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i were sorry frans

  • If I Were Sorry - Frans
    "I’d crawl through the desert on my hands and knees Rehearsing my pretty please Climb the highest mountain If I were sorry Shout it from the top Swim under water until my lungs exploded Walk into the fire If"
  • Sorry - Stellar*
    "didn't say I was sorry didn't know you were right I didn't think you were special I didn't think you meant that much didn't say I'm sorry didn't know you were right didn't say I'm sorry I'm sorry didn't"
  • Sorry - Natalie Cole
    "We used to be so very happy and we used to have so much fun And we used to spend our time together, we were as close as anyone I used to feel your every feeling, I was a part of your every dream I'm"
  • Sorry - Nerf Herder
    "Sorry we broke up, sorry I missed you Sorry I wanted only to kiss you Sorry I promised to love you forever Made you feel guilty oh when you left me Sorry I showed up at your party Sorry I drank up all"
  • Sorry - Assemblage 23
    "I'm sorry I can't bleed for you The way you want me to To throw myself against the rocks The way I used to do I'm sorry that I can't prolong The pain I've been put through I'm sorry, yes I'm sorry So"
  • Sorry - Nat King Cole
    "We used to be very happy We used to have so much fun We used to spend Our time together We were as close as anyone. I used to feel your every feeling I was a part of your every dream Im not saying that"
  • Sorry - Dan Hill
    "Too many times Girl I've swallowed my pride Waiting for you to come home When you finally arrive Your eyes shining bright There's the scent of some rich man's cologne For the very last time I hear you"
  • Sorry - Abra Moore
    "If I could hold you You know I would If the whole world would Just stop turning and be real still I said I'd meet you after midnight I know I never did return A lot of promises were broken I never kept"
  • Sorry - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) Whispering, you know I saw you were whispering Listening, you didn't think I was listening I got the right things all wrong again, once again I hurt you, never feeling Answer me, you know"
  • Sorry - Judith
    "Once you and I where as innocent as kids Love could easy grow to the corners of our hearts unaware of danger we started to grow up When we discovered borders I crossed the line And now I'm sorry from"
  • Sorry - Guns N' Roses
    "You like to hurt me, you know that you do You like to think in some way that it's me and not you ''(you know it isn't true)'' You like to have me jump and be good, but I don't want to do it You don't know"
  • Sorry - Jebediah
    "I'm sorry that I f**ked things up And I'm sorry that sorry is never enough But still I'm sorry I screwed your plans But if everythings cool then I know not we could do Yeah lets walk down to the school"
  • Sorry - Starmaker
    "How can love be so blind (you were right here by my side) Baby now when you are gone (I don't wanna go on) Just like a flower needs the ray (I just wanna be with you) Baby what can I do, to make you understand That"
  • Sorry - K-Otic
    "How can love be so blind (you were right here by my side) Baby now when you are gone (I don't wanna go on) Just like a flower needs the ray (I just wanna be with you) Baby what can I do, to make you understand Bridge: That"
  • Sorry - From Zero
    "Now I guess those things I said to you the other day were pretty nasty Cuz you ain't laughin' And I'm sleepin' on the couch again And all this arguing was back and forth And I wish you could just see things"
  • Sorry - Ciara
    "August 4th, we were chillin' at the house I said I was done, and told you to get out I didn't mean a word I said 'Cuz I was hopin' you would come back I tried and tried, and I cried and cried up late at"
  • Sorry - Our Lady Peace
    "Today's a reason for living Today's the blood from a stone Today's the light from a candle Helping us to find our way home Today we carry each other Today the past is a freak Today is the time for forgiveness You"
  • Sorry - Without A Cross
    "Sufferer your wisdom was passed on to me Open heartache chance No one gave for free So we stand at the end Of our rope we hold tight Take me from my consciousness And hold on tonight I'm sorry I'm not"
  • Sorry, Ok, Sorry, Ok, Sorry - Fake Problems
    "Aaaahh!! Kick myself in gear, I'm getting out of here and I've got to leave you behind. Take some initiative, it's the third stage of development and you should use it all the time. I'm not your father,"
  • Sorry So Sorry - Howie Day
    "spend your nights here we'll always be up late keep eachother on chemicals can make us stay i meant you're outta line with your friends and all your jokes moving out tonight making phones that hard to"

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