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i was gone by the riverę

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i was gone by the riverę

  • By The Rivers Dark - Leonard Cohen
    "By the rivers dark I wandered on. I lived my life in Babylon. And I did forget My holy song: And I had no strength In Babylon. By the rivers dark Where I could not see Who was waiting there Who was hunting"
  • Rivers - New Model Army
    "And so I came to this dream-like place But I can't remember how Our lives just break open in front of us Like pack ice before the bow I followed rivers, I followed orders I followed prophets, I followed"
  • Rivers - Colosseum II
    "Under your wings now, over the worst. Now that the storm clouds have all blown away. Now that the spells have been broken. Feeling the beauty I am seeing today. It was always there. Don't let the rivers"
  • Rivers - Kajagoogoo
    "Have you seen, have you seen the footprints Laying side by side on the sand? I can see they belong to me But I can't identify the pair of the other man Where do they come from? I don't know I just can't"
  • Rivers - Skinny Puppy
    "Skinny Puppy [0:02] Let's get things nice and sparkling clean. [0:07] It's part of the New Way. [0:10] This conversation can serve no purpose anymore... I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take"
  • Strange Rivers - Baez Joan
    "Baez Joan Play Me Backwards Strange Rivers (by John Stewart) There are voices in the mirror, faces at the door That open on the rivers we've never seen before Are there choices for the sparrow, or does"
  • Two rivers - Petula Clark
    "I was born in a great big city With a river running by London (London) And this is the town that I loved and knew This is the place where I lived and grew And dreamed of love Then, I met someone with"
  • Flowing Rivers - Andy Gibb
    "(written by Andy Gibb) The stage is set another show must go on The spotlight's burning down into my face The drummer sits up high upon his rostrum Guitarists play each other face to face And when it's"
  • Old Rivers - Walter Brennan
    "(Words and music by Crofford) How old was I when I first seen old Rivers? I can't remember when he weren't around Well, that old fellow did a heap of work Spent his whole life walking plowed ground. He"
  • Many Rivers - B.o.B
    "Many rivers to cross You ain't got to ask me what I do this for But I can't seem to find my way over I do this for my city Constantly on the come up, Constantly on the come up But I always get this feeling"
  • Long Gone By - Falconer
    "We dwell in a time of neither night nor day. It's like an ever-eve of a gloaming light. Our robes have gone grey as we sailed to mortal shore. The journey felt so short to the gates of evermore. The paths"
  • Dream Gone By - Peter Murphy
    "Dream Gone By Let go all the tears of your life The one you left behind Let the pain of the dream go by It's over The love is calling I'm searching You have gone to be free The love is calling I'm searching You"
  • Time gone by - Izzy Stradlin
    "Try to think back Time gone by Not much come back But one thing I Do remember, Remember words were saidTime fills the pages Turn the page Time will not stop It will have its way on you Received a letter"
  • The Rivers Edge - Gospel
    "My girl had found someone new, I was tired of where I'd been So I was headed to the river, Where I'd planned to jump in. I reached the rivers edge, I had prepared for the end. That's when God spoke to"
  • Sail The Rivers - Uriah Heep
    "Would you give me One more chance If I agree to your demands Or will you turn the knife Keep me in pain till I can't take no more Would you take the breath of my life Or are you lookin' for something I"
  • My City Was Gone - The Pretenders
    "I went back to Ohio But my city was gone There was no train station There was no downtown South Howard had disappeared All my favorite places My city had been pulled down Reduced to parking spaces Eh,"
  • Gone - Bodies Without Organs
    "Now now that you're gone I see that I was blind Now now that you're gone I cry Now now that you're gone My world is turning to stone Now now that you're gone I'm alone So many nights You would"
  • Gone - Victoria Beckham
    "I never knew that we were through, I was too fallen and fallen for you You walked away, out of my life, nothing to say Couldn't deny, or ask you why, why you were telling me lie after lie Without a"
  • Gone - Aaron Pritchett
    "I guess I didn't see How much she meant to me I let opportunity pass me by Been sitting firmly on the fence When I came to my sense And I let her know just how I feel inside Well I guess I took too long Cause"
  • Gone - Wyrd
    "finally after a long long time you decided to take your heart away from mine you said i was a child and as you get out of my mind go on with my life to make the best of what is left *we used to do things"

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