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i see far far over the mountains


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i see far far over the mountains

  • Far Far - Yael Na?m
    "Far far, there's this little girl she was praying for something to happen to her everyday she writes words and more words just to speak out the thoughts that keep floating inside and she's strong when"
  • Far Too Far - Trespassers William
    "( Unreleased ) Love don't leave a single piece of you When you go Far too far and far too cold of you If you know that i will sit here I will finger your coat And so if you don't know If you can't"
  • Far From Over - Rev Theory
    "Wait There was a brighter day Where I could view the world Without the sorrows that I've known (What if I could feel) Now it's a different place Memories fade away Without a trace But there's a shadow A"
  • Mountains - Institute
    "Gonna ride out on a speedboat Gonna ride out on the radio Gonna fix mine where possible Gonna find myself a phone We're so flammable We go, we go, we glow Mountains Reach so close to the sun One love Takes"
  • Far Behind - Hippos, The
    "All I need is a walking cane, to guide me on my way. A hat to push away the rain, that would be okay. Starting over to begin, I'm standing here to strong. I never thought I'd ever see it all... I stand"
  • Far More - R. Kelly
    "Far More Ooh Ahh-ahh-ahh-ahh La-la-la La-la-la Mansions, hills and acres Women, drinks and caterers I will toast until the break of dawn Swimming pools and strippers Conversation six figures Never crossed"
  • Too Far - Anna F.
    "You and I under different stars you dream a lot and I keep chasing the past to remind you of who we are, you've been gone for a while in a distance another time when you lay with me in the stillness of"
  • Far Away - Graveworm
    "The mountains below The flames of your soul are burning still The sky turned black Stormes of rain infesting life Moonlight vanishes Darkness shadows rule the world Coldest breeze Frozen winds blown through"
  • Far Away - Cut Copy
    "One thing that I just can't conceive Is how to let you go. And if you will stay here with me Then we will always know. We will find out As we change about. Is this the last part? Here is when we shout: One"
  • Too Far - Kylie Minogue
    "Caught up in this house Trapped my very own self in the snare of my mind No more space than a slither What I'd give for deep breath inside Where the chaos has me captive Where there's no exit sign Where"
  • Far Cry - Rush
    "Pariah dogs and wandering madmen Barking at strangers and speaking in tongues The ebb and flow of tidal fortune Electrical changes are charging up the young It's a far cry from the world we thought we'd"
  • Far Away - BrainStorm
    "To miss someone can be the worst experience you ever made. Hold on to your dreams, you will remember the good times, they're waiting for you. It's been a long time coming I'm tired of failing you, face"
  • Far Behind - Hippos
    "All I need is a walking cane, to guide me on my way. A hat to push away the rain, that would be okay. Starting over to begin, I'm standing here to strong. I never thought I'd ever see it all... I stand"
  • Far, far away - King's X
    "Inside it's lonely I drive my car Pass by the signs that speak our past Always remind me I can't block it out The story we all knew would last She was lost yesterday Far far away Familiar faces annually"
  • Far, Far Away - Five Iron Frenzy
    "Staring at the shoreline wishing for some hope the weight of empty fishing nets is more than twisted rope And underneath stern faces they wait with baited breath with broken hearts from hoping while casting"
  • Far, Far Away - Wilco
    "Far, far away In those city lights The night He's shining on you tonight Far, far away from you On the dark side Of the moon Well I long to hold you In my arms and sway Kiss and ride on the CTA I need"
  • Far - Longpigs
    "I never had a moment anybody waits in line But I'd kill for this feeling, then again Seen you drenched in rubber pushing at your clothes so frightening You made for the day you're getting out Far, and"
  • Far - Dover
    "FAR Far is not the word because I'm never far enough I've been planning this for thirty years no one's gonna stop me now all I need to know is what it is I got the balls so believe in me I've got something"
  • Far - Diesel
  • Far - Udora
    "Cut my heartDrowned my fearsTorn that pageI just know I'm goneBlind to the touch of your eyesI meant to save the reasonWhen I had to say goodbye'Cause I followed the leading role of the deceivedI hoped"

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