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i need you and i need you i need you and i need you i need you and i need you i need you the most

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i need you and i need you i need you and i need you i need you and i need you i need you the most

  • I Need You - And Then I Turned Seven
    "I can't get you outta my mind Cause i've been think 'bout your smile And i've been thinking about your hands I've been thinking about your touch I've been thinking going crazy I've been thinking way to"
  • I Need You - Phillips Craig And Dean
    "Everything that I am Thought I made with my own two hands Had no help, caught no breaks Have only myself to thank Looking back at my young and foolish heart Why did I keep us apart? Feel this cold empty"
  • I Need You - Dashboard Confessional
    "I don't know why I'm doing this. I don't see what's so unfixable. But It's getting harder all the time To deal To breathe This pain in my arm is so much easier I can't take it in my heart anymore. I need"
  • I Need You - Peter Andre
    "yeh what can i say? My heart needs you, My body needs you, I need you I see you dancing there, should i approach? You seem to be sending out signals double time! Maybe i will dance your way, but most"
  • I Need You - Demis Roussos
    "Day break It's just another day I miss you More than I can say And I'm finding out the hard way Can't lean on someone else I know it's my life Gotta live it for myself And still I'm needing And needing"
  • Need - The Benjamin Gate
    "The fear I carry in my heart The things that change and turn around me What is it that I become? What is it that it's all undone? I long to be close to You So close I disappear into You Doesn't matter"
  • Need - Cindy Morgan
    "Paint me a window so I can seeOver the rainbow inside of meI needHow I needCrimson and clover, wagon and hayThese are some sweet things, so lovely and gayI need How I need'Cause I'm not the strongmanI"
  • Need - Archive
    "You've got time, time on your hands Bury your head in the sand Take your time, hurry it up Guess you'll sit there and just drift away You've got worries more than enough Cause it's rough yes I know that"
  • Need - Kansas
    "I lost you a long time ago I tossed our love as far as I could throw I can't help feelin tentative and blind I only wish that you could read my mind I need to pitch it all into the wind I need to face"
  • Need - Hana Pestle
    "i'm not quite sure how to breathe without you here i'm not quite sure if I'm ready to say goodbye to all we were be with me stay with me just for now let the time decide when i won't need you my hand searches"
  • Need - Lady Sovereign
    "I Lost You a Long Time Ago I Tossed Our Love As Far As I Could ThrowI Can't Help Feelin Tentative and BlindI Only Wish That You Could Read My MindI Need to Pitch It All Into the WindI Need to Face a Wall"
  • I Need You - The Muffs
    "I need you so bad, yeah It's not a lot for me to ask Of you to lend a helping hand I need you right now, yeah In every day and every way To love you yeah I don't know how You don't want to take the time For"
  • I Need You - The Twins
    "I thought that you should go What were you worth to me I thought I'd find another girl As soon as I was free. But then I saw you and I nearly died Standing in the arms of mister nice So finally"
  • I need you - The Troggs
    "I came home the other night Much to your surpriseThe blinds were down the light were dim Love was in your eyesTable lit by candle light A record playing lowAnd from the room I heard a voiceA voice I didn?t"
  • I need you - Beatles, The
    "Beatles, The Help I need you You don't realise how much I need you Love you all the time and never leave you Please come on back to me, I'm lonely as can be I need you Said you had a thing or two to tell"
  • I Need You - The Waiting
    "Some time since we've spoken I admit that I do not see Your signs and wonders anymore Look now, I am broken Ran around enough to find me Crawling again across Your floor because I need You Each and"
  • I Need You - The Swift
    "My heart is restless in me My wings are all worn out I'm walking in the wilderness And I cannot get out I need You, Oh, I need You Blessed Savior come I need You, Oh, I need You Fill the every longing"
  • I Need You - The Beatles
    "You don't realize how much I need you. Love you all the time, Never leave you. Please come on back to me. I'm lonely as can be. I need you. Said you had a thing or two To tell me. How was I to know you"
  • I Need You - The Who
    "Knowing Is what people tell you That you're thinking wrong Embrace you, But they really mean "So long" You talk to them They laugh aloud Yet they run to you In any crowd Please talk to me again I need"
  • And I Need You - Masterboy
    "((posted by: )) Uhhh, welcome to the 5-0-4 nigga. Dirty south haha Living is so hard in the city Ah, living living living Its so hard in the city I'm from the city of the go getters, I mean the poor"

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