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  • Doje - Skaldowie
    "Gdy wstawałem to koguty jeszcze spałyrazem ze mną wstawał szaro - bury świti ziewałem, gdy dziewczyny mnie pytały:czemu znów ponury jestem, tak jak niktCoś ty taki dziwny, coś ty taki sennycoś ty taki"
  • In doi - O-Zone
    "In doi, cand noaptea e doar pentru noi In doi, sa fim fericiti in noapte In doi, cand luna e doar pentru noi In doi, sa fim in doi, in doi. Refren: In doi, numai in doi, Numai in doi, doar cu tine In doi,"
  • Doi Straini - Radu
    "Strada-i pustie noaptea e tarzie Numai in geamul tau lumina arde Odata ma iubeai la nebunie Iar astazi eu astept singur in noapte Nu-ti cer saruturi, nici macar iubire Vreau numai vocea sa-ti aud in soapta Odata"
  • I Gave You My Home - Mia Doi Todd
    "I gave you my home. I gave you my hope. The walls, they surround us, Unbound us. We are one. I gave you my heart. I gave you my art. All of creation Is here in my kitchen. Soup is on. Lover, lover. Come"
  • Muscle Bone & Blood - Mia Doi Todd
    "I am a human being. I'm made of muscle, bone and blood. I'm full of awful feelings, Self-hatred and mistrust. I need you now to be here with me. I cannot reach the light. I need you now to believe in"
  • Deep at Sea - Mia Doi Todd
    "I am deep at sea. I made myself break free Of the anchor keeping me Safe and sound in sanity, Safe inside my old routine. I am far from land. I have left in my hand A few grains of sand, And I try to"
  • Casa Nova - Mia Doi Todd
    "I can fall in love again. I can feel the curse you cast is over. No more no more Casanova. Hip hip hurray, oh hallelujah. I haven't changed much in these ten years. I hit my head up against the wall Of"
  • Tongue-Tied - Mia Doi Todd
    "Looking for a window into your soul. If and when I find it, will the blinds be closed? I drag me up the drainpipe, Leap for the fire ladder. Seventeen stories, And I'm still climbing higher. Looking"
  • The Last Night of Winter - Mia Doi Todd
    "Thanks for your letter. It made me feel better. I was down, And it gave me a lift; appeared the Goodyear blimp. The tree out your window is covered in pink snow. You put a few blossoms in the envelope."
  • What If We Do? - Mia Doi Todd
    "We sit in the grass and we talk of our pasts, A rollcall of all our lovers. A feeling arises we both recognize. We could fulfill each other. What if we do? We each have travelled and come to a rest. We're"
  • Hijikata - Mia Doi Todd
    "He danced on his deathbed And so performed his final dance For friends, family and lovers And all those who'd had the chance To know him, to love him To know him, to love him My domesticated body And"
  • The Way - Mia Doi Todd
    "I've been looking for a way out Of this crazy situation now-- The world in crisis; seems like paradise Was lost and won't be found And all of life is endangered And on the verge of breaking down. I wake"
  • My Room Is White - Mia Doi Todd
    "My room is white, the walls And all my appliances, all compliances. I live in silence, my windows Closed to traffic, all that racket. You are the opposite. I could never fit Into your apartment. Are we"
  • I remember - Lloyd Banks
    "I rememberWhen you looked into my eyesYou sawRight through meAnd. I could not hideI was exposedJust like a childAll of my heartYou hold in your handsI'm yours to command (2x)I, I feel so humbleWith you"
  • I wonder - Vandross Luther
    "I stood in line at the corner storeAnd I heard these guys talk about this girlHey, who gives them love anytime they want ...huhThen they said your name and how you carry onYour chain of fools is so longI"
  • I do, i do, i do - Abba
    "Love me or leave me, make your choice but believe meI love youI do, I do, I do, I do, I doI can't conceal it, don't you see, can't you feel it?Don't you too? I do, I do, I do, I do, I doOh, I've been dreaming"
  • Maybe I - Ne-Yo
    "You've been acting maybe latelyYou don't wanna return my phone callsOh no baby, wont you call? Baby hold me, console meI know I did wrong but Im sorry, you teach meMaybe, you've been acting maybe, latelyI"
  • I am what i am - Mark Owen
    "Looking at me through the eye of a needleis a scary thing to doI feel a mole hill lies in front of me to climbIs your primary purpose in lifeto scrutinize every move I makecos if it is I think your wasting"
  • I still do - The Cardigans
    "I'm not ready for thisThough I thought I would beI can't see the futureThough I thought I could seeI don't want to leave youEven though I have toI don't want to love youHow I still doNeed some time to"
  • I have nothing - Erika
    "Share my lifeTake me for what i amCause i'll never changeAll my colors for youTake my loveTake me for what i amJus tall that you areIs everythingOnce you doI don't really neet to lookVery much fartherI"

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