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i see is you and all i see is you 2016

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i see is you and all i see is you 2016

  • All I See Is You - Dusty Springfield
    "(Clive Westlake / Ben Wiesman) I tried so hard All summer through Not to think too much of you But the more I try The more I find I just can't leave the past behind Times that are happy Are times"
  • All I See Is You - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "How's it got so far? I've gone way too far It's become so hard How'd it get so far? And why does it hurt? I don't want the hurt I can't stop this hurt Can I stop this hurt? I have let you down I have"
  • See - The Rascals
    "Things ain't like they used to be Love's the only thing I see Wings of life are taking flight From the darkness to the light I used to try and fly away Upon the flood of dreams Tasting all the good and"
  • I See You - Rich Mullins
    ""Lord You're leading me (Lord You're leading me) With a cloud by day (With a cloud by day) And then in the night (And then in the night) The glow of a burning flame (The glow of a burning flame) And"
  • I See You - Ashley Cleveland
    "Lord, You're leading me With a cloud by day And then in the night The glow of a burning flame Everywhere I go I see You Everywhere I go I see You And You take my hand And You wash it clean I know the promised"
  • I See You - Michael W. Smith
    "Lord, You're leading me With a cloud by day And then in the night The glow of a burning flame And everywhere I go I see you Everywhere I go I see you And You take my hand And You wash it clean I know"
  • All I See - Kylie Minogue
    "Oh oh oh Oh oh oh Weekend has arrived Everybody's tryin to find Something to get into My friends wanna go out But I can't cancel my plans Got a date with my baby He's taking me out So I'm gonna catch"
  • All I See - The Magic Numbers
    "All I see are heartaches and all I see are tears all I see's a darkness up against this wall cannot turn you into something All I sees's a pain and all I see is fear all I see are tears, babe couldn't"
  • All i see - A
    "Boy all I see is you and meAnd all I do is think of youYo I remember when we met the whole scene was setBackstage rockin' black shadesTold you not to be afraidWe touched, then your smile turned to a blushI"
  • All I See - Natalie Grant
    "Breathe on me In my brokenness Cover me With Your holiness Whisper words of hope And let me know In all I'm going through You will carry me and not let go ANd You'll hide my heart in You All I see Is"
  • I See - Suspyre
    "Music: Rossetti, Lyrics: Barton These are revelations to welcome grace Your witness birth to the colder days A message to the fallen seven You will forever be in sight We struggle beforethe hands"
  • I See - Tenth Hour Calling
    "Some people went and called me crazy Say that I'm wasting all my time But you know I'm not changing a thing He makes life fine They go and curse me all day long Trying to bend and break and bruise Go"
  • I see - Ras Kass
    "Ah Pharoahe Monch yeah I said; yes yes y'all to the beat y'all We tryin' to teach the young and get the loot And steer it like havin' a ball Hey hey hey We try to walk a little bit like this I say I hate"
  • All You See - En Vogue
    "Ooh Ooh Aaah Aaah Aaah Haa Ooh Ooh Aaah Aaah Hey Hey Verse 1 Terry You best believe everyday I get the same ole thang All kind of bruthas coming up to me With silly lies that could make you sick oh they"
  • See You - Big Country
    "Lori says to Billy we've been working for a long time On this story trying to find a happy ending We looked so long and hard for it Maybe there just isn't one See you She says I make excuses all the time They"
  • See you - Depeche Mode
    "All I want to do is see you again Is that too much to ask for? I just want to see your sweet smile Smiled the way it was before Well I'll try not to hold you And I'll try not to kiss you And I won't"
  • See - Reactor
    "Eyes say more than thousand words Expose the soul that flows in me My inner warmth, my inner bleed My deep anxiety This sight is where you can read My illogical personal achemy Falling in my stream I can't"
  • Can I See You - Hootie And The Blowfish
    "I thought the ghost was starting to fade It hadn't haunted me in days Just when the sun was coming through Coincidence out of the blue I see you With a smile You knock me knees You don't mean to"
  • All I See Is Your Face - Dan Hill
    "Everytime the phone rings I pray it might be you That you thought out all the answers Wanna get back togeter again Oh but a strangers voice rings thru my ears And though I listen you are all I hear And"
  • I See You - Red Flag
    "I've seen faces on a runaway ghost train Bound for nowhere, going nowhere Having no shame I've seen the light at the end of the tunnel Oncoming train, captain insane At the end of the tunnel I see you,"

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