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i over don't

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i over don't

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i over don't
  • Scotty Don't Over
    "There's no more time for me to walk the line No time to think that life is so divine Sometimes I'm torn and worn out past my blues But I'll keep on pushin' just payin' out my dues If there's no sky How"
  • Pati Yang Over
    "I am going over for you Over limits Crushing eggshells This is the day when the saints step down Just to save me from myself another day's sinking deep inside I can't carry on this far The evening's taking"
  • Natasha Thomas Over
    "Does over mean it's over Until we run into each other again On and off, hot and cold, back and forth According to the mood we're in (We're back in bed again) Oh oh,oh oh We never seem to get to"
  • Nosferato Over
    "We've talked about these times before But it seems like you don't think Don't think about it anymore And I thought we made a promise Now you're standing down with my best friend at the door Just when"
  • Vertical Horizon Over
    "I am here wide awake again This fear is something I call a friend Hello again It's been a while since I saw you here I don't remember you say goodbye no Chorus: It don't matter it's over Here"
  • Lindsay Lohan Over
    "I watched the walls around me crumble But its not like I won't build them up again So here's your last chance for redemption So take it while it lasts because it will end And my tears are turning into"
  • Sugarbomb Over
    "Don't know if it's good or bad All these times we've had Have been so far from perfect But I don't mind And with a single stare That whispers you don't care A little recession follows And you don't mind Now"
  • Informatik Over
    "Don't tell me that it's over I can see the hurt in your eyes I want to say how much I'm sorry But you won't let me apologize Since you've been gone Its been one long sleepless night So please come home So"
  • Will.I.Am Over
    "Feeling down, down, it's all ohh-ohh-ver Heading down down down [2X] I just can't get over Simple little fact the the love is over I thought me and you was gon' get older And then go half on a baby and"
  • Ashanti Over
    "Can't believe that it's over baby But every bruise on my heart you gave me See we tried but we fight then we cried now it's over babe it's over babe. When I met you I knew you would be the one, for me"
  • Aqualung Over
    "don't say its not over when you know it isn't true you know its a useless thing to do this must be love theres no overseen calamity no accindental tradgedy get off me get off me oh, your breaking my"
  • High And Mighty Color Over
    "I will kick door I will crash wall Stop!? Go!? Cut a way, yourself iku saki mo wakaranai mama tomarazu ni hashiritsudzuketeru Kick door and crash wall genjou Tension saikouchou nenshou Headway JYANPU shite"
  • Maximilian Hecker Over
    "My life is flowing anyway My dreams are flowing anyway And all the things that I have said And all the fears inside my head My girl, don't leave I've got the sun in me And you will love me anyway And"
  • Fleetwood Mac Over & over
    "Could you ever need me And would you know how Don't waste our time Tell me now All you have to do Is speak out my name, And I would come running, anyway And I said Could it be me, could it really really"
  • Wilson Phillips Over & Over
    "Lonely one, lonely one, lonely one, lonely one...oh baby. Hey, we're falling like the rain From the sky (don't know why) I thought that things would change. But, in the real world, you make it so hard I've"
  • Lennon Over & Over
    "Verse: How can I speak to you if you can't even speak for yourself You know you're living by another's rule when you're looking upon the shelf When they say jump we have to question how high, how fast,"
  • Lennon Over & Over
    "Verse: How can I speak to you if you can't even speak for yourself You know you're living by another's rule when you're looking upon the shelf When they say jump we have to question how high, how fast,"
  • Neil Diamond Don't Make Me Over
    "Don't make me over Now that I can't Make it without you Don't make me over I wouldn't change One thing about you Don't pick on the things I say, The things I do Just love me with all my faults, The way"
  • Bacharach Burt Don't Make Me Over
    "Bacharach Burt Miscellaneous Don't Make Me Over Don't make me over Now that I'd do anything for you Don't make me over Now that you know how I adore you Don't pick on the things I say, the things I do Just"
  • Paul Carrack Don't Walk Over Me
    "You can't see the flip side of the coin You can't feel the part where two hearts join There was a time I could make your day When love was strong, has it gone Fading far away? Don't walk"

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