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i hate your boyfriend

  • I Hate Your Boyfriend - Murs
    "(Intro) And This one Goes out to all the ladies Yes You The Ones at the Promenade out at the mall Holding Your Mother Fuckin' Punk Ass Boyfriends HAND!! The Fuck You comin' Dressed Like That with yo' muthafuckin'"
  • Boyfriend - Sweetbox
    "Always hatin' on me when you talk, talk, talk Be steppin' to me on the block, block, block But I don't want your boyfriend I don't want your boyfriend Hatin' on me when you talk, talk, talk Be steppin'"
  • Boyfriend - Schoolyard Heroes
    "I hate your fucking boyfriend I wish that he was dead I hate your fucking boyfriend I'd like to smash his head Do you remember when it was the two of us? Before he came and messed it all up? Well, I remember"
  • Boyfriend - Ben Bledsoe
    "I love everything about you but your boyfriend I love everything about you but your boyfriend The way you move, girl, the way you dance I know that you would like me if you gave me half a chance The way"
  • Boyfriend - Johnny Orlando
    "You don't really love me, you just want a boyfriend Someone on your arm who listens to your poison You don't really love me, you just want a boyfriend (Boyfriend, boyfriend, woo) 45 missed calls, ten"
  • Boyfriend - Alphabeat
    "Oh yeah you look at me When my baby Is taking my hand And we're walking and talking And my parents They don't wanna see me My friends say I'm uncool But I let love rule Oh yeah It's just because I'm crazy"
  • Boyfriend - M!styc
    "Hey Hey You You I don't like your boyfriend No way No way I think you need a new one Hey Hey You You I could be your boyfriend Hey Hey You You I know that you like me No way No way No, it's not a secret Hey"
  • Boyfriend - Play
    "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Whatcha been doin' Whatcha been doin Whoa, Whoa, Haven't seen ya 'round, How you been feelin' How you been feelin' Whoa, whoa, Don't you bring me down, (Album version:) All"
  • Boyfriend - Ashlee Simpson
    "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Whatcha been doin'? Whatcha been doin? Whoa, Whoa, Haven't seen ya 'round, How you been feelin'? How you been feelin'? Whoa, whoa, Don't you bring me down, All that shit about"
  • Boyfriend - Reel Big Fish
    "All the kids down in London, and everybody in New York City, if they listen to that "Alternative", if they're fourteen and lookin' pretty, They want me to be their Boyfriend, they want me to be their Boyfriend..."
  • Boyfriend - Lisa Stansfield
    "Do I sit alone at home? Do I pick up the telephone? Can I keep my self-control with my best friend's boyfriend? It more than my life's worth to hit on you The water's too deep but the passion is too I've"
  • Boyfriend - Prince
    "Please keep your boyfriend away from me Cause I just don’t wanna fight I wanna take responsibility for where you sleep tonight Don’t ask for my opinion, Cause I just can’t hold my tongue But under his"
  • Boyfriend - Justin Bieber
    "If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go I can take you places you ain’t never been before Baby take a chance or you’ll never ever know I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow Swag swag"
  • Boyfriend - Crystal Kay
    "key - * Carry them for luck boyfriend blue jeans summer holidays birthday nite peace Lovegetti boyfriend ? * repeat Carry them for luck boyfriend boyfriend ==Romaji== "
  • Boyfriend - Dove Cameron
    "I can’t believe we’re finally alone I can’t believe i almost went home what are the chances everyone's dancing and he’s not with you the universe must have divined this what am I gonna do not grab"
  • Boyfriend - Samantha Jade
    "Why Are You All In My Face Lately You On Frequent Myspace You Know I Am Not The Type To Low Key Creep Around You're Messing Up On Your Way Out Always In My Caller Id Looking For A Place To Catch Me This"
  • Boyfriend - Asia Cruise
    "nooo ohh here goes,here goes baby tell me whats the deal, deal, deal. can i keep it real, real, real. tell you how i feel, feel, feel. here goes,here goes i'm ready for all the things baby that you"
  • Boyfriend - Jordan Pruitt
    "I see you with him And I see you laughing And I see you flipping you hair Like you think you're hypnotizing my man But it's not gonna go as you plan Da da da da da da Da da da da da da You think you're"
  • Boyfriend - Usher
    "Somebody said that your boyfriend’s looking for me, oh that’s cool, that’s cool Well he should know I’m pretty easy to find Just look for me wherever he sees you I go wherever you go, oh I go wherever"
  • Yes i took your boyfriend - 3LW
    "Kiely: Yo Adrienne Adrienne: Huh? Kiely: I cannot Believe You Took Derrick From Nikki, Why'd You Do it? Adrienne: Girl, She was playin' him, And you know that a good guy is so hard to find. Kiely: Dang"

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