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i see you crooser to me

  • I See, You See - Ahead To The Sea
    "I see, you see would be important to free This land of the hand of lethargie with your band Change the situation, the leaders of all nations Unite the world in common with music as foundation Useless politicians,"
  • I See You, You See Me - The Magic Numbers
    "I never wanted to love you, but that's ok I always knew that you'd leave me anyway But darling when I see you, I see me I asked the boys if they'd let me go out and play They always said that you'd hurt"
  • See To Me - Buffalo Tom
    "It's a cold northern rain Two degrees above freezing day I'm standing outside the chinese With a glow lamp to light my way See to me now There's no manual to show you how But there's reams of scrapbooks"
  • See - Reactor
    "Eyes say more than thousand words Expose the soul that flows in me My inner warmth, my inner bleed My deep anxiety This sight is where you can read My illogical personal achemy Falling in my stream I can't"
  • I See Me - Travis Tritt
    "How he got that GI Joe in the church this morning I don't know but he ain't listening to the preacher Like his mama taught him to She's wanting me to cross the aisle Go, sit over there with him awhile Make"
  • See - The Rascals
    "Things ain't like they used to be Love's the only thing I see Wings of life are taking flight From the darkness to the light I used to try and fly away Upon the flood of dreams Tasting all the good and"
  • To Let You See Me - Melissa Ferrick
    "Yeah that's me, Yeah behind you Hoping that you won't see That I'm not all They make me out to be But oh to let you see me 'cause I am not that pretty But you will find out and then You will leave me So"
  • See You Again - I Am I
    "They say never in a thousand years Do we shed the tears Do we know the price of war Forever and a single day Will it end this way I never ask you for more Didn’t have the words to say Like a child at"
  • To See You - Tinman Jones
    "Mister can you tell me What it is your'e seeing Beneath my skin As I'm living breathing I want to be What I'm meant to be I want to see What You see in me I don't want to see me I want to see you I"
  • To see you - Dean Martin
    "To see you is to love you And I see you everywhere In the sunrise in the moon glow Any place I look you're there To see you is to want you And I see you all the time On a sidewalk, in a doorway On a lonely"
  • Me I See In You - Naked Eyes
    "Don't turn your nose up at the girls in the streets 'Cus one of these days you'll see You might be laughing at somebody you meet But, it could be you or me I can't believe it It's all there for you to"
  • I know you see me - Lil Kim
    "What you see, is what you get Ay - I know you see me on the screen now - riiightI know you see me do my thing now - trueTryin hard not to stare, actin like I wasn't there to youCan you see me now? Am I"
  • I See You - Jutty Ranx
    "You were never young, my love I can tell, not by the way that you smell But by the way you move your tongue, my love Somebody shake me What can I do? Am I in love with The Night? Am I in love with you? Will"
  • I See You - Leona Lewis
    "I see you I see you Walking through a dream I see you My light in darkness breathing hope of new life Now I live through you and you through me Enchanting I pray in my heart that this dream never ends I"
  • I see you - Adrian Belew
    "Only a week ago today I sat on a plane and flew away I see you everywhere I go I dropped my bag in the hotel hall I thought I heard your voice through the wall I see you everywhere I go The autobahn I"
  • I See You - Go Fish
    "Chorus: Now I see You, I see you everytime I open my eyes I see You, I dont need to look too far I see You, I see you in the way that Youve changed my life Ever since You turned around my heart, I see"
  • I See You - Pretty Things
    "As evening shadows chase the sun The night is here my day is done. Through dark forests of my mind A light is shone - it's you I find. I see you. On a dark and windswept street The faces I see of the"
  • I See You - Peter Andre
    "You've got the curves the sway I can't look away Girl you've got my pure devotion With every move you make So hard I could break Girl you're poetry in motion Oh baby you know you're driving me crazy But"
  • See Me - Nazareth
    "See me in the light of your affectionSee me I'm starring in your showHear me in righteous conversationGuarantee I'll save your soul.Heed me and listen to my storyYes, siree, I'm reapin' what I sewDon't"
  • See Me - Number Nine
    "I saw my girlfriend walkin' hand in hand With my best friend, I couldn't understand Whoa... I will always love you, that's what she said to me Livin' in this dreamworld, wasn't good for me Whoa ... See"

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