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i have lost myself

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i have lost myself

  • Lost Myself - Longpigs
    "She sold herself on the one love, the one that most of us live without, And... Dressed for the occasion Day after day. Forgives herself when it don't come. I have always found it Easier to dream about"
  • Myself - Sloth
    "I think I've had enough Of useless, shameless point of views I think we've had ebough I just can't take anymore of you :Chorus: I will never be what you wanted me to be I am the one you lost I am the"
  • Lost - Century
    "falling down into the secrets the secrets in my mind leaving all my life behind me absolution hard to find memorys dawn in pale forgiveness i know i was unkind can you please forgive me never enough,"
  • Lost - Louise
    "Give me back my smile Cos it's taring me inside Your still so far away What happened can't we change To make it all worthwhile You have every piece of me I'll promise you anything you need We have so much"
  • Lost - The Calling
    "I'm alone and feeling lost If I could only have it all Then I'd be alright Cuz I can't see who I really am Through all the doubt that I'm livin' inv I don't know it, yeah Right before I hit the ground Why"
  • Lost - Roger Sanchez
    "I saw a picture yesterday, You know the one, we were laughing in the rain Remember how it used to be, Remember when you were still in love with me But you turned away, And I start to cry I'm lost without"
  • Lost - Avril Lavigne
    "Mistaken for an prep Mistaken almost everyday And I'm lost without you,, Like an,everyday story, I'm just lost but not found I'm lying there on the ground, Almost feeling sorry for myself, Who do I go"
  • Lost - NoMeansNo
    "Faced with several choices All of them wrong Snap out of it, I tell myself Stop singing that same old song The All Clear sounds but the streets are deserted We sit in shelters with out eyes averted"
  • Lost - Menudo
    "(Damn...) It's getting hard to breathe I'm tryin' to make her see But she don't really know that I I'm tryin to find a way, to tell her everyday But she just doesn't long, so I I don't wanna be the only"
  • Lost - Pico Vs. Island Trees
    "Where do you want me to be? Lost in your misery? Go ahead and pull your strings. I hope you remember me. Cos' soon I might be gone and you'll have No one left to fall back on. By now you've probably forgot. Cos'"
  • Lost - Gorilla Zoe
    "(Verse 1:) Walking around looking for a way But no one tells me which way to go I'm caught up in a world A labyrinth a maze Where yes men could easily be known I ask them no questions They give me no answers Following"
  • Lost - Pat McGee Band
    "I guess it was yesterday when I found you there Alone I wait for you, I feel I should Maybe just possibly you'll turn your head And look at me the way the angels would I'm thinkin 'bout you and I could"
  • Myself - Big D And The Kids Table
    "can someone tell me what i'm seeing it's something lost but still I'm reaching there's nothing left that could keep me hanging on (the only thing I miss is myself, the only thing i miss is myself) -"
  • Myself - Maroon 5
    "I have told All of my enemies Very politely To go home. I have seen All of your remedies Now won't you let me please go home. I can't find anything to be sad about. They say I'm doomed but I feel"
  • Myself - Kara's Flowers
    "I have told all of my enemies, very politely, to go home I have seen all of your remedies, now won't you let me please go home I can't find anything to be sad about They say I'm doomed but I feel fine I"
  • Myself - Orgy
    "Chemicals keep me under controlChemicals keep me under controlChemicals keep me under controlChemicals keep me under controlSleeping at the wheelI cant feel my faceMaybe its better this wayMy stomachs"
  • Myself - The Rasmus
    "I have always been different I like to be, but every time they got something to say to me. One day I had to be, I made a different me, but got trouble next day I went school, you see. Two big fellows,"
  • Myself - Rasmus
    "I have always been different, I like to be, But everytime they got something to say to me. One day I had to be, I made a different me, But got to trouble next day I went to school, you see. Two big fellows,"
  • Myself - Fireflight
    "You turned a page, inside my heart, Brought the light when my world was so dark I feel something I cant explain You consumed me and took on my shame PreChrs: Everything is gone that held me down,"
  • Myself - The Verve Pipe
    "You never seen nobody as divine as She can see reflections In her own eyes An admission of desire On a handsome afternoon Is an ovation to her ego In her everyone is everything and Everything is mine Ms."

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