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  • The Skys Got No Eyes - Eva Dahlgren
    "The sky's got no eyes Is that way people suffer Why the good are crawling Just to die We are blind Is that way we're judging Cause we're all in need Of being right The good guys Write themselves with pain The"
  • Under Black Skys - Shenoah
    "Drifting in and out of this Eternally restless (lost) Your lights a guides me Through the darkest parts of you Several moments unaccounted Before you go, just remember what you told me You said you'd"
  • You Got Gun ? - H.O.T.You Got Gun
    "ah ee geh deh ee goh! kan dehn ee boo eun nom ee doh shee jak een gah boo dah! bee geuk eh shee jak eel boon god nah suh yoo chee hah duhn moh deun geh eem doh keu nah ssuh moh deun geh duh nah ssuh neh"
  • Fizzo Got Flow - B2K (You Got Served Soundtrack)
    "One, two, three, four, Fizzo came through and I'm blazin out the door Hold five to six hoes Causin frenzies round the globe And my belly stay froze, cuz my chain hang low Now I'm gettin paid, every single"
  • Got - Chief Keef
    "I'm wall climbing, on the rocks You want problems, what you wanna box? You got the time? You got the clocks? You got your 9? You got your Glock? You got your house? You got a car? You got some money? You"
  • Got - Mos Def
    "Some cats really like to, you know... Profile and front. And then the jooks go down, all at once they like... Don't get me Don't get me Don't g-g-g-g-g-get mad You're out on the block hustling"
  • Got - Madita
    "Go on tour So did I for so long Saw the poor So did I play much more Lost my shoes Meant to survive without tools Blues comes through And my heart started to brew Gonna keep my guy Gonna ... Cold blue"
  • Got - Koligacja Gie Ka
    "Ref. Gotów czy nie? Gotów czy nie? Gotów czy nie? Gotów, gotów czy nie? Gotów czy nie? Gotów czy nie? Czy jesteś gotów, czy nie? Gotów, gotów czy nie? (Majkel) Jesteś gotowy, by zapiąć pasy i ruszać? Zmuszam"
  • I Got - Fast Crew
    "And I've Got And I've got And I rock Clap ya hands to this one And I've got OK Chorus: Not for one minute did I ever doubt you Always holding it down for my crew Cats be like ooooooo And I dig everything"
  • I Got Life - Hair
    "I got life, mother I got laughs, sister I got freedom, brother I got good times, man I got crazy ways, daughter I got million-dollar charm, cousin I got headaches and toothaches And bad times too Like"
  • I Got Life - Upa Dance
    "Canta: Pedro I got life, mother I got laughs, sister I got headaches and toothaches And bad times too Like you I got my hair, I got my head, I got my brains, I got my ears, I got my eyes, I got my nose,"
  • I got life - Nina Simone
    "Ain't got no home, ain't got no shoes Ain't got no money, ain't got no class Ain't got no skirts, ain't got no sweater Ain't got no perfume, ain't got no beer Ain't got no man Ain't got no mother, ain't"
  • I Don't Got - Diamond Head
    "I've been crying baby, oh there's no denying I've been doing my best, I know I'm gonna keep on trying Ain't got nobody, ain't got nobody, ain't got nobody to love Ain't got nobody, ain't got nobody, ain't"
  • I Got Rhythm - Mike Oldfield
    "(feat. Wendy Roberts) I got sunshine, I got blue sky. I got my guy, Who could ask for anything more? Old man trouble, I don't mind him. You won't find him Hangin' 'round my door. I got rhythm, I got"
  • I Got Away - The Flying Tigers
    "Don't wanna hear it Don't wanna care Don't wanna fear it Don't wanna share Don't wanna fake it Don't wanna need Don't wanna make it Don't wanna bleed You might mean everything to me But I got away I"
  • I Got You - RUDI FOXTER
    "I Got You i am on fire, rocka! I Got You are you ready are you? I Got You i am on fire, rocka! I Got You are you ready?"
  • I Got Mine - The Black Keys
    "Yeah! I was a movin' man in my younger days But I've grown out of my ramblin' ways I left that road so far behind Now I know, oh baby I got mine I got mine I got mine Oh baby, I got mine So baby when"
  • I got rhythm - Chris Connor
    "Chris Connor Miscellaneous I got rhythm I got rhythm; I got music; I got my man; Who can ask for anything more? I got daisies, In green pastures; I got my man; Who can ask for anything more? Old man"
  • I Got Rhythm - Louis Armstrong
    "I got rhythm....I got music....I got my gal Who can ask for anything more I got daisies....In green pastures....I got my gal Who could ask for anything more Old man trouble....I don't mind him. You won't"
  • I Got You - BEMY
    "I Got You I Got You all over mie, girl you're teh fragrant that i need the most * * Lyric Video"

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