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i remember that time we were sippion on wine

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i remember that time we were sippion on wine

  • Wine - Saul Williams
    "The new wine is dying on the vine how much must you age before you're ageless? align yourself with the divine allow your inner sage to burn your rage less 'cause I find you're testaments of time there"
  • Remember - Richie Kotzen
    "I can read your mind Don't you know its easy for me after all This time And I know when you lie If were talking on the phone or one on One The truth you never hide I don't need you to teel me theres Something"
  • Remember - SUNSET SONS
    "I win, you lose It's only for us two I win, you lose I remember days when we were all alone If you would ever leave me I would call your phone We would talk for days and never leave my home I think about"
  • Remember - Scribe
    "P-MONEY FEAT SCRIBE Try to remember when life was slow, Try to remember when you were young, and Try to remember when life was slow, Try to remember when you were young. You used to be my man, we"
  • Remember - Adema
    "I'll make you a promise today that this family I'll never betray. Life sometimes fades away Night is upon us and I hope that this one never ends The face of a woman whom i loved before I was a man I'm"
  • Remember That - Rakim
    "Yeah... check it out... show me love Promise you won't do me wrong (for sure) If I turn you on (yeah) Promise you'll stay all night long (on on) Makin love til dawn Yo it's time to bring the day"
  • If Heartaches Were Wine - Stonewall Jackson
    "If hurt was a tavern then I'd have a home Somewhere to miss you since you've been gone If pain was a bottle and tears were neon signs If heartaches were wine I'd stay drunk all the time If blue was an"
  • Remember We Were Lovers - Bobby Gillespie, Jehnny Beth
    "Remember we were lovers? It seems so lobg ago Now love is just a memory Old photographs will show You never want to hold me Or kiss anymore We may sleep together But really we’re alone Do you stand like"
  • I Remember - 28 Days
    "One time i remember i remember when you used to think that you were much better now you smoke and now you drink You lost it your legal taking pills and you contrdict those sweeping comments you comments"
  • I Remember - Lil Rob
    "I want u to sit back Close your eyes And think of all those wonderful times That we used to have, yeah Now I know things aren't the way They used to be right now But they are gonna get better, some day And"
  • I Remember - Lil' Rob
    "I want you to sit back, close your eyes And think about all those wonderful times that we used to have here Now I know things aren't the way they use to be right now But they are going to get better some"
  • When We Were Innocent - Eli Young Band
    "It's good there was a full moon out that night I can still recall your body in the pale white light When love's not love it sure felt right Who would have known you were the crazy type. We were teaching"
  • I Remember When - New Kids On The Block
    "Days are gone but my love lives on in this space and time. I remember playing the games, funny nicknames, and all the sunny days, that shine so brightly. I keep remembering when we started together"
  • Remember - Youngstown
    "She sits in the dark, no more words to say, Waiting for me to wipe her tears away But I'm too stubborn to see That the problem was me Can't admit that I was wrong Now it seems to me that she's no longer"
  • Remember - No Motiv
    "You will always be a part of me no matter what the case may be if you just give me some time to try you will always have me by your side I'm always here to make you feel alright... Do you remember I remember"
  • Remember - Presence
    "I'm sendin' this one out to my man Sean Barnes Wanted to tell you what's been going on since you've been gone Every week the crew has dinner with your moms And me you know i'm chillin' i'm still writin'"
  • Remember - KRS-One
    "(I remember..) Big Daddy Kane (You've forgotten..) Salt-N-Pepa (To remember..) Outrageous clothes (I wonder why..) Uhh, oh (I remember..) Heavy D (You've forgotten..) Kool Moe Dee (To remember..) Dope"
  • Remember - NoMeansNo
    "I recall at the end of it all You were on your knees and I was standing tall But is my memory deceiving me? Was I hanging there while you prayed for me? Remember how when the show was done, We were"
  • Remember - Summer Love
    "In a while maybe you remember, when we met on the beach when you showed met the way From that day, we'd always be together in our hearts in our minds nothing could throw it away ehh.nanananananana"
  • Remember - Watermark
    "Nathan Nockels/Christy Nockels Must have been You out in the back yard The mystery was found in the heart of a child I didn't know 'till now, that even then I knew You And there were songs back then, There"

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