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i remeber play a piano

  • Remeber - Bad Acid Trip
    "I have seen the result of our school system I have seem what it does I asked some kids about the holocaust And they didn't even know what it was Didn't that happen in some Time Life books I didn't see"
  • I remeber - All Saints
    "I'd like to sayit's good to see you An old face from the past Reminding me of moments The time flew ??? The times we spoke together The times we fell apart Memories to be proud of A Treasure here in my"
  • Piano - Ariana Grande
    "(Ooooh, ooooh, here we go!) I could write a song by my new piano, I could sing about how love is a losin' battle. Not hard, it's not hard, It's not hard, it's not hard, It's not hard, it's not hard, It's"
  • Piano piano - Highland
    "Piano piano noto ch Non stavo bene insieme a te Passa il tempo e vedo ... Si lo so ... Non ti volgio pi ... Non esisti tu I feel abused, I feel accused I feel attacked I feel smacked by no respect Letting"
  • Remeber Melinda - TQ
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah This is a story, a modern day ghetto tragedy About the other side of the gang This shit backfired, you feel me? This time its just the way it happened so listen closely, you might learn"
  • I Play Piano - Trophy Scars
    "The tip of your tongue It's sad but it's stuck And bent on your lungs On what they have sung The devil had thrown All of his darts Till death fell apart And attached to my heart I'm held up in bars In"
  • Piano - Glassjaw
    "Three times alone this week I was supposed to be a rock star.I only beat you when I'm drunk, you're only pretty when you're crying.We are supposed to be the ones to set the air afire.Three times alone"
  • Piano - Marcin Rozynek
    "Z nadzieją co dzień budzę się licząc wciąż, że w nieba czerń już wpadła noc. Pory roku zmieniają się, lecz ja już wiem że to przeszłość żyć dziś we mnie chce. Jak dzisiaj wyjść z tej ciężkiej i zbyt gęstej"
  • Piano - The Starting Line
    "Her life was more then mine like a proud shooting star into the night she crashed through the air waves and ripped like a knife it was a bad disease her searching was over CHORUS: hold on to the light"
  • I Love A Piano - Tony Bennett
    "I love a piano, I love a piano I love to hear somebody play Upon a piano, a grand piano It simply carries me away I know a fine way to treat a Steinway I love to run my fingers o'er the keys, the ivories And"
  • I Love A Piano - Judy Garland
    "I love a piano, I love a piano. I love to hear somebody play upon a piano, a grand piano. It simply carries me away. I know a fine way to treat a Steinway. I love to run my fingers o'er the keys, the"
  • Piano Bird - The Doors
    "The bird sings outside my piano Lark of sweet love singing low The more I play, the more he sings He lives right up there in the green tree Singing to me melodies And in return, I play for him I played"
  • Piano man - Brandy
    "Play a song for us (Mr. Piano Man)Play a song for love (Mr. Piano Man)Play a song for us (Mr. Piano Man)Play a song for loveDo you have a request book handy I could flip through?I do, he said My name is"
  • Piano Fighter - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) Mom and Papa bought a Chickering Every day I'd sit and play that thing I practiced hard; it was more than a whim I played with grim determination, Jim Someone called Piano Fighter I'm"
  • Player Piano - Seven Mary Three
    "Play me like a player piano roll me from the corners of your dark and dusty shadows Like a player piano, I sit useless most of the time The bar gets darker it swallows up the scarlet The barkeep's looking"
  • Unplayed Piano - Damien Rice
    "Unplayed Piano Come and see me, See me to sleep, Come and free me, Or hold me if I need to weep, Maybe it's not the season Or maybe it's not the year Maybe there's no other reason Why i'm locked up inside Just"
  • Piano Man - Elton John
    "Lyrics for: Piano Man It's nine o'clock on a saturday the regular crowd shuffles in There's an old man sitting next to me making love to his tonic and gin He says, son can you play me a memory I'm not"
  • Piano Player - Caravan
    "From a distant room came a lonely tune, hangs heavy in the air Sounds of scene where often been of depression and despair People laughing and joking, drinking and smoking, they are not aware Of the guy"
  • The Piano - Closterkeller
    "I turn the knob, knowing that no one's there A piano is playing somewhere far away And the notes, like the bubbles in champagne, Disappear, whirling, relieving my pain You are on one side, I am on the"
  • Grandpa's Piano - Adam Brand
    "Grandpa had a piano it was built in 1904 He brought it down from Sydney town before the First World War He'd sit down and crack his knuckles put his glasses on his head When he'd start to play the cat"

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