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i leave you bare and burning

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i leave you bare and burning

  • Bare - Anthrax
    "Standing on some dotted line Reacting to the hands of time A circumstance that I've been fed Leaving questions in my head Find the space that was left bare An empty space I'd gladly share One must live"
  • Bare - Matt Nathanson
    "In the light, in the daylight it's all wrongto revel in your memorythe smell of your bodyand the seconds that it kept me warmNow i'm coming down,hitting ground, breaking opentwisted around the sweet soundof"
  • Bare - The Cure
    "If you've got something left to say You'd better say it now Anything but 'stay' Just say it now We know we've reached the end We just don't know how 'Well at least we'll still be friends' Yeah one last"
  • Bare Bones - Madeleine Peyroux
    "I remember what my daddy taught me 'Bout how one risky is in a cold ditch And one more thing about good and evil You can't tell which is which Well, if the rest is lost and history Or maybe wasted on a"
  • Bare Witness - Choclair
    "INTRO (YlooK) Uh..T dot O to the N dot Y That's how we do it Choclair, Kardinall hooked with my man Guru And YlooK bitch? What the f**k? (Choclair) Yo, T-dot rocks y'all We smoke and mix up in your face,"
  • Burning - Omd
    ": Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? : There's stuff coming back at you all the time! : You have to do it and do it together, do it and do it together (sample2) (sample3) Burning, burning Destiny"
  • Burning - Frameless
    "I know things change in the minute youre far away Dont you know Im scared, Cause we live in a time, when only profit rules the world, The evils unfurled The sunrise and the rain are searching for some"
  • Bare - Heather Nova
    "I want to live where the sky is big Simple and free That's where I want to be Simple and free That's where I gotta be Take my clothes off Be the one I am In my own rhythm Like the water Simple and free That's"
  • Bare - Nova Heather
    "I want to live where the sky is big Simple and free That's where I want to be Simple and free That's where I gotta be Take my clothes off Be the one I am In my own rhythm Like the water Just living day"
  • Bare Necessities - Peter And The Test Tube Babies
    "Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife. I mean those bare necessities, of mother nature's recipes, that bring the bare necessities of life."
  • Bare Ballin - John Mayer
    "There's a new sensation Sweeping all the nation And they're calling it Bare ballin it, bare ballin it Well I seem to have forgotten the crucial layer of cotton We're all in it, we're all in it We're"
  • Bare Bones - Overkill
    "I hear someone calling me Where they call from I can see no light Walk through fire To me now And the fire I can't feel Bare Bones Bare Bones I have walked through hell Now I'm back Stripped to the bone I've"
  • Bare Necessities - Tony Joe White
    "I try to be cool but you turn on the heat You got sexy ways tantalize me It's there between us and you know it's true Just roll with it baby I'm gonna take care of you We got the feeling and that's all"
  • Bare trees - Fleetwood Mac
    "Bare trees, grey light Oh yeah it was a cold night Bare trees, grey light I was alone in the cold of a winters day You were alone and so snug in your bed I was alone in the cold of a winters day You were"
  • Bare Witness - Choclair F/ Guru
    "Choclair F/ Guru Miscellaneous Bare Witness INTRO {Who's next on the hitlist?} {Rap so exact you catch the shakes like a sickness} Now it's the skinny man dropping this Lock your brain, lock your lips Talking"
  • Burning - Accept
    "I hear a rock'n'roll guitar, screamin' wild on the radio Well, I know what I like, know and it's right Gotta take me through the night The sound is comin' out, it's breakin' down the doors like an earthquake Explodin'"
  • Burning - Impellitteri
    "Deep in the night I see you stand there Shadows in my mind Closing my eyes The dreams come rushing back And they've got control of me You've taken me by surprise, oh You've got me hypnotized Burning, Burning"
  • Burning - Monrose
    "Big city life, big city night In the middle of cars and lights You came, made everything right With a touch of love Didn't really wanna let you in Took a time to get under my skin Wanna see you again"
  • Burning - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) When I look at you I melt like a candle You light a fire in me What am I to do I just hope I can handle The heat and the smoke blinding me This feeling, this fire This burning desire Is"
  • Burning - Alcazar
    "Burning, burning Burning, turning Burning, burning Baby you?ve got me burning Got me tossing and turning, turning Baby you?ve got me burning Up until the day we met I was doing fine Now I don?t know how"

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