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i told myself i needed this

  • I Told Myself - 311
    "Picked up on the wrong scent Not gonna make a dent How many times are you in my rhymes Burn me once shame on thee But burn me again shame on me I'm chasing and facing the point misplacing When I think"
  • Needed - Tracy Byrd
    "You say you hate to bother me Baby I'll be right there You're having one of those days I can see right through this phone Nothing's out of my way You can't ask too much I'm just thankful to be the one You"
  • What I Needed - Journey
    "Missing something in my life Searching for it day and night Couldn't seem to get it right 'Til you walked my way Leaving lovers one by one Didn't like who I'd become Couldn't face myself, I turn and run Made"
  • I Needed You - Alexis Jordan
    "Told that I was supposed to fail I wouldn't amount to much of nothin'. Yes, I pray There was days I wondered if you really loved me. "But, baby, you feel pain" Mama would say when I felt like runnin' away. I"
  • I needed you - Chris Brown
    "Told that I'm supposed to failI wouldn't amount to much of nothin'.Yes I prayThere was days I wondered if you really loved me.But baby you feel pain.Mama was savin' a pair like runnin' away.I couldn't"
  • I needed her most when i told her to go - Lovin' Spoonful
    "In the fever of a fire I said things I dont mean I guess at times in love like this Im a kid of sixteen And in a rage I pushed away The one that loved me so But I needed her most When I told her to go,"
  • I Never Told You - Flip Da Scrip
    "We used to hang out, play ball, listen to Aaron Hall, when you needed some stuff, I took you to a big mall. And I can't forget the times when I took you out to dinner You laughed all night, and I was feeling"
  • I Told Ya - Tynisha Keli
    "(Verse 1:) You already know I gave you everthing that I have Now I gotta go Cuz you took me for granted yea I've done this before Im not walkin back through that door And this is what i deserve But I aint"
  • I Told You - James Blunt
    "I said that I was numb but I was aching in my bones the panic in my heart is hard to breath to this the kind of thing they never teach you I never thought I’d ever have to leave you on your own baby"
  • I Told You - Biz Markie
    "This is for those who didn't believe that me, myself they said I couldn't achieve my goal or even get to my destiny to be the S-K-B-I-Z It was a rough road, for me to pursue a career in rap to make you"
  • I Never Needed - Temperance
    "(D. Angel, C. Filippeos, K. Filippeos, H. Der Hovagimian) I never needed no one like I need you It's true that it's over but I'll always run back to you Back to you, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh You came into"
  • Me,myself and i - Dawson's Creek
    "You know he was the type who never left me alone Until I really needed to reach him on the telephone He was nowhere to be found, he's hanging out with the boys Driving all around the city in his pretty"
  • I Told You Once - Howler
    "I wouldn't have it any other way Your body's fine but your mind's not okay When I think about it some other day My only wish is that you would stay And I wish there was something I could do Cause I hate"
  • I Told You So - Kill Your Idols
    "staring out ahead to the horizon where the sun sets, at the end of this black line(my fears are close behind) my hopes and dreams ditorted by the cracks inside the windsheildthat seem to grow and grow(if"
  • Needed Me - Rihanna
    "I was good on my own That's the way it was That's the way it was You was good on the low For a faded fuck On some faded love Shit, what the fuck you complaining for? Feeling jaded ? Used to trip off that"
  • Forever Needed - Andreas Johnson
    "As I lay back in my deepest confession I've come to depend on you again-my friend You with the bright eyes, you with the world in your pocket then me, just waiting for you to come around and say and you"
  • Lies Told - Run Level Zero
    "I was tired of being perfect To understand you have to scratch the surface I know I'm not the best of men I understand your pain and why you ran Lies told straight to my face Lies told straight to my"
  • Thought I Told You That - Anastacia
    "verse 1 theres a boy that im into, hes so fly, so cute i dreamt of, him every night, he had me, on cloud nine thought i could trust him, why?, he said to me when i needed him he was there for me, then"
  • If I Needed Someone - The Beatles
    "If I needed someone to love You're the one that I'd be thinking of If I needed someone If I had some more time to spend That I guess I'd be with you my friend If I needed someone Had you come some"
  • If I Needed Someone - Beatles
    "(Harrison) If I needed someone to love You're the one that I'd be thinking of If I needed someone If I had some more time to spend Then I guess I'd be with you my friend If I needed someone Had you"

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