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i love you when i sing the song yea

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i love you when i sing the song yea

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i love you when i sing the song yea
  • The Ramones Yea, Yea
    "Yea, yea there's a girl I know Yea, yea well I love her so Well she's a little of this a little of that She makes my heart go flippity flap Oh baby baby I just love her so Yea, yea well she's the most"
  • Ludacris Yea!
    "Usher: Peace up...A Town's Down! Lil' Jon: Yeah, Ok! (usher,usher,usher) Lil Jon! Usher: Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaaah Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeaaah (lets go) Usher: I'm up in the club with"
  • Shampoo Yea yea yea
    "(Tell Me Baby)ChoursBe Bop -a- LulaBup Shu - Wa Bop Bop Shu - WaBe Bop -A- LulaBup Shu - Wa Bop Bop Shu - WaYea Yea YeaYou're Gonna Have To Tell Me BabyWhat It Is You WantCause I Can't Read Your MindEverytime"
  • Newsong Yea God
    "When I woke up this morning I just had to talk to God And tell Him about some things on my heart And the wonder of all wonders He came right into my room And told me I could have a new start Then suddenly"
  • Eminem Oh Yea
    "Yeah, mmm hmmm This one goes out to all the pretty young ladies out there in pretty young lady land mmm hmmm see what I'm sayin I want you to just peep over your shoulders hunny... ya see Now lets"
  • Sing-Sing Come Sing Me A Song
    "Come, sing me a song And I will do anything you ask me to, Oh yeah, oh yeah Come give us a smile, a million eyes shining down won't see you frown Oh yeah, oh yeah Break my bones just to talk to you Just"
  • DOT DOT CURVE Yea I'm The Sex
    "(who) (yeah) (who's the sex man?) (I'm the sex man) (who) (Spanky is the sex man) (yeah)I'm the sex man x4 yeah I'm the sex man yeah I'm the sex x2 pull it off like Mike Jones and we're like who? Spanky"
  • Bonnie Tyler If I Sing You A Love Song
    "If I sing you a love song, will you always remember? Will you hear it on lonely nights when I'm not around? If I sing you a love song, will you hear it forever? To remind you how much I care and how"
  • Jah Cure Every Song I Sing
    "In every song I sing I just got to hail my King HE is the truth ,that lies within In every song I sing I just got to hail my King HE is the truth that lies within The birds and the bees they cling"
  • LANY yea, babe, no way
    "White jeans, Daydream You and me, Our sheets Wearing nike Kissing, no sleep Damn! Tell me where we went wrong? Been in love for so long Now it’s over! How, how did we get this far And still not know,"
  • Ray Charles I Won't Sing A Song
    "There's no fool like an old (a young) fool When he paints his spectacles pink. He acts his love in words And he rhymes his love in ink. An old fool is a bold fool And he shines he spectacles up. His time"
  • Keyshia Cole Oh-Oh, Yeah-Yea
    "(feat. Nas) You know what I wonder sometimes Like do you know we far we can go if only you believe in me Yea imagine that Did you know that I when I say I told you I loved you loved you And did you know"
  • Shampoo Yea Yea Yea (Tell Me Baby)
    "Chours Be Bop -a- Lula Bup Shu - Wa Bop Bop Shu - Wa Be Bop -A- Lula Bup Shu - Wa Bop Bop Shu - Wa Yea Yea Yea You're Gonna Have To Tell Me Baby What It Is You Want Cause I Can't Read Your Mind Everytime"
  • Blood Or Whiskey When You Sing
    "By the lights of St. Dominic Street Bridge she was waiting She was waiting for me to arrive And she told me much later that while she was waiting She had felt so in love and alive And then much later"
  • Golden Earring I Sing My Song
    "I Sing My Song G.Kooymans Through the windy foggy weather I'll come to you no matter How long it will take Then I'll sing you mellow songs About times, how it was How we drifted upon our love Oh I sing"
  • Out of Eden Now I Sing
    "can u just give me a second please I would like to give my testimony how the Lord has met my every need how he saved me, made he holy if you wanna know the reason why I gave it all this lifes's no longer"
  • No Angels When The Angels Sing
    "And when the angels sing I want you by my side I don't care how long I've been waiting for my baby And when the angels bring You back here in my life Then I know i'ts true That I love you I was so blind I"
  • Of Montreal Sing You A Love You Song
    "Before the laughter and the cheer disolves into his memory, taste of vodka on his lips, and thoughts of murder and doom, her eyes appeared to bloom, he wanted to touch them but was afraid she taken aback"
  • Captain Jack Sing a song
    "Refrain:Sing sing a songSing a song for love and happinessCome on - sing a songFor the boys and girls around the worldA catchy melodyThat will set your spirits freeCome on and sing sing a songTake the"
  • Jars Of Clay Sing
    "I love the way, I love the way you carry on You make me wanna say, you make me wanna sing another love song Sing another love song, sing another love song Sing another love song to you Bury my head"

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