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i stop belive in church

  • Belive - Dima Bilan
    "Even when the thunder and storm begins I'll be standing strong like a tree in the wind Nothing is gonna move this mountain or change my direction I'm falling off the sky and I'm all alone The courage that's"
  • I Belive - Bro'Sis
    "Alle: Do you know what it feels like? Do you know when the time's right to go the very own way? No matter what they say Faiz: I was never the one to do the things all the people do I'm the one to decide"
  • Belive In Love - Scorpions
    "How does it fell babe To taste sweet revenge Do you want me on my knees How does it feel babe to let me feel your strength Don't be cruel, can't you see If you don't catch me now I can't stop falling down Just"
  • Church - Church
    "Under the Milky WaySometimes when this place gets kind of emptySound of the breath fades with the lightI think about the loveless fascinationUnder the milky way tonightLower the curtain down in MemphisLower"
  • Church - Bob Welch
    "Well come down from your church And talk to a man Who knows that he loves you And wants to understand He knows why you cry When you were young You got down on your knees You prayed for someone Someone"
  • Church - T-Pain
    "(feat. Teddy Verseti) Ladies and Gentlemen You already know what it is Ok, Yea, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit Im tryin to run in this mutherfcka Im tryin to anyways Got two hard lookin mutherfckers Ca mon I"
  • Church - Lyle Lovett
    "(Lyle Lovett) I went to church last Sunday So I could sing and pray But something quite unusual Happened on that day Now church it started right on time Just like it does without a doubt And everything"
  • Church - De La Soul
    "feat. Spike Lee Peace - this is Spike Lee A.k.a. Shelton Jackson Lee A.k.a. loving husband and father of Tonya and Satchel and Jackson I'm here with De La Soul A.k.a. De La, a.k.a. The Plugs We're about"
  • Church - Fabolous
    "Ha ha ha haa Brothers and sisters we're gathered here today to listen to a young man that's on fiiya You sittin in the church wit Reverend Charlie Murphy and I'ma bring it to ya wit brother F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S Fabolous "
  • Church - Outkast
    "Man, have you ever really wondered Like why are we here? What the meanin to all of this? Sometimes life can keep you down, with your face all in the dirt (HALL-LE-LU-JAH) Now if you feel that left"
  • Belive me - Mike Shinoda
    "Like that I guess that this is where we've come to If you don't want to then you don't have to believe me But I will be there when you go down Just so you know now You're on your own now, believe me Yo,"
  • Belive In Myself - Sega Sound Studio
    "When all alone in my chair, I just go about wishing I wanna be strong, I really wanna be trusted When all alone in my bed, I just go about yearning I wanna be cool, I also wanna be like him But that's"
  • Belive In Yourself - Roger Tylor
    "I used to think I was a loser And all I did was bound to fail To be a shaker and a mover Keep the bad guys off your tail Everybody wanna get to the top of the heap sometime Everybody wanna climb to the"
  • Belive - Koda Kumi
    "modosenai kako modorenai kako mata yowai jibun ni kidzuita kimi kara sayonara "sore de owari na no?" ienai kotoba ga namida ni kawatteku kizutsukanai koi nante hontou no koi ja nai kimi to no kizu nara"
  • I Do Belive - Tammy Trent
    "Seems like it was yesterday Still it's hard to say Why God would try so hard to get me Looking back I'm blown away Now His love's like second nature He makes me shine Oh, no it's no secret I can't"
  • I belive in you - Nana Mouskouri
    "I dont believe in superstars organic food and foreign cars I dont believe the price of gold the certainty of growing old that right is right and left is wrong that north and south cant get along that east"
  • I Belive In Love - Barlow Girl
    "How long will my prayers seem unanswered? Is there still faith in me to reach the end? I'm feeling doubt I'm losing faith But giving up would cost me everything So I'll stand in the pain and silence And"
  • I belive in you - Sarah Connor
    "Hey hey heyYou went to the heart of me girlAnd in a way way wayYou are the start of me (you)And no matter where when howYou're always a part of meSo listen to me girl girl girlI fight for what I believeAnd"
  • I belive in you - 'N Sync
    "I never believed in dreaming It never got me very far I never believed that love could find me Like an arrow through the heart I never believed in miracles Or building castles in the air Not until that"
  • I belive in you - 'N Sync
    "I never believed in dreaming It never got me very far I never believed that love could find me Like an arrow through the heart I never believed in miracles Or building castles in the air Not until that"

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