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i will fade

  • I Will Fade - Archive
    "Find answers on the street In cracks between my feet But I can't see Try so hard in vain To wipe away the stain Of everyday pain And you never see me walking towards you If you did I would surely fade And"
  • Fade - Cyndi Lauper
    "I think I'm walkin' down your street I sense a silent shuffle to my heartbeat Why cry, I'll just fade Fade you away I watch your window from the street I guess I'll etch a vision in my daydreams of you Of"
  • Fade - Kainos
    "Another day, I rise I rise again Captured by the mystery of the wind I cannot see it But I feel it through my hair Funny how I'm moved Bu what seems to not be here And so I fight For what I believe And"
  • Fade - King's X
    "One day I'll get olderThen it will be overWant to live a long lifeLike there is no next time (Who knows ho long after todayLife is too short to fade away I've heard a million storiesSome self explanatoryBut"
  • Fade - Mercy Fall
    "Thick air, silence He knows there's something wrong He turns the radio on He needs an answer To calm him down Inside he knows the truth But he'd rather look confused He can't submit He's stronger than"
  • Fade - Blood For Blood
    "There's only one sure thing in this world for me and that is one day my life will end Until that faithful day arrives for me I'll drown in misery meant only for me This is all because I failed in life"
  • Fade - Don't Look Down
    "Just another day Far away from being myself Can't explain my situation But I think I'm someone else Sick of all your stories The lying has affected me When I look in the mirror Nothing looks back at"
  • Fade - Karnivool
    "You said "Just show me what you wanna be, I will never stand in your way", take it back and then you say again, "tell me what you wanna be, I will never stand in your way". You know I sat here thinking"
  • Fade - Atomic Opera
    "How can it be That someone you love Is a memory In the time it takes to breathe Time is a thief Time is made of iron From here it seems The gentle moments seem extreme When the sun is in my eyes IFeel"
  • Fade - Englishman J.
    "Oooooo yeah Was I more than you bargained for Was I too much to take Did I push it all much to far Did I waste all the rage Walkin' under ladders Steppin' on sidewalk cracks Runnin' down dark alleys"
  • Fade - Imagine Dragons
    "Rise in the morning sun We believe In the same ideals But it's harder to leave When we've come this far And the end is near Tell me what made you love Just the way you do It's the purest touch And I wanted"
  • Fade - High Hopes
    "everything's calm all around i'll call and get no answer there's no need to say sorry and no reasons to worry and it fades, it fades tomorow's sun awakes to disolve these shadows of the past waiting"
  • Fade - The Go Set
    "Time, is catching up on me again Like an old friend, coming home again Theres a place, where its easier to remember a face So far away, everything changed And I'm waiting for it to, come through the door,"
  • Will Not Fade - Audio Adrenaline
    "I will not fade I won't let my light go out I will not masquerade I know who I am, and what my purpose is all about (chorus) For all these years I've traveled on And you have cheered, Shine on, shine"
  • Dreams Will Fade - Jessica Riddle
    "When I look in your eyes, I know how much I love you, and I know that you see it too. You take hold of my heart, when you hold me in your arms, and you say to me, "Oh, I love you". I still think of the"
  • Grey Will Fade - Charlotte Hatherley
    "I'm trying to find the words to say To make you feel much better, Fay And turn your head around and break it down Don't you want a better view? Come on now please say you do And the wind will change And"
  • True Love Will Never Fade - Mark Knopfler
    "True love will never fade True love will never fade True love will never fade True love will never fade True love will never fade I wonder if there's no forever No walking hand in hand Down a yellow brick"
  • My Devotion Will Never Fade - Of The Wand & The Moon
    "I will keep my heart from you To keep you safe I shall burn in this hell In a fire made for you I will wipe every tear Of your frozen heart My devotion will never fade I'll honor you every night I will"
  • Fade Away - Diecast
    "We both knew the answers To our misery and pain that stained our being Lost in clouds of comfort So afraid to take the fall into desolation What could make you fade away? I can't pretend that there's"
  • Fade away - Christian Walz
    "Hey, I could be the dust I could be the dust Never care to wipe away and I, I could be the rain I could be the rain on your summer holiday Now it's easy there's a big parade I told my demon go now celebrate Go"

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