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i let her go

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i let her go

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i let her go
  • Less Than Jake Let Her Go
    "Going back and forth inside my shut up brain again (You gotta let her go, gotta let her go) Worlds apart, I'm torn apart, I'll stall up my senses (You gotta let her go, gotta let her go) Somehow through"
  • Gufs Let Her Go
    "(G. Kralj) Sarah wants to be a star She will not go over Everybody wants to throw her down She fell into a great divide Found a friend in Jesus Walking by her side Just let her go Everybody wants Everybody"
  • Cheap Trick Let Her Go
    "Heads down, buried in the sand She's back now, I better wash my hands She talks like a man gettin' higher than I can Lovin' me when I'm in a rock band Let her go She's living in shadows Waits there in"
  • Varsity Fanclub Let her go
    "You left a letter as a clue... Set me in the air, At the spot, where I first kissed you, Holdin my head in my hands, You brushed a tear off my face, One on one, You confessed that this all you can take, I'm"
  • Atticus Let Her Go
    "i guess its only the men who get fucked now and again we take our chicks to the mall we waited parking stalls and when we come home to late she's pissed that she had to wait and my excuse not to call"
  • Blu Cantrell Let her go
    "You out here every night Living your secret life While you keep her at home On lockdown so she's alone One day you at the crib Next day you start to trip I know it gets cold why can't you say no You need"
  • Craig David Let Her Go
    "You were her only girl The most precious thing in her world And I know it makes you cry That you never got to say goodbye You were just running out of time To say what was on your mind You never"
  • Zeeza Let Her Go
    "Let Her Go -by Zeeza this crazy love thing you got to let her go you can't live out time but you never know this crazy love dream poison's your mind so you should have put an end"
  • Blues Traveler Let Her & Let Go
    "In all that I do And in all that I say I used to have a dream that love didn't have to be this way Immaculate, the promise of that pristine paradise And as I come up from its ashes I can only offer weak"
  • Frank Sinatra Don't Cry, Joe (Let Her Go, Let Her Go, Let Her Go)
    "Don't cry, Joe, let her go, let her go, let her go, Don't cry, Joe, let her go, let her go, let her go. You got to realize this is the wind-up, You're gonna feel much better once you made your mind up. Don't"
  • Boyz II Men Can't Let Her Go
    "I can't let her go, I can't let her go 'Cause I need the love she gives to me I can't let her go, I can't let her go And she knows that we were meant to be First time I saw her Thought that I would lose"
  • One Direction Can't Let Her Go
    "She's so mean but I gotta love it, And I just can't let her go I'm so whipped on her tiny little She's a sexy animal Spends too much And I never tell her no Drives me nuts And she got me by the throat She's"
  • The Hollies Let her go down
    "Sometime in Octoberwe sailed from Englands shoreWhen we sailed into a raging stormLike I never ever seen beforeAnd all of the crew they were brave menBut the captain he was braverAnd he said Never mind"
  • George Jones Glad To Let Her Go
    "GLAD TO LET HER GO WRITER GEORGE JONES You took her from my side The day you took her from me And you though that it would hurt my pride But there were things you failed to see. You thought you stole"
  • Aaron Carter Let Go
    "Ha ha ha Yea It's so incredible Woo woo Yea yea yea Come On I used to love a girl Sometimes i still think i do Thinkin about her makes me a little crazy (crazy) She used to be the world How can we be split"
  • Lawson Let Go
    "Last time that I picked up my phone Her your voice on the end of my 9 0 1 You say you needed to talk But you didn't care, before 4 weeks since you broken my down See your face on a picture beside my bed And"
  • Lunik Let Go
    "My eyes were closed when I ran away from your love And you asked me to return It took a while to see that you're the one for me, it took too long 'Cause you were gone Every minute every hour I long for"
  • Brian Cadd Let Go
    "Moonlight and roses are the goin' thing Champagne, a little lo-ove, and a weddin' ring But everytime she lea-eaves it's gonna break your heart It's happened before, don't come to me, I do-on't want no"
  • Tommy Shane Steiner Let Go
    "(Neil Thrasher/Michael Dulaney/Jimmy Olander ) Clothes pins and the king of hearts Death grip on his handlebars He said a prayer, I hope I don't crash It's somethin' that he had to do His buddies darin'"
  • Archie Star Let Go
    "Step outside my feet meet the pavement And im alright Ladadada I drive up and i see her outside Honey please come back to me just one time So what Are you doing here You know exactly What"

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