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i have no close

  • Close - Corbin Bleu
    "Who was I to think that I would ever be ok When the one that I need Is like a hundred thousand miles away I was tripping to think that I could make It one day without you My worlds built around you (Girl) Youre"
  • Close - Blindside
    "Her heart was beating harder for every second The shell was holding up like never before A refusal to where all this has it's foundation The shell hold up, but big dents bulge Not now, maybe later and"
  • Close - Soul Asylum
    "Almost gave up yesterday, almost made it to the top Short of dying just the other day, fell short of picking up a mop If it's the thought that counts, you can always count on me I think about it all the"
  • Close - Tank
    "Baby its been a while Cuz I don't sleep around I'm choosey bout who I give my love to Don't wanna disappoint ya Cause i been sayin how much I want you but this first one might come real soon OH"
  • Close - Telepopmusik
    "I dont put a smile upon your face no more I cant make your heart shine like it did before You dont listen to my stories anymore You cant comfort me the way you did before Was I too loud, was I too bad"
  • Close But No Cigar - Dr. Feelgood
    "(wallis/brilleaux/russell/mitchell/morris) (plangent visions music ltd./zomba music publ.ltd.) Sharp suit, big car Who do you think you are ? Moving real fast How long can it last ? Don't push your"
  • No One Comes Close - John Farnham
    "E McCuster You gave me your cool hand, luke warm reception It's been such a long time, still there on the platform What can an old flame do, But talk about just what's new Things that have happened since"
  • No Love Have I - Buck Owens
    "A man can be happy without money But he must have some love in his life I've lost you and now I'm so lonely Lonely, 'cause no love have I. I'd trade my life for a beggar If he had someone close by"
  • Close Enough - John Mellencamp
    "I may not be a pillar in my town Or have the kind of job you think that I should. I know you see me out running around with a couple of people You think are no good. I've tried to clean it up a couple"
  • Close Enemies - Example
    "There's light at the end of the tunnel There's fight at the heart of a struggle You're smile should've told me you're trouble No more, no more, no more You owned me You buried all my worth with a shovel You're"
  • This Close - Flyleaf
    "Had a dream that we were dead, but we pretended that we still lived. With no regrets we never bled and we took everything life could give And came up broken empty handed in the end In the hearts of the"
  • Lie Close - Elliott
    "you won't move so i won't follow this used and makeshift path. born to serve, born seductive to regulate our surges. you will lie close. you will lie covered. i won't stare and i won't stall you as you"
  • Close Edge - Mos Def
    "Pull up to ya spot on low Shine brighter than all o' them cats they got on glow Layin the cut like they not gon' know Cuz if I gotta make a move dawg they not gonna know This door marked private this is"
  • Close escape - Madness
    "That was a close escape, have to get a new hobby to relate. Something less conspicuous, won't take up too much time, something less energetic, for what I've got in mind. I won't be too persistant 'cos"
  • Crushingly Close - Garbage
    "feat. Nine Inch Nails Shirley Manson : I would die for you I would die for you I've been dying just to feel you by my side (Reznor: You let me violate you) To know that you're mine (Reznor: You"
  • Nara (Close) - Blindside
    "Her heart was beating harder for every second The shell was holding up like never before A refusal to where all this has it's foundation The shell hold up, but big dents bulge Not now, maybe later and"
  • I Have No Sister - Oh No! Oh My!
    "I never had a sister that you didn't like You had three ugly brothers but still turned out all right, yeah I never had a girlfriend longer than three months you never had a boyfriend but married"
  • How do i get close - The Kinks
    "Living in a world where the flesh is cheap. Body touches body but it's only skin deep. I can hold you in my arms every time that you weep But we've lost that emotional flow. Living on a planet full of"
  • I Won't Close My Eyes - Martina McBride
    "I don't wanna think That you could be runnin' around After all the love That I have shown you I won't knock on your door I won't call to see if you're home But I won't close my eyes Love's a matter of"
  • When I Close My Eyes - Shanice
    "yeah yeah yeah.... v1: darlin, here we are again, right about now, there is no need too tell you what i'm feelin'. i'm so grateful, to have a man like you, who knows what to do, makes me feel like a"

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