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i m ready for this

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i m ready for this

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i m ready for this
  • Taylor Swift ...Ready For It?
    "Know he was a killer first time that I saw him wonder how many girls he head loved and left haunted but if he’s ghost than I can be a phantom holding him for ransom some, some boys are trying too hard he"
  • Drag-On Ready For War
    "Yo, yo I could keep my eyes closed, still reading the signs Young niggas think they hungry then you feed em a nine Might kidnap they ass start feedin em swine So I don't feel bad when I gut em like a pig Beat"
  • Drag On Ready For War
    "Yo, yo I could keep my eyes closed, still reading the signs Young niggas think they hungry then you feed em a nine Might kidnap they ass start feedin em swine So I don't feel bad when I gut em like a pig Beat"
  • Alessia Cara Ready
    "i think it’s safe to say taht you would always change now colours day-to-day my friend you are a hurricane the look on your face all the things you say send me to outer space my friend you test my patience did"
  • Third Day Ready
    "I'm ready for the winds to change I'm ready for a brighter day I'm ready for the sun to shine down on me I'm waiting for a song to sing I'm looking for a brand new thing I'm ready now to live a life that"
  • Britt Nicole Ready
    "Lately I've been reeling Off the way you got me feeling I've been tired of this for way too long You give me answers when I didn't ask You keep bringing up my past Always play the same old song Tired of"
  • Kelly Clarkson Ready
    "Frozen forgetful again The part where I loose my head the scene where I'm supposed to speak but instead I sit and listen again, I'm stuck with these cards I guess Leaping from this cliff in my thoughts I"
  • Black Rob Ready
    "Ready on the left, ready on the right Yo, BR, what up my dog What up, okay Yo kick that thing you kicked in the studio Aight, yeah yo, what's that joint? (Intro) Round town, I'm bound shake the ground Shake"
  • Silkstone Ready
    "So here I stand, Here I'm right on the top of a perfect world Here I stand, feeling fine, but it's over before you know So here I am, Here I'm finding the piece of my melody Hear me sing, sing out"
  • Busta Rhymes Ready For War
    "(feat. M.O.P.) Tri-lateral commission Berkowitz, Fizzy Wo', Bust-Down (AiYAHHHHHHHHH!) Everytime I take a look, the only thing I see is MY LIVE NIGGAZ IN THE SPOT Tell me what y'all want GIVE ME"
  • Los Dynamite Ready Ready
    "My story I'll help you understand born, raised in Japan left school I was 15 left home went to Berlin I move I walked I walked Sensation of stopping shocked the sisters never approved I went through life"
  • Josh Golden Get Ready For This
    "She said there's happiness here Like the colors in a painting Only resignating her heart And I said that I would be there Just to see that day coming Win that race running for you And I would hold you But"
  • David Byrne Ready For This World
    "When I hear, laying on the ground A machine gun is sitting on my couch I close my eyes I shut my mouth Well, I can't even hear a sound I don't know if I'm ready for this world I'm not ready for this world I"
  • 2 Unlimited Get ready for this
    "{RAY:} Get down with the styleHouse on the ground, please when I squeezePump to your knees. You must have bet I'm in here to stay,Ready to take you around the way.So get ready for this, mind your own bizCause"
  • Freshman 15 Are You Ready For This?
    "Are you ready for this Every boy put a pen in your hand, Write some lyrics that are meaningless Cuz don't forget that appearance Is so primary in a scene like this. It may be time for a change With"
  • KRS-One Are You Ready For This
    "Well are you ready for this? (We ready for this) Are you ready for this? (We ready for this!) Well we just can't miss (just can't miss) Well we just can't miss (drop the beat like this) Well are you ready"
  • Kathy Mattea Ready for the storm
    "Oh, the waves crash in and the tide pulls out It`s an angry sea but there is no doubt That the lighthouse will keep shinin` out To warn the lonely sailor The lightnin` strikes and the wind cuts cold Through"
  • Diana Ross Gettin' Ready For Love
    "(Tom Snow/Frannie Golde) I sit by the telephone Waiting for you to call me And when I'm alone in the night The blues start to fall on me Baby, I'm waiting for you And all that's on my mind Is what I`m"
  • Normal Like You M For Mature
    "we've got a live one on our hands scenario rated m for mature should i be obliged to apprehend your aura? insolence has no cure the performance had its moments nevertheless a failed attempt gone all"
  • The Black Eyed Peas GET READY
    "We ain't messin' around Shits about to go down This is for real, this is for real We ain't playin' no games Do you hear what I'm sayin'? This is for real, this is for real Get ready, get ready Get"

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