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i never die always come back

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i never die always come back

  • Always Come Back To You - Master P
    "I'll always come back to you I'll always come back to you I'll always come back to you I'll always come back to you Lil whodi lost his life this ghetto shit got em Some friends knocked on his door"
  • Never Die - Tiger Army
    "When the slumber of forever's called me home I will not be gone, oh no you'll never be alone My words will come to you cross time and space You'll know where to find me and I'll be there... I'll be"
  • Some Never Come Back - Brad
    "Holding out for troubled waters Who knows where the course will tell you You've got many fortunate beliefs Like love your girl and love your mother Don't wait until a cold December Who knows when a brother's"
  • Shootout (You'll Never Come Back) - Halifax
    "Red lights are flashing on the road The sounds of calls Will be the last sound that you'll hear The one sound your remember for the Rest of your lifetime cuts you down by the size 60 seconds later we'll"
  • Always - The 69 Eyes
    "Come and get me sucker bite down One step more and i'll blow your head around I ain't got nothing for you Better believe what i'm tellin' you I've been runnin' thru the world with a gun in my back Never"
  • Always - Pate No. Feat. Colinda
    "Ok, everybody come on listen to me I got a tell you a story about boy and girl about love about desperation come one sit up the prove oh yoeah. You will search in of some piece then you said you got"
  • Always - Dave Matthews Band
    "Tables turned again And you my friend You and I face each other Oh time and time out I know it's sometimes hard But knowing just oh That we will get along Til we're old and gray And doubled up We're doubled"
  • Always And Never - Silverstein
    "This was my fate, giving in To your lips, to your eyes I should have known It would come back to haunt me Crooked smile, the reflection in your eyes That shows my weakness for Beautiful mistakes, Something"
  • Come Back - Cheka
    "Oh Baby i just want to let you know (oh) That i'm waiting (no, no, oh) that I'll be waiting rite here (nanananana) so whenever your ready (oh) whenever you change your mind just(no, no) just come back you"
  • Come Back - Twisted Sister
    "One, two, three, four Well, after all the times we met, you said I never was your man And though I tried hard to forget, I never quite could understand And when I finally realize all the things you meant"
  • Come Back - Bananarama
    "Bananarama Miscellaneous Come Back ======================== Bananarama - Come Back ======================== I havent heard from you in a week I thought that we had something special Come back my love to"
  • Come Back - No Angels
    "You've been so close to me Closer than I ever thought you would And you were there for me When no one else was there to dry my tears But I, I never took my time for you 'cause I always had so much to"
  • Come Back - Nadja Benaissa
    "You've been so close to me closer than I ever thought you would and you were there for me when no one else was there to dry my tears But I,I never took my time for you 'cause I always had so much to do Oh,come"
  • Come Back - Marilyn Manson
    "A) eden eye My mouth was a crib and it was growing lies I didn't know what love was on that day My heart's a tiny bloodclot I picked at it It never heals it never goes away I burned all the good things"
  • Never Come Back - Aceyalone
    "Didn't you tell me it was all about you To love respect you is all I gotta do Disconnect you is somethin that I never thought How can we learn, from a lesson that was never taught Man I had so many plans"
  • Never Come Back - Steve Kilbey
    "Well I came to this land where the snow and the sand Cover my footprints with ice The cool gray sea calls me "come and be free" And I almost take that advice And in the night I cling to the names Of the"
  • Always Come Back To Your Love - Samantha Mumba
    "Show me where I belong tonight. Give me a reason to stay. No matter if I go left or right. I always come back to love your love I've been up and down. Been going round and round. I've been all over"
  • Always Come Back For Your Love - Samantha Mumba
    "Yeah check it What what wha Uh y'all like a hey Yeah uh Come on uh No doubt break it I've been up and down uh Been going round and round uh I've been all over town what what But I'll never ever find somebody"
  • They Always Come Back - Voodoo Glow Skulls
    "he's jumped on the one way track and there ain't no coming back should have thought before you leapt now you're on a crusade to avoid your death the second time through you've gotta go feet first just"
  • Always never - Natalie Imbruglia
    "There's colours in between usBut still it looks the same You stand here before meWaking me up withit's wonderful painThe bus is gone before us Then you wake upAnd your walking in circlesShaking the handof"

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