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i need to be alone alone

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i need to be alone alone

  • Alone - Nick Lachey
    "I get this feeling that Im over my head, I guess I'm over my head again, And I keep thinking that I'll get through this mess, And I'll find happiness and then, I'll have everything I wanted, But what if"
  • Alone - Utopia
    "Let me ask you a question Will you lend me your ear Do you know the meaning of emptiness If not I'll make it clear Alone, alone Nobody knows how lonely it can be And I'm so tired of being alone. Let me"
  • Alone - Fame
    "Laying alone Hearing your voice from the pouring rain Missing your touch Will it never ever be the same again? Would I be through to you? Should I belong to you? I'm holding on It's all because of you Walking"
  • Alone - Bazzi
    "Your call has been forwarded to an automated voice message system Maybe I'm cold Frozen from my past before, damn Don't get too close You won't find what you're looking for, I Oh, no And I hope you"
  • Alone - Marc Almond
    "We find love, you and I It's a new game to play Then we tell our first lie And see a love go away And we find We're alone We rush on, you and I We don't need love at all We need thrills, we need speed And"
  • Alone - Bobby Valentino
    "Sorry that I've been so off and on One day I'm feelin' you, the next day I don't know The reason is that I been hurt before and now I'm insecure Don't wanna feel it no more, but still I really need"
  • Alone - ONYRIA
    "You grew up so fast And you never had a chance To prove you're not a mistake As this pain could ever end And you never understood What was wrong with you Carrying, trying fighting for your own place Looking"
  • Alone - Marques Houston
    "Alone Na na na na na Alone Na na na na na I know (listen up) Questions cloud my head with why Tears on my pillow as I cry Makes no sense for us too say goodbye Impossible to hide this pain inside Thinking"
  • Alone - Claude Kelly
    "I never really been the type to be superstitious. And I wouldn't say that I'm super religious. But lately I've been praying and hoping and wishing. Is anyone out there willing to listen. I'm kind of worried"
  • Alone - Asher Roth
    "uh. know what I mean we all, we all got our own thing, and heres mine.. verse one: Now my things was cool I swore id never break the rules straight with you cause I could relate to you stay with"
  • Alone - All Saints
    "Not gonna, don't wanna, never gonna, don't wanna, wanna end up alone Not gonna, never gonna, don't, don't wanna, wanna end up alone I need to sit back and pick out, its about the way I'm making you feel, You're"
  • Alone - Violent Delight
    "I need you To be here But I know you can't be here When will we Slow forward I know we'll wait it over You were meant to stay I never thought it would be this way Everything's so close to me So far"
  • Alone - Lucie Silvas
    "Don't feel useless, but don't ask If I'm hiding or I'm holding something back I have nothing that isn't yours But there's a place I need to go behind closed doors I don't be afraid I don't be ashamed If"
  • Alone - Slick Shoes
    "I long to touch your face.I havent seen you in so long.Im never there when you need it most.No matter what road you walk down on your own, Ill be there.You wont always have to be...Alone tonight, its alright.I"
  • Alone - Michal
    "You will never know my true intent You're heaven sent But I'm hell-bent On ruining it all Throwing away everything I have Everything I am In your frame you look like art And I can't start to let"
  • Alone - Jeffries Fan Club
    "Living it up just the best I can Some day I gotta be a man You don't gotta grow up but you gotta grow old I've been told, I've been told I remember days, days when I went down Sometimes life is better"
  • Alone - Forgotten Tomb
    "Once again life is killing me This time I know there's no way back Left alone, abandoned Without any chance in tomorrow You're gone forever As I try to find a reason for this Endlessly wondering"
  • Alone - Safety In Numbers
    "After all that we've been through I see you couldn't be true to me. And you know how hard I tried. Really thought you were the one but now you're just anyone. You just pushed me to the side. It's alright,"
  • Alone - No Use For A Name
    "Life must be empty when living a lie With something to hide and nothing to show You have learned nothing but how to destroy Things that friends who love you couldn't leave alone Someday it's gonna hit"
  • Alone - Dark Tranquillity
    ""Let me die", I cried as the curtain fell and I stared in woe at the world before me My weeping eyes could not bear to tell or the shattered kingdom in ruins before me What became of the lands that were?"

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