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i like to beach

  • Beach - Underworld
    "Some are winners some are losers and some are fighters till the day they die some try to make a living some others always give in many are stopped before they get to try and many others are forced to leave"
  • Beach - Ray Wilson
    "Let's all go down to the beach Breathe in the air, take in the sun Lie there trying not to notice What goes on around you Buried and unseen I know it wasn?t done on purpose It rests beneath the surface"
  • Beach Boys Medley - Beach Boys
    "Beach Boys Collection Beach Boys Medley I, I love the colorful clothes she wears And the way the sunlight plays upon her hair I hear the sound of a gentle word On the wind that lifts her perfume through"
  • Beach baby - David Hasselhoff
    "Beach baby, beach baby, beach baby, beach baby oh oh ohBeach baby, beach baby, beach baby, beach baby oh oh ohDo you remember back in old l.a.When everybody drove a chevroletWhat ever happenned to the"
  • Beach Song - Dead Milkmen
    "Sand is hurting my tender feet The air smells like rotting fish and solarcaine I hate the people on the beach With their towels and umbrellas, they're so insane I don't wanna be on the beach! No! (x2) I"
  • Pleasure Beach - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    "(Words & music by John Oates) Pleasure Beach You may look but never find That neglected place in time Like a dream just out of reach Pleasure Beach Not a place you left behind Or a place you'll ever find It's"
  • Pleasure Beach - Hall & Oates
    "(Words & music by John Oates) Pleasure Beach You may look but never find That neglected place in time Like a dream just out of reach Pleasure Beach Not a place you left behind Or a place you'll ever find It's"
  • Tar beach - Lovin' Spoonful
    "Summers comin I can feel the heat Well burn like butter on the hot concrete Desperation on the city street Lets drag our blanket up to Tar Beach Suntan lotion and a cherry coke There aint no ocean but"
  • Waikiki beach - Chipz
    "Intro:Welcome to Waikiki Beach.A place in the sun.Where everybod's having fun. Chorus:On the Waiki Beach singin hola hola.You can come as you are. Sining hola hola.It's the place in the sun.Where you feel"
  • Beach Baby - Class First
    "Ah, ah, ah, ah,ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah, ah,ah, ah, ah Do you remember back in old LA? When everybody drove a chevrolet? Whatever happened to the boy next door? The suntaned, crew cut, all american male? Remember"
  • Broadcast Beach - Adam Green
    "Let me take you down to broadcast beach Where the cigarettes are nice and cheap, oh yeah I want to hear you say it (saay it) Always wanted them to do it, oh yeah (oh yeah) Of the age before the rhinestone"
  • Some beach - Blake Shelton
    "Driving down the interstateRunning 30 minutes lateSinging 'Margaritaville' and minding my ownSome foreign car driving dudeWith a road rage attitudePulled up beside me talking on his cell phone.He started"
  • Panic Beach - Maria McKee
    "Well the dog act got drunk again last night And the king and queen of the waltz clog team Had another fight King was careless with his tango grip Nearly lost his queen in a dip Yeah, she righted herself,"
  • The Beach - Ashengrace
    "This fear descends on me Believer torn in disguise beyond memory, I understand where we will go from here... she's taking me down, we're going down into the believer's doorway staring down we begin again,"
  • Concrete Beach - D.O.A.
    "come on down to the concrete beach there aint no sand but it'll burn yer feet. we're sittin' in the smog an' the swelterin' heat an' all our dreams are out of reach. ain't no pools, ain't no beach. on"
  • Beach Chair - Jay-Z
    "(feat. Chris Martin) Life is but a dream to me I don't wanna wake up Thirty odd years without having my cake up So I'm about my paper 24/7, 365,366 in a leap year I don't know why we here Since we gotta"
  • Moonfleet Beach - Nickel Creek
    "Moonfleet Beach is a terror of the sea and most deadly when a southwestern gale wakes the anger of the wave from its own easy sleep and I'm the only man who's made it out alive to tell the tale I was"
  • Dover Beach - Bangles, The
    "Bangles, The All Over The Place Dover Beach (s. hoffs/v. peterson) Susanna If i had the time I would run away with you To a perfect world We'd suspend all that is duty or required Late last night you"
  • The Beach - All Time Low
    "Well, you're a long walk from my street And I'm dying in this summer heat I hope like hell you're waiting, waiting Everybody's living like they're crazy in love I'm a dizzy mess and everything is so above"
  • Beach House - The Chainsmokers
    "Woke up on the west side Listening to beach house taking my time She’s just my type Dark hair waving out the passenger side then I start to think as she pulls me on the bathroom floor thi is myt type"

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