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i love you when i sing the song yeah i want a

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i love you when i sing the song yeah i want a

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i love you when i sing the song yeah i want a
  • Sing-Sing Come Sing Me A Song
    "Come, sing me a song And I will do anything you ask me to, Oh yeah, oh yeah Come give us a smile, a million eyes shining down won't see you frown Oh yeah, oh yeah Break my bones just to talk to you Just"
  • Ray Charles I Won't Sing A Song
    "There's no fool like an old (a young) fool When he paints his spectacles pink. He acts his love in words And he rhymes his love in ink. An old fool is a bold fool And he shines he spectacles up. His time"
  • Travis Yeah yeah yeah
    "I was alone I found love Now I got some (yeah yeah yeah yeah) You came along Right on time With a new song (yeah yeah yeah yeah) Now there's nothing in this life now that could go wrong Oh no (yeah yeah"
  • BangBros Yeah Yeah Yeah
    "Friday night Sitting all alone No-one's gonna play with me I hate to sit at home Looking out the window Dreaming of a friend Who brings this back to an end Hey boy you there Don't you be so square Come"
  • Zwan Yeah
    "yeah yeah yeah i gave you everything what'd you give to me a pocket full of empty rings with diamonds that can sing the most that i could ever hope is that you'd start to feel so real yeah yeah"
  • Zwan Yeah!
    "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I gave you everything What'd you give to me A pocket full of empty rings With diamonds that can sing The most that I could ever hope Is that you'd start to feel so real Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! What"
  • Paul Brandt Yeah!
    "Yeah! My heart's been beatin' faster Does it mean that I'm in love I just can't get enough of your smile I'm flyin' higher now Oh baby can't you see What you mean to me CHORUS: Do I want ya Do I love"
  • Boot Camp Clik Yeah
    "It's the chalk cracker, street rapper, x-factor Smokey Lah, your girl ass slapper Trap rider, nipple biter, spits fire The coptic hitman for hire The rate proper, pound copper, dime chopper Don't get it"
  • Keith Murray Yeah
    "(feat. Erick Sermon, Busta Rhymes, Jamal, and Redman) Yo Troy, turn me up so I can conductthe disco inferno Oklahoma aroma (uh) I smell the roof on fire without Parliament just Def Squad shit, dig"
  • Andre Nickatina Yeah
    "Man, I'ma run my mouth and get your corporate account Bring my benz out in the middle of a drought I blow lye like its "God Bless Buddha" It's sort of like the feelin' runnin' with a known shooter Baby"
  • Bonnie Tyler If I Sing You A Love Song
    "If I sing you a love song, will you always remember? Will you hear it on lonely nights when I'm not around? If I sing you a love song, will you hear it forever? To remind you how much I care and how"
  • Killa Kyleon Yeah, Yeah
    "(*talking*) Ok, this is DJ Dick-In-Ya-Mouth And this is D-A-Y-1 FM, 102.9 on ya radio dial And we looking for the real freak right now I'm gon take my first call First caller, you on the air (hey man,"
  • Wedding Present Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
    "I really don't believe that this is happening I've tried and tried and tried to think it through Oh, I heard what you said, I'm just not answering I guess I'm scared of what I'll have to do Because you"
  • La'Chat Yeah, I Rob
    "(Chorus x3) Yea I rob Yea I steal Yea I rob Yea I steal Yea I put yo body in a field Yea I put yo body in a field Grab the ski mask load up the pump I'm finna put this bitch in my trunk Hoe get on in"
  • Common I Want You
    "(feat. Will.i.am) Once the love was strong Now it's long, long gone Cause the pain, pain now as a storm I would make, growing old Cause I want you, cause I want you I want you, I want you I've been thinking"
  • The Magnetic Fields Yeah! Oh, Yeah!
    "Are you out of love with me? Are you longing to be free? Do I drive you up a tree? Yeah! Oh, yeah! Do I drive you up the wall? Do you dread every phone call? Can you not stand me at all? Yeah! Oh, yeah! Though"
  • Mel C Yeah yeah yeah
    "Easier to let go Give in to yourself tonight Get on with the show Expect me not to be so pure Give me one for the road Got a fever for sure Yeah yeah yeah - I'm on a mission Yeah yeah yeah - If you're"
  • Lil' Mo Yeah Yeah Yeah
    "(feat. Miri Ben-Ari) Uh Huh,Uh Huh Ammadeus You Crazy For This One, Yeah (Ummmmm Huuumm Yeaaaahh) Remember The First Time You Saw Me With My Hair Undone, I Thought That I Would Die, Remember"
  • Terror Squad Yeah Yeah Yeah
    "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah yeah Check it You see the girl get it popping like no other Now they call me Streets"
  • Uncle Kracker Yeah, yeah, yeah
    "I might walk a lil funny but my walk is me I might stutter when I talk but I say what I see I don't agree with every other li'l thing that's proven I do a lot of things that I shouldn't be doin' I'll ruin"

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