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i pay for you

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i pay for you

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i pay for you
  • Mindless Self Indulgence Pay For It
    "I know I'll feel this way forever I know no one will beg to differ Goodbye, so long, it's been a pleasure They love me when I say that I don't want you to hate me (oh no), I want you to want to hate me I"
  • Whale Pay For Me
    "please give up skin, when you forgive and believe me always waiting to shock (shock) so for gods sake, live in me sugar daddy (ooh daddy daddy daddy) a walking, talking, im low do what you want honey"
  • Lenny Kravitz Pay for play
    "She said I want the moneyI know you want it honeyYour skies will not be sunnyIf you don't bring it home to meDon't want to hear your crying'Cause baby I'm not tryingTo wait for your dreams to fly inThen"
  • Lloyd Cole Pay For It
    "strange to see you babe, ain't nothing down here free did you lose your ticket, hope you weren't looking for me now i'm still wearing the scars i got from being your fool you messed me up pretty good babe"
  • Cole Lloyd Pay For It
    "strange to see you babe, ain't nothing down here free did you lose your ticket, hope you weren't looking for me now i'm still wearing the scars i got from being your fool you messed me up pretty good babe"
  • The National Pay For Me
    "I thought I'd come to you And your long lazy scene Instate direction, finger on a magazine. I'd call you when I need you I can't get used to your new name. Send a body double over with your keys She'll"
  • Walter Egan You Pay For Love
    "By Walter Egan We take we give to share the life we live Once two now one for all and all for one But even love most true Can take it's toll on you One day the payment's due But when a heart's at stake"
  • Cross Canadian Ragweed Pay
    "My dad, he had a friend, lowdown till the end Everything he did, it came out wrong No matter how hard he tried He never cheated, he never lied Had a shotgun in his hand when he died Chorus Everybody's"
  • Angelic Upstarts I Won't Pay For Liberty
    "So you, you cant live in peace so why, why should we. War mongering everyday, it costs us to be free. Living under clouds of hate that control our destiny. I wont follow your rules of hate cause Im fighting"
  • Dave Matthews Band Pay for what you get
    "Work ourselves, fingers to the bone suck the morrow, drain my sould pay your dues, and your debts pay your repects, everybody tells you you pay for what you get you pay for what you get everybody asks"
  • k.d. lang Pay Dirt
    "(K.D. Lang) Folks been diggin' into the ground Won't be stoppin' until it's found They might dig all the way to China That would be just fine You understand what I'm sayin' They don't wanna work They're"
  • Jane's Addiction Price I Pay
    "I always do the wrong thinking, but for very good reason always do it wrong, but it feels right so forgive me now and forgive me later I'll pay you back I always do the wrong thing, but I got a good reason I"
  • Robert Cray Price I Pay
    "(Robert Cray and Dennis Walker) Out on the road Late at night The highway is so inviting Since you said that we were through I remember what you told me I'm trying to drive away these blues I can do"
  • Esoteric Street Pay
    "(Main Flow) It's gon' be on I'ma splash y'all with this It's Main Flow, 7L & Esoteric Whattup Poppa Diesel Yo Watch my style bling, stay low it's a wild thing Be on your back like Shaq or Yao Ming A foul"
  • Hurt Mississippi John Pay Day
    "Yeah, I did all I can do, and I can't get along with you I'm gonna take you to your mama, pay day Pay day, pay day Well, the rabbit in a log, I ain't got no rabbit dog And I hate to see that rabbit get"
  • Styles Of Beyond Pay me
    "(feat. 4-Zone)I remember foreverWhat I would to get betterWhen I was cruisin' WinnetkaThat's when the crew was togetherWe use the music to sympathizewith the people in disguiseNever mind, never stop, never"
  • Jeannie Ortega Pay It
    "Ain't no stoppin' me now. I'm ready to go. It's just a new ? they want baby. On the block it stays hott. No where to go. Out of control. So I made it. Yeah sometimes it's hard, But I'll deal with it. Put"
  • Dilated Peoples Pay attention
    "(Babu Mix) "Let...let...let...let me tell you somethin" "I'm 'bout to set it off, society watch me while I do it" (Iriscience) Yo, yo, I buck shots, lick shots, take shots, give shots Headliners know,"
  • Suga Free Pay Me
    "(Suga Free) Man, she lookin' for somebody that'll pay her rent And grab her hair and hit her from the back and call her a bitch Ol' nice ass nigga gets no respect But I'll slap her in a minute and break"
  • Israel Vibration Pay day
    "One day got to be payday Payday, go to haffe come my way Sitting over there Under your false pretense Living so nice Off the poor man's expense Hungry man got to roam the street I tell you, white squall"

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