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i tried to but sorry

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i tried to but sorry

  • I Tried - Jess Klein
    "My lover looks me in the eye Says, baby, you failed me If your love is really true Why dont I feel set free? Bail me out, baby, Im not meant for this prison cell So I fought for him How could I know hed"
  • Tried - Brettell
    "I didn't think you knew me didn't think that there was a you and I I was lying on my bed, 'before' I never ever told you I didn't know what to do I needed to explain, 'cast all' And I tried . . . . ."
  • Tried - Assemblage 23
    "I tried I failed to believe In the reward I would receive If only heaven's distant sun Would burn away all the things I'd done I tried to no avail To keep my eyes from growing pale But my vision came too"
  • Sorry But... - A
    "Two steps, over, real good, Oh yeah Lurkin', waiting, goes to the edge of pain and One steps, too far, in my, backyard You don't, know me, you can, show me Sorry I let you, sorry I met you I need to let"
  • Sorry but - A
    "Two steps, over, real good, Oh yeahLurkin', waiting, goes to the edge of pain andOne steps, too far, in my, backyardYou don't, know me, you can, show meSorry I let you, sorry I met youI need to let you"
  • Sorry - Pink Cream 69
    "Thought I'd found me an angel When she came into my life Tried to prove that i was the one That could make her feel alright I had to have her Oh, but she wasn't very easy I tried to tell her Oh, but she"
  • Sorry - Ciara
    "August 4th, we were chillin' at the house I said I was done, and told you to get out I didn't mean a word I said 'Cuz I was hopin' you would come back I tried and tried, and I cried and cried up late at"
  • Sorry - Daniel Bedingfield
    "You're my best friend No you're not You're my sister, stay in your place I can't pretend that you're not Threatening to me,l need my space I'm not lying, I value survival Over you I'm on my own No I'm"
  • Sorry - Krosfyah
    "(Yeah man)I'm sorry (yeah right player)Im sorry (now you're sorry) I wanna tell you a true true story when my baby went away and left me sittin in the chair al alone couldnt believe my babe is really"
  • I've Tried - Pissing Razors
    "Sometimes I ask myself why my thoughts are so insecure These people who love will elave me and drain me until I'm un-pure I try to hold onto my thoughts buried in the past But they come back and haunt"
  • Baby I Tried - Dottie West
    "I tried to love you holding you everything I know to do Baby I tried I can't love you like I used to I tried kissing you missing you anything but hurting you Oh baby I tried just can't love you the way"
  • I tried (interlude) - Total
    "You know, if you're not going to listen to me, Then there's no need for us to talk. (Why, oh why did you do it) I'm being a friend by telling you this, Wait, wait, I know there's nothing I could say, Or"
  • Sorry - Nothing But Thieves
    "You might kill me with desire Wind me tighter than a wire It’s something that you do to me I run away like mercury And I know you think it’s rough When you’re tryna patch us up And I say honey what is"
  • I Tried - Dead Moon
    "I tried to stop the tide I tried but I can't hide I tried to resist you I tried to follow through I tried to let you go I tried but I just want more I tried and tried to steal away But you played on me I"
  • I Tried - Frank Sinatra
    "I tried, tried to impress you, my love, I gave it all Each hour ever at your beck and call. I tried, tried to caress you, My soul, filled with desire, two arms craving the one I admire. Your charm"
  • I Tried - Warren Brothers
    "You say you're alone when you're with me and I don't care about the way you feel inside You say the weight's all on your shoulders Baby you say I never tried CHORUS: But I tried runnin' from the way I"
  • I Tried - Total
    "(Girl) Aye yo bitch turn the f**kin' music up You f**kin' bitch I heard you've been f**kin' with my man What kind of friend are you? What's goin' on what am I dealin' with? (wah wah wah wah wah wah) I"
  • I Tried - Jeff Healey
    "Maybe I could have loved you better Maybe we only needed time We couldn't make it last forever But I tried I tried Maybe I gave my heart too easy Maybe your heart was never mine I did my best to"
  • I Tried - Mull Historical Society
    "You you you, you're determined to be a woman Well show me The pain is in your eyes but you can hide it All the fun fun fun It keeps me going But then you know it You won, you won, you won Me me"
  • I tried - Ray J
    "Damn, she crazy, and she done a whole lot too,She gone tap my phone, she stole my credit card.She turned my cable off,I swear she's driving me insane.She cut up all my clothes,Threw my shoes in the poolShe"

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