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i need your touch i need so much ,one more time

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i need your touch i need so much ,one more time

  • Need More - Pennywise
    "Everything you say to me is a lie you've lost control All you say is just a mask for what you feel down deep inside And I don't care about getting your respect not in your eyes It's just an illusion"
  • I Need Love - LL Cool J
    "When I'm alone in my room sometimes I stare at the wall and in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call Telling me I need a girl who's as sweet as a dove for the first time in my life, I see I need"
  • What More Do I Need? - Andrea Burns
    "Once I hated this city Now it can't get me down Slushy, humid and gritty What a pretty town What thought I could be duller More depressing, less gay Now my favorite color Is gray A wall of rain as it turns"
  • What more do i need - Sarah Brightman
    "Once I hated this city, Now it can't get me down. Slushy, humid and gritty, What a pretty town. What, thought I, could be duller, More depressing, less gay. Now my favourite colour Is grey. A wall of rain"
  • I need more - Christina Milian
    "i can no longer see myself being the girl for u i used to se u've done so much to bring me downwhen i think about how u treated me i nolonger need to try and be perfect for cuz now i see imjust something"
  • So much more - Fat Joe
    "This is this is this is.......... I know you came to party so get up on your feet Yea baby just truk that body and sing along with me come on I know you been searching for someone who Satisfies you and"
  • Need - Off By One
    "Every time I ask you out you tell me maybe next time Could it be my bad breath or something of that kind You keep stringing me along like I am just a fool and I need to know I need to know Chorus: Cause"
  • I Need Love - Bosson
    "I need love, I want love The time was not right Blinded by magic in my baby's eyes All I ever dreamed of I saw you in white walking by my side But I still believe that one day Things work out for you"
  • Everything I Need - Wilson Phillips
    "We've been through so much we've stayed in close touch seems like we've always been together. We've sung the same song unchanged for so long seems like we've been singing it forever. When love began so"
  • I Need You - Aviation
    "chorus You know I love you girl And you know I always will. I want to be with you forever 'til the day that I get killed. I remember the days girl, just me and you But now that your gone whatchu want"
  • I Need - Kandi
    "uh huh yeah yeah yeah yeah chorus: i need a drink for all of my troubles i need a shrink to tell how i feel and i need me one of them sugar daddies to come pay all of my bills i need a man to give me"
  • I Need Your Love - Gareth Gates
    "I need your love Lonely rivers float to the sea, to the sea. To the open arms of the sea, yeah. Lonely rivers sigh wait for me, wait for me. I'll be coming home, wait for me. Oh my love, my darlin'."
  • So much more - Slick Shoes
    "I see my future in your eyes but I never thought I'd know what it was to feel this way but you've taken that away there was no one else like you when I first saw your smile I never thought it'd be you"
  • I Need Your Love - CB Milton
    "CB Milton Miscellaneous I Need Your Love Sometimes I remember the day Sometimes I remember you said Pleasure's turn to pain Our love will fade away Time is blowing and time is growing Only thing"
  • I Need Your Love - Amanda Perez
    "I need your love baby. You been giving me so much lately. Oh, I love the way you make me feel. For you boy, I fell head over heels. You make me wanna say, [2x] ooohh baby baby. Oh the way you make me"
  • I Need More - Iggy Pop
    "I walk around I flop around I need something that will be found More venom, more dynamite, more disaster I need more than I ever did before But everything is going up in price My life is going all right"
  • I Need More - RuPaul
    "writers: RuPaul/ SamI McKinney/ Marlaina Kemp/ Derek Brin Tonite I feel like dancin - I'ma hang out with my girls So spare me your complaining - cause you're livin up in my world Where you get off tellin"
  • I Need You - Demis Roussos
    "Day break It's just another day I miss you More than I can say And I'm finding out the hard way Can't lean on someone else I know it's my life Gotta live it for myself And still I'm needing And needing"
  • I Need Sunshine - Jack Radics
    "I need sunshine on a cloudy day. I miss you baby, since you've been away. You left me open, cause my heart you took. And I've been waiting for so long. But all the mysteries of a storybook, On a page"
  • I Need You - Abdul Paula
    "Abdul Paula Forever Your Girl I Need You All alone, it's you and me Time to tell you now just how I feel Babe to you I bare my heart A light of love, here in the dark (Don'cha know) I might be strong"

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