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i looking your heart beat

  • Beat Of Your Heart - Hayley Westenra
    "Carry me away from this dark and lonely room Light me in your arms - all I want to know is you Chase away the darkness with everything you are I will find my strength in the beat of your heart Picture"
  • Heart Beat Rock - Kylie Minogue
    "Lovers in the back seat Boys in the back street Girls in their tight wash Figure hugging blue jeans They're looking like they want To show out what they got Their feet are itching to dance Their bodies"
  • Heart Beat - Mavado
    "O yes girl Just gonna let you know (Girl you know) Gangsta mi love you fi life I can't believe What I saw With my two eyes This girl who made My world spin around When she passed me by I want you to know That"
  • Heart Beat - Wishbone Ash
    "Is it a crime to love a woman, To give her everything? People change, she goes away, And you're left with nothing. You've been together for so long, That's what's makin' it hard, Just like an old-fashioned"
  • Beat your heart out - The Distillers
    "Baby you make my heart beat faster I know let alone to rest alone You?re making me I had to run the damage is done I give it up There nothing left take the rest You?re draining me I set it light it burns"
  • Beat Of My Heart - Natalia Lesz
    "Can you come over here Can you show me what's real Can you open my herat Show me what I should feel When you're looking at me Never felt so close Put your loving on me Show me what I should want In the"
  • Looking For The Perfect Beat - Afrika Bambaataa
    "(feat. The Soulsonic Force) Universal b-boy, looking for the perfect beat Mortal motivations, looking for the perfect beat Mighty Zulu Nation, they have found the perfect beat Afrika Bambaataa, I present"
  • The beat of your heart - The Jet Set
    "Yeah, YeahIt's sad, it's really sad (yeah, it is man, yeah it is)I didn't promise anything Well, you know, it's her fault, not mineShe's in for itWell, not me (not you)(Vocal):When the sun rise wakes me"
  • Every Beat Of My Heart - Brian McKnight
    "I could feel It coming from a mile away When I opened up the door I saw everything that I've been looking for,hey Close your eyes I don't care what other people say Here underneath the stars Now Jupiter"
  • Beat Of Heart - Hilary Duff
    "To the beat of my... To the beat of my... To the beat of my heart. I'm thinking about letting it out, I wanna give in, I wanna go out been looking around I've finally found the rhythm of love the feeling"
  • Beat Street - Grandmaster Flash
    "Beat Street Breakdown, Raah! Hip Hop! Beat Street The king of the beat You see him rocking that beat from across the street And Huh Huh! Beat Street is a lesson too, because you can't let the Streets"
  • Beat Your Heart - V6
    "Rumple place! ah! kurushikuta tte Boom! nigenai runaway Down town kono machi de umareta Head light mabushiku yume wa empty Iki wo tomete hashirou kono street Tabun mitsukaru yo honto no dream Sou! yeah!"
  • Beat Of My Heart - Hilary Duff
    "To the beat of my To the beat of my To the beat of my heart I'm thinking about, Letting it out. I wanna give in, I wanna go out. Been looking around I've finally found, The rhythm of love, The feeling"
  • Does Your Heart Beat For Me - Patsy Cline
    "Written by L. Claiborne, J. Crawford, Jr. & V. Hensley (As recorded by Patsy Cline April 24, 1957 Wake up ever' mornin' Heart's full of pain Looked out the window And it's pourin' down with rain And"
  • Beat Of A Heart - Warren Brothers
    "Sometimes it's hard to don't wanna look over your shoulder 'Cause you don't want to remember where you've been There'll come a time you die, If you could only hold her 'Cause I know that's where I"
  • Beat Of A Heart - Scandal
    "The heat of the sun Was a little too much today Love on the wing Flew so high it just melted away So sweet on the run So little time to make you see What can't be undone Was maybe never meant to be But"
  • Heart Skipped A Beat - Stanfour
    "Howling wind, driving rain will I ever see the sun again? Feeling weak, so fatigued. Hated my life, but could not weep. No ray of hope, no light insight. It all went wrong, just never right. Then came"
  • Beat In My Heart - Chuckie Akenz
    "VERSE ONE :: KANGEL i'm still chasin the same dreams i've had that builded up all this hope but then eventully crashed/ and the drama doesn't pass, headaches are bound to last critics burn like a rash"
  • The Beat Of Your Heart (wersja angielska) - The Jet Set
    "Yeah, Yeah It's sad, it's really sad (yeah, it is man, yeah it is) I didn't promise anything Well, you know, it's her fault, not mine She's in for it Well, not me (not you) When the sun rise wakes me"
  • I wanna move to the beat of your heart - David Hasselhoff
    "Well you can still hold my emotionsWith just one little kissYou can shake my world upJust by being near me like thisIf our bodies keep much closerI don?t know what I?ll do?cause I?ve been waiting for a"

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