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i have to realise

  • Je Realise - Sinik
    "j'ai comris que les annes a passe vite Que Kelissa aura 7ans le 20 Septembre Que chaque jour les hommes s'autodtruisent la hache Que pour s'enfuir les plus fort traverse la mer la nage J'ai vu l'eccart"
  • You Made Me Realise - My Bloody Valentine
    "What did (you say you'd) find Then come, come, come Get the hell inside You can close your eyes Well you might as well commit suicide Wait for me because I waited for you No that's not what you should"
  • You Made Me Realise - Amusement Parks On Fire
    "What did you say you'd find Then come, come, come Get the hell inside You can close your eyes Well you might as well commit suicide Wait for me because I waited for you No that's not what you should"
  • I Have Finally Come To Realize - Van Morrison
    "I have finally come to realise Child don't do what I have done Cut my nose to spite my face Made my own odds 10,000 to one I saw the Empire slowly fade away Tried to grasp it with my hand Then I saw that"
  • To Have & To Have Not - Billy Bragg
    "Up in the morning and out to school Mother says there'll be no work next year Qualifications once the golden rule Are now just pieces of paper Just because you're better than me Doesn't mean I'm lazy Just"
  • Do i have to - Pet Shop Boys
    "I don't care what you've said, and I mean it I don't care what you've shared, 'cause I've seen it Who's to judge if you're wrong? This is a bad time Just as long as you break his heart and not mine Tell"
  • I Have To Dream - Celine Dion
    "What lies before me What stands between No one can tell me What I have seen Some see the tarnish I see the gleam I have to wonder I have to dream One dream can change you One dream can make All the difference One"
  • I Have To Surrender - Ty Herndon
    "All Of My Life I Fought Hard For The Things I Have Wanted Caught Up In Blindly Believing The Strongest Survive But Here In Your Eyes I See Everything I Ever Dreamed Of And I Am Afraid If I Rush In, If"
  • Do I Have To - Carl Belew
    "You may wonder why I love you when you treat me the way you do You may wonder why I want you when you want someone new There are things in life that I can't explain like this love I feel for you Do I have"
  • I Have To Leave - Warren Zevon
    "I have to leave Let me go now I dont want to be here anymore you are boring Let go of my arm I have things I have to do Im late for my train to Milan Ow, I stubbed my toe Where are my sandals? Did you"
  • I have to admit - J Church
    "I have to admit it is going to be hard, It's already harder than I expected, I woke up this morning next to nothing, Arms holding nothing I won't try to stop you, I won't try to stop you, And because I"
  • To Have And Have Not - Tiamat
    "she shivered, afraid that I would shoot she`d panic, afraid that I would not she drank it all right before my eyes said, be my lucifer, be my lord of flies I can take all your blasphemy I can take all"
  • I Don't Have To Hide - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    "Black witches sing their verses Of charms, hexes and curses They tried to take out my eyes But I don't have to hide I don't have to hide I don't have to hide I don't have to hide from you I don't have"
  • Everyday I Have To Cry - Dusty Springfield
    "(Arthur Alexander) Everyday I have to cry some Everyday I have to cry some Dry the water from my eyes some Everyday I have to cry There was a little boy I had planned to marry This was my love I didn't"
  • I Don't Have To Crawl - Emmylou Harris
    "(Rodney Crowell) When you look at me Like you don't know me And you talk to me Like you've never met me I can leave you alone if i try If I tried I could tell you goodbye If I wanted to I could be"
  • If I Have To Cry - Jackie Lomax
    "If I have to cry, then baby I'll cry for you I won't ask why, though baby you'd want me to I would do anything now, just to prove that I love you If I have to cry, then baby I will cry for you If I have"
  • I Have Come To Worship - SONICFLOOd
    "Many mighty rivers I have crossed Many barren deserts have I seen And still my heart beats strong For You, Oh Lord For You have been my shelter I all of my need I have come to worship you Oh, and I have"
  • All I Have To Give - Backstreet Boys
    "I don't know what he does to make you cry But I'll be there to make you smile I don't have a fancy car To get to you I'd walk a thousand miles I don't care if he buys you nice things Does his gifts come"
  • Don't Have To Lose - Michael Learns To Rock
    "If we want it we just have to choose If we need it we don't have to lose I see into your eyes It's time to realize If you want it I am here for you If you need it and you love me too There is no black"
  • I Don't Have To Try - Avril Lavigne
    "I'm the one, I'm the one who knows the dance I'm the one, I'm the one who's got the prance I'm the one, I'm the one who wears the pants I wear the pants I'm the one who tells you what to do You're the"

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