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i see blood

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i see blood

  • Blood For Blood - Blood For Blood
    ""All Fucked Up" Well as of late I think I've tripped and gone astray Maybe I'm no good Somewhere along the line I've lost my way in life Maybe I'm no good Waiting for a better way, waiting for the better"
  • Blood - Red Sea
    "There's a revolution dawning And love is on our side If we answer to the calling The light will guide our way in the night Through so many changes we stand for what is real In spite if the persecution We"
  • Blood - Abandoned Pools
    "i see the happy family tree it sways so easily we're smiling all the time this world just isn't mine we watch it burn and we never learn this can't be what your waiting for staring into the sun we eat"
  • Blood - Sons And Daughters
    "With the same eyes as me The same fearing frame We can try and disguise Compromise rights And I know what you're thinking We wear the same dress The same colours right Is this what suits our weakened pride? How"
  • Blood - Tindersticks
    "Was there once something so pure That left me whole and precious? But now, broken, wondering Why this new ingredient? Everything I crave I become Everything I left forgotten Everything I love I become Cos"
  • First Blood - First Blood
    "They drew first blood NOT FUCKING ME The institutions that try to decide how I should live my life With their traditions they expect me to fall in line, but their will, their way is not for me Anyone"
  • I See - Suspyre
    "Music: Rossetti, Lyrics: Barton These are revelations to welcome grace Your witness birth to the colder days A message to the fallen seven You will forever be in sight We struggle beforethe hands"
  • I See - Tenth Hour Calling
    "Some people went and called me crazy Say that I'm wasting all my time But you know I'm not changing a thing He makes life fine They go and curse me all day long Trying to bend and break and bruise Go"
  • Blood For Blood - Killarmy
    "chorus: Blood for Blood without rewards a bullet hears my true love sign in life's young dreams to all Blood for blood Blood for Blood without rewards (Dom PaChino) Deep in the hot sands of Savannah,"
  • Blood For Blood - Wolfchant
    "Oh my god i cant believe whats happen now with me Oh my god what should i do my son is dead the only one I feel so much pain in me my heart is cold like ice Uziels look is full of fear everywhere"
  • Blood For Blood - Blood
    "Devoted to a false god, see the marked people Give them your life - they take their profit of you Your soul for sale Believe in the bible - book of lies BLOOD FOR BLOOD Pray to your father - he won't help"
  • Rebirth In Blood - Blood Red Throne
    "Weeping, those who strive. Mortal, you will die. We march, no more. Waiting for the dead to show. I will see them burn in their own flames. I will hunt them down with their own sword. I will spill their"
  • I Want Blood - Empires
    "I want blood, I want blood from you If it ain't your love, I want blood from you Desperate and a little delusional You put my heart to grindstone I'm waiting anxiously outside your home Oh dear, the biggest"
  • I See Fire - Marta Gałuszewska
    "Oh, misty eye of the mountain below Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke Keep watching over Durin's son If this is to end in fire Then we should all"
  • I See Houses - The Verve
    "I see houses Rows and rows of red bricks I see black cars Some blood-stained exit I get this feeling that I I've been here before How many lives will I waste How many tears must I taste Before my freedom Ah-ah-ah Before"
  • When I See - Bizzy Bone
    "Ha ha ha ha, and it's on Once again it's on, Bizzy the Kid The Midwest Cowboy, in the place to be Holla at your boy When I see-ee, I see-ee, who I be (who I be) Ain't no adultery-dultery-dultery And it"
  • Blood Will Follow Blood - Faerghail
    "No good will ever grow in me For hate and anger is all i feel Trapped in your lies for so many times, now feel my hatred and my burning eyes I want to see your every single tear As i color your life pale"
  • Blood In Blood Out - Royal Hunt
    "I thought that the madness was over as echo of a last bloody war was fading away, but discovered a new breed of fools on the way to steal their fair share of headlines... in "Whatever Times" over and over For"
  • Blood In Blood Out - Eminem
    "Blood in Blood Out Dis for all dem niggaz out dere jackin This how we gon' put it down Dem gangsta niggaz from J.C. center court 12th 3rd Avenue, my block Nigga, murder murder mayne I come nake faceded,"
  • Blood Ejaculation - Myrkskog
    "As I stab the Blade through your chest Consuming your fear and weakness I fulfil my superior existence As your filthy blood becomes mine Deadly! Deadly penetration!!! Blood! Blood ejaculation!!! How"

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