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i never get forget you never never never

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i never get forget you never never never

  • Never Beg - Sometimes Never
    "Untie the ropes and unlock all the chains I won't be bound and gagged just for your sake Take your foot off my throat, take this mask off my face Don't expect me to plead for your mercy, I'd rather bleed"
  • Never Forget - Al-D
    "(*Al-D & (Z-Ro) talking*) Screw (what's the deal my nigga) Man, King Screw, dedicate this to you my nigga We love you forever boy (straight up much love) We ain't gon never forget you mayn Never forget"
  • Never - Scarface
    "I would, never violate the codes of the streets And I would never make a promise, that I know I couldn't keep And I would, never testify, cop out for a plea Or surrender information on my boys to the police And"
  • Never - Unknown Prophets
    "(feat. Slug) In this life time you don't have to proove nothing to nobody except yourself And after what you've gone through if you havn't done that by now It ain't gonna never happen Yo, hey y'all I'm"
  • Never - Atmosphere
    "In this lifetime you don't have ta prove nothin to nobody Except yourself And after what you've gone through If you haven't done that by now It ain't gonna never happen Yo, hey yo I'm never be what you'd"
  • Never - Lexie
    "You no that the only thing I can think about now is you, you made me feel like I was worth something, but now with a single sentence you break my heart. How can you do this to me your all I ever wanted"
  • Never - Natural
    "Girl...do you think I'm crazy? Do you think you'd make a total fool Of me; That I wouldn't see? No;when I got your number When I look at you it's crystal clear; There's danger near I hear your garden"
  • Never Forget - Rheostatics
    "Don Kerr I just want to thank you. Okay, well, I'd like to please you too. But if I just can't have you, I will never forget. I'd like to alert you. I hope that I'll never hurt you, too. And if I can't"
  • Never Forget - The Unseen
    "its the dead of night and she wakes up screaming but her terror doesn't end when she's done dreaming she recloses her eyes and all she sees is your face bringing her back to that time and that place when"
  • Never forget - Lauryn Hill
    "Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeyWhy, why, why, why, why, why, whyWhy, Why, hehThey've got so much things to say right nowThey've got so much things to sayThey've got so much things to say right nowThey've"
  • Never Forget - Take That
    "Been on this path of life for so long Feel I've walked a thousand miles Sometimes strolled hand in hand with love Everybody's been there With danger on my mind I would stay on the line of hope I knew"
  • Never - Avril Lavigne
    "iv never seen your face, but somehow i love you, iv never felt your skin, but i feel you warmth, yayayaya (chorous) yaya ill never get over you, yaya ill alwas think of you, ill always think of you.oooooo.. when"
  • Never Forget - Dropkick Murphys
    "In a child's eye there's something I hope someday you'll know A friend's dedication, it's something to behold A mother's smile, it makes everything all right To a woman's caring hand I'll be holding on"
  • Never - Gravity Kills
    "I like to live alone But it's crowded inside sometimes Look right into a lover's eye I thought I could fly But that has been done before I'm feeling empty Empty inside. A life I never knew A room without"
  • Never - Sunny Side Up
    "(R. Van Brussel) I was sitting in a dark room thinkin' about the moments I've been tryin' to get your pretty face out of my mind But looking down on what I've been doin' is never gonna stop the hurtin' it's"
  • Never - Ghoti Hook
    "Got a phone call on this rainy night It was a call that I'd dread for all my life My son was driving on a winding road When he lost control My mind is spinning all around in circles And I think to myself Never"
  • Never - Chamillionaire
    "(feat. Killer Mike) I done been to hell and back and never goin backIn other words I sell it soft now, never crackA judge'll give you time, you'll never see the streets againAnd even though you said you'll"
  • Never - Ultimatum
    "What's it worth, what is the cost, sell myself, integrity lost. Keeping up with the trends, changing styles, it never ends. I was this but now I am that. Never me, deny my past. Selling out to the crowds,circle"
  • Never - Wank
    "well i used to kick the shit out of you until i kicked the shit delivering punch lines that you never get get a grip on yourself before you mess with me you and me aint the same as we used to be condescend"
  • Never - Binocular
    "so just go go away 'cause I never wanna know so just run run away but the shadows take your place it's a long and lonely road if you take it take it home I knew the time was near but you had me had"

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