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i just getting on

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i just getting on

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i just getting on
  • Oasis Just Getting Older
    "It's nine o'clock i'm getting tired i'm sick of all my records and the clothes i bought today am i cracking up or just getting older? staying in i can't be bothered making conversation with the friends"
  • Punchline Just Getting Started
    "So move out of my way. Can't control me anymore. I'm on fire again just like before. I get like this sometimes. Ignore the warning signs. Leave it up to me to be the one who's burning. Everyone is too"
  • Del Amitri Just Getting By
    "Look at me, I'm the one who got away, the one who could've shone I tried to do my best, but I guess your best don't last for long Look at me, standing with my tattered pride of toothless little lions"
  • Crucial Conflict Just Getting My Money
    "Hook: Just getting my money All the girls in the world wanna ride wit me Just getting my money I'm a Chi-town playa can't you see Just getting my money Mack all the way what can I say Just getting my"
  • Joe Brooks Getting Away
    "We've been sitting around just a lil bit too long, I've seen, I've seen you more alive, Seems like we've stopped, Keep on watching the world, spinning without us Get up, grab your smile cos todays gonna"
  • Yvonne Getting Out, Getting Anywhere
    "He's placed between her widespread legs a final cut into his back She claims he was her second best and she's got so much that he detests Breaking up isn't harder than to decide what is best for her He's"
  • Patty Griffin Getting ready
    "Oh, baby, I'm getting readyI'm getting ready to let you goMy hands shake, my heart's unsteadyOh, how I once loved you soI know all the magic's goneWish I had a magic wandI would put a spell on youYou would"
  • Miranda Lambert Getting Ready
    "Oh baby, I'm gettin' ready I'm gettin' ready to let you go My hands are shakin' my hearts unscathed Oh how I was a lucky soul I know all the magic's gone Wish I had a magic wand I would put a spell on"
  • Adam Green Getting Led
    "I was a nation Bound to my station Getting Led x3 You saw beyond me Pounding down on me Getting led x3 A man fills his quotient It changed his notions Now you see of glimpse of liberty But fame could"
  • Grandaddy Getting Jipped
    "Come on mama go home to your cop You made us all feel weird, you should just stop As soon as he takes off you appear With your one year old and a half can of flat beer You brought into the fact that believing"
  • Baha Men Getting Hotter
    "Let me see you workin' Let me see you tuckin' now Let me see you wine it down for me Come on girl, let's get wet Wanna see you sweat Smoke to the beat, shake to the beat You know this party's getting hotter It's"
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Getting By
    "We're caught in a cross roads me and my friends just trying to figure out now what, to do with ourselves working my day job I feel I'm selling out steppin up to take my role as a consumer and nothing"
  • EMF Getting Through
    "I'm too honest when I'm scared When I first looked in I was young and cared These are the ways of getting through I left my trust on the tail of youth We were so unsure of the things we'd seen These are"
  • Colin James Getting Higher
    "Sittin' on the front step Watch the world goin' by And looking up Through the buildings, to the sky Yeah I can see a jet stream Someone else is moving on So I walk, And let the world just pull me along Mmm,"
  • Nine Inch Nails Getting Smaller
    "Getting a little erratic here And I don't know who to trust I guess they got a way of reading my mind I guess I got to adjust I've got my arms that flip flop flip flop flip I got my head on spring Well"
  • Hurricane Chris Getting Money
    "Spent a long time comin They wonder why I act like this ya heard me That's all I know Say you see I still got much to learn But I know I still I got money to burn I'm in the streets can't take it out"
  • The Cab Getting Old
    "Take me down next to the water, Next to flowers and old times I hope the view is still the same Cuz I've been losing strength and power Regret occupates my mind I'm sick of loneliness and pain I used to"
  • Adeaze Getting Stronger
    "listen to me im feeling afraid of something in my life that is wrong and i need you to tell me that im ok dont worry because i am strong i know it gets hard sometimes but remember that im only human and"
  • Shane Hebert Getting Nowhere
    "I can't see you anymore 'Cause I see you all the time I get so tired of looking for A picture in my mind Looking on the outside of every person in view When I see the inside, seems nothing is new"
  • Pico Vs. Island Trees Getting Over
    ""It's been three nights or so, since I last slept Thinking about the promises you never kept. And all the times I tried so hard to leave in response to the words i nevercould believe. They told me you're"

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