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i never feel hot right now

  • Hot - No Secrets
    "Summertime, No Secrets Bring it live, dance with me now This is for all of us right here, you feel me? F-ah, f-ah Hot, ohh NYC to Cali Oh we're cuttin' trips in the valley Everywhere we go, you know we"
  • Hot right now - TomB
    "Ej, ty! Dzwonię do ziomka, potem wsiadam do metra, no i jadę do niego I nie pogadać, co się dzieje, raczej dlaczego I to jest powód, dla którego zawsze tu trzeba pić Wóda wraca wspomnienia mi Wiesz, ile"
  • Feel Right - Bardot
    "Bardot Play It Like That Feel Right Thanks to michael2001_@hotmail.com for these lyrics. What's that look on your face So miserable uncomfortable Why you looking so sad I thought you'd get into it Relax"
  • Right Now - Emma Andersson
    "Right now You don't have to try so hard To make me feel brand new When I'm lying in your arms All I need is here with you There's nothing you'll have to prove Never asked you for the stars Never tried"
  • Right Now - Jeanette
    "I feel so independant 'cause I'm out on my own all alone and this better never be ending I will fight for the right to my throne You're the only one who's disturbin' me gotta take a hike so you don't"
  • Right Now - AMB
    "Right now - Sometimes the sun hits my Hatchet charm It lights up my car, like a disco bar Right now I'm cool Layin' back in the cut like what Just feelin' so true Who knew that we'd be right where we're"
  • Right Now - Atomic Kitten
    "Making me feel that I'm wanted Is making me see that you know what I need You're breaking the rules 'cos you want it There's so much you can do that will make me see that Making me love and adore you"
  • Right now - P.O.D.
    "Hey...stay...nappy roots....yeah...hey..now if the world was my oysterbaby girl everyday could be red lobster and you would be draped in pearlsbut it's not read the front page herald we need help sometime"
  • Right Now - Devin The Dude
    "Once Upon the wings of love I dashed up on the craft wrinkled foreheads greet me, but I'm high therefore I laugh attendants rush me, to check my bags they said "hurry, cuz we 15 minutes behind we have"
  • Right Now - House Gang Animalz
    "Yeah (yeah), beast mode niggas (Shaolin! What up) Undadogz rockin' the set (Undadogz holdin' it down) SWAT style (What's good?) Jumpin' out of mothafuckin' helicopters and all that (Yeah, RC waddup) Takin'"
  • Hot, Hot, Hot - LL Cool J
    "uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah yeah yeah uh, uh, uh I was swerving thru Queens Fully growin' benz Searching for the butta thru my cartier lense system Banging out nothing but the blends on the digital startec Rappin'"
  • Hot Hot Hot - LL Cool J
    "uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah yeah yeah uh, uh, uh I was swerving thru Queens Fully growin' benz Searching for the butta thru my cartier lense system Banging out nothing but the blends on the digital startec Rappin'"
  • Hot - A.T.R.
    "Dreaming about you every day and night Feeling bad, always sad, Hopeless its gonna change Dreaming about you every day and night Cant wait I think Im late To see what will happen tonight I wanna know everything"
  • Hot - Avril Lavigne
    "Aah, ah ah You're so good to me baby, baby I wanna lock you up in my closet when no one's around I wanna push your hand in my pocket because you're allowed I wanna drive you into the corner and kiss you"
  • Hot Now - Sticky Fingaz
    "Let's get it hot now baby I keep it gully til I drop dead baby I told you I ain't got an option baby I came too far just to stop now baby But yo yo Yo we blowin 'em up, holdin 'em up Swolen 'em up,"
  • Right Here Right Now - Liberty X
    "Ooh yeah Wondering how our love just slipped away Was it something that we didn't say Could it be that you need what I never could've been For you my baby Now you're taking the time to think it through This"
  • Feel Right - Tanya Tucker
    "FEEL RIGHT Writer Larry Byrom You know I want you baby I can't help but feel this way I got my eyes on your darlin' Can't wait another day Gonna wrap my arms around you Squeeze you through the night Love"
  • Feel right - Tucker Tanya
    "You know I want you babyI cant help but feel this wayI got my eyes on your darlinCant wait another dayGonna wrap my arms around youSqueeze you through the nightLove you till the morningI wanta make youFeel"
  • Now I Feel Ya - Scarface
    "...It's a new day... ya know what I'm sayin'? A new day, brings a new problem to a brother and all I gots ta say is thank god for my mother cause without my mommy dear my life would've been joke either"
  • Hot Blooded - Foreigner
    "Well, I'm hot blooded, check it and see I got a fever of a hundred and three Come on baby, do you do more than dance? I'm hot blooded, I'm hot blooded You don't have to read my mind To know what I have"

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