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i never i never i never felt so when i look at you i wanna be with you

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i never i never i never felt so when i look at you i wanna be with you

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i never i never i never felt so when i look at you i wanna be with you
  • Magic I Never
    "I never bite the hand that feed me I'm always on call incase you niggas need me Never decieve ya, put to rest your enemies You can depend on me, I'll never leave ya You can believe that in your time of"
  • Aaron Shust Like I Never Felt Before
    "(Been) training all this time I'm at the starting line A marathon I'm gonna have to run In such a way as if to win the prize And I believe Even though I can't see All the athletes from days gone by Are"
  • Linda Eder When I Look At You
    "When I look at you what i always see is the face of someone else who once belonged to me still i can hear him laugh and even though that melody plays on hes gone When i look at you he is standing there i"
  • Flip Da Scrip I Never Told You
    "We used to hang out, play ball, listen to Aaron Hall, when you needed some stuff, I took you to a big mall. And I can't forget the times when I took you out to dinner You laughed all night, and I was feeling"
  • Jessica Simpson I Never
    "I never wanted to feel like this I never thought you'd make mistakes like this It never was that you And now it's time you knew I never ever, I do not trust you I never wanted to be like this I never thought"
  • Kim Wilde Never Felt So Alive
    "Why do I seem to confuse you Do I lose you Do I really look so strange A woman alone is a danger Is a stranger She is better off in chains Oh, how can it be you're happier now Don't you feel half of you"
  • Little Big Town Never Felt Love
    "I've seen it come and I've watched it go The ins and outs and the highs and lows Well, I gave my heart and I paid the cost For the loves I made, there were friends I lost At the point I'd almost had enough Like"
  • Barnabas Never Felt Better
    "Barnabas Miscellaneous Never Felt Better Some people call us wolves in sheep's clothing They don't like the kind of music we play "Dropped out of school, a pack of lazy young fools They haven't even combed"
  • Trina Way I Felt
    "Sumtimes you never know how hard it is to say some shit until you the one saying it. I wish I had da strength to say this to you face to face, but I don't, but I know you'll be listening. Now wats da"
  • Chesnutt Mark Fallin' Never Felt So Good
    "Chesnutt Mark Miscellaneous Fallin' Never Felt So Good There's a photo in my baby book Of the first step that I ever took I ended up on my butt with a puzzled look Ever since I've been kinda confused When"
  • Sometimes Never Never Beg
    "Untie the ropes and unlock all the chains I won't be bound and gagged just for your sake Take your foot off my throat, take this mask off my face Don't expect me to plead for your mercy, I'd rather bleed"
  • Trish Thuy Trang I Never Thought
    "Just an ordinary day Started out the same old way But when I looked into your eyes Right then I knew I found the one When I saw you smile at me I felt the quivering through my knees All along I knew someday I'd"
  • Sole Never Thought I
    "(Intro) Yeah, heh You know it's funny The more things change, the more they stay the same I'm sittin', watchin' these things around me People doubting me, people questioning me But everything's falling"
  • Amanda Perez Never
    "(yea, OoOo OoOo OoOo) You walked into my life, when I was down and out Took away my pain and gave me your smile And at the time, still lovin someone else Not knowin'why kus they were the reason why i"
  • Natural Never
    "Girl...do you think I'm crazy? Do you think you'd make a total fool Of me; That I wouldn't see? No;when I got your number When I look at you it's crystal clear; There's danger near I hear your garden"
  • Brian McKnight Never Felt This Way
    "There will never come a day, you'll ever hear me say that I want, and need to be without you. I wanna give my all. Baby just hold me, simply control me. Cause your arms, they keep away the lonelies. When"
  • Alicia Keys Never Felt This Way
    "Ohh, Ohh There will never come a day, You will never hear me say, That I want, Or need to be without you, I wanna give my all...(piano) Baby just hold me, Simply control me Because your arms, They"
  • Barrett Syd I Never Lied To You
    "Barrett Syd Misc I Never Lied To You Waving my arms in the air love, my love, got no care no care, no, no, pressing my feet to the ground stand up right where you stand call to you and what do you do laying"
  • Lonely Boys I Wanna Be With You
    "I wanna be with you all day I wanna be with you all night I wanna be with you all day I wanna be with you all night I've never felt so good about it I think of funny things to do. Girl, I love the way"
  • Aceyalone I Never Knew
    "Pump it up a little bit Alright look See I never really new life could be so hard I never really new pain til I got scared I never knew people could be so cold I never knew wrong til I was ten years"

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