: To die for money gives life no meaning To die for glory would be too easy To die for pride ain't good enough But love love love love is to die for To fight for something that you believe in To"
  • Give Life - Megan Slankard
    "It's a hot one, leaning on the wall Like a monkey practically swinging From the doorknob I am waiting to feel brave To save face To step outside all of these holes that you've made If I cry Hard enough Long"
  • I'd Give My Life For You - Miss Saigon
    "KIM you who I cradled in my arms, you asking as little as you can little snip of a little man I know I'd give my life for you you didn't ask me to be born, you why should you learn of war or pain to make"
  • Something To Die For - A Death For Every Sin
    "No one makes it alone in this world of shit, so build a place to exist and call it home. To the few by my side, you are my everything. For the few by my side, I'd give anything. My friends and my family. They"
  • I Could Die For You - Red Hot Chili Peppers
    "Something inside the cards I know is right Don't wanna live somebody else's life This is what I want to be And this is what I give to you Because I get it free She smiles while I do my time I could die"
  • I Would Die For You - MercyMe
    "And I know that I can find You here Cause You promised me You'll always be there Times like these it's hard to see But somehow I have a peaceYou're near And I pray that you will use my life In whatever"
  • I live my life for you - Lifehouse
    "'know you're everything to me and I could never see The two of us apart And you know I give myself to you and no matter what you do I promise you my heart I've built my world around you and I want you"
  • To Die For - Aurora
    "You're as steady as the falling rain. You're the antidote to all the pain. Like an angel answering my prayer. Like a flower in the summer air. There's a meaning I, tried hard to escape. But this time I"
  • To Die For - Magenta
    "Your crimes paid off well, you know what you tried for Your crimes paid off well, you know what you lied for Your crimes paid off well, you know what you cried for Your crimes paid off well, you know what"
  • To Die For - The Birthday Massacre
    "Tighten your tie boy You're something to die for But don't hold your breath now You're just killing time Tonight you can dream boy Imagine a whisper If you can keep secrets Then I'll tell you mine Remember"
  • Somebody to die for - Hurts
    "I could drag you from the ocean, I could pull you from the fire And when you’re standing in the shadow I could open up the sky And I could give you my devotion ‘Til the end of time And you will never"
  • Nothing To Die For - Overkill
    "Old enough to know better Too young to care Bent on self destruction Goin' nowhere If I had a reason I could make it work for me If I had an answer It wouldn't be so hard to see Feelin' all just the same Feelin'"
  • A Life to Die For - Royal Hunt
    "how many times you felt so weak you let them keep you down? how many times your simples hopes and dreams got kicked around? do you remember that? do you remember that? how many times you closed your"
  • Please Die! - Give Up The Ghost
    "I won't go because I've been there before, and it took twenty years to pick my face up off the floor. I'm not "sorry" if "things" aren't the "same" but sleepless nights are hardly worth the cheapness of"
  • Die For You - Nelly
    "You, dontcha know i'd die for ya I'd lay down my life for ya (i would, die for) You, dontcha know i'd die for ya I'd lay down my life for ya (i would, die for, you) I remember feburary 27 1994 Tryin to"
  • Die For You - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "So yo, today your birthday? Yea You sure? yea D... I don't think today your birthday Then whatchu called me for? oh..I don't know I just called to see whatchu was doin what ya turn today? Whutchu turn"
  • Give My Love To You - Forte
    "when i think of all all of the times we shared (just you and i) it just makes my heart feel so warm inside (just thinking of you) we've been through the thick and thin you were always by my side and no"
  • I'll Die For You - Sweetbox
    "Intro: I just got one thing to say it should have been me instead of you I'll die for you Chorus: I'll die for you all I do, I do it just for you (x3) I'll give my life for you Rap: tell me what does"

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