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i have overhelmed

  • All i have left - I Voted For Kodos
    "Is this how it's going to be These expectations laid in front of me Holds me down, then sets me free Is this how it's going to start With this emptiness inside my heart Over time pulls me apart Don't break"
  • I Don't Have - Nickelback
    "I don't live anymore I don't love me this way I don't have wings to fly I don't have, gone away I don't have anything I don't need a space to breathe I don't hide in sanctity I don't need what you need I"
  • I Have Nothing - Plumb
    "Naked I showed up here With nothing to me name Pure and crazy, blameless Baby, I'm ashamed And naked I will leave here With nothing left to say My pockets full of empty And now I'm not to blame I have"
  • I Have You - Campbell Glen
    "Sailors have the seven seas and four strong winds that blow drifters have the next town down the road. Gamblers have the chance to bet the ace that's in the hole soldiers have the hope of coming home. and"
  • I Have Returned - Unleashed
    "I have returned 9 hundred years I have waited I have returned the time is now to rise anew hear my call my warriors come with me now hear my call mjollnir shall guide us through the battle ...I have"
  • All I Have - Drentch
    "I have seen you Lord I have seen your glory fall I have come to know you I want more of your love All I have All I am I give it all to you Take all I have All I am I want to be more like you Lord I have"
  • I Have Everything - Meredith Brooks
    "The list has been long full of complaints full of desires full of things That keep me amused I don't even want Some say I got lucky She poured down on me When I didn't have a place to sleep But you said"
  • I Have Seen - Zero 7
    "Old man there people stare Thinking back to God knows where Always back to where he's been I have seen I have seen Time goes so slow Days come and go But I know, yes I know New born son Life has won Take"
  • All I Have - Tiger Lou
    "I wanna tell you this This is all I can say This is all I have By the grace of god By the grace of god You know you know you know I am How bitter fucking sweet How bitter fucking sweet it is I wanna"
  • I Have Arrived - Linda Davis
    "For so many years I've tasted tears Prayed for all the pain to go away And leave me alone All that time I was unaware That love was around me everywhere But somehow I did not know And I've learned to live"
  • All I Have - Amerie
    "I feel so unsure Trembling you open your door Your eyes glistening Silly me I'm already missing you And this is all I have (All I have) All I have to give All I have to give This one last kiss I know"
  • I Have Seen - No Fun At All
    "I believe in the things I see And there's something ain't right The reflection in your eyes And a fire burning bright When you come to me in the night And you're feeling down Will you come to me In the"
  • All I Have - Mat Kearney
    "Here we go at it three years later Will you help me to dream it all up again? Tired of the same song everyone's singing I'd rather be lost with you instead Don't you come around here, come around here"
  • Have I Never - A Few Good Men
    "Have I never told you I love you? Have I never told you I care? Have I never told you how much I need you? Have I ever, ever not being there? If I never told you a care Girl, I swear to you, it's not because"
  • Have I Never - Babyface
    "Written by babyface (1995) Performed by a few good men Have I never told you I love you Have I never told you I care Have I never told you how much I need you Have I ever , ever not been there If I've"
  • All I Have - Sworn Enemy
    "All I have My life my road down hell An everyday struggle slowly we rot All I have all I see All I have day by day is me Fight these feelings just to get by Wake up the truth is right in your eyes This"
  • I Have Faith - Youth Of Today
    "Can't get down I've seen the light I made the choice and chose the right I'll put in trust take out the hate don't tell me I can't cause I have faith I have faith in people they have faith in me I have"
  • Now I Have - Golden Earring
    "Sick, I'm sick of you now man Why don't you believe me when I say I admire that fountain of love The only thing you're thinking of Well now I have She won't treat me cruel like you And I'm sure I love"
  • I Have Confidence - Julie Andrews
    "What will this day be like? I wonder. What will my future be? I wonder. It could be so exciting to be out in the world, to be free My heart should be wildly rejoicing Oh, what's the matter with me? I've"
  • I Have Confidence - Rodgers And Hammerstein
    "What will this day be like? I wonder What will my future be? I wonder It could be so exciting To be out in the world To be free My heart should be wildly rejoicing Oh whats the matter with me? I've always"

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