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  • I Will Fly - Ten2five
    "Ten2Five ' I Will Fly You know all the things I've said You know all the things that we have done And things I gave to you If there's a chance for me to say How precious you are in my life And you know"
  • Fly - Maja Gawłowska
    "I believe in love I believe in Jesus Crazy love by the flies Carmen candy at sunset I believe in heaven I believe in hell too Smile and tears Sunny space I will fly honey I want to fly /2x I believe"
  • Sparrow I Will Fly - Noe Venable
    "sparrow, where did you go? I'm in the window look at the rain-- bad news bad words to be kept like a clipped bird whistling away I'm still waiting in the cyclone's eye for the day when like the sparrow"
  • Fly - H-Blockx
    "alienated lying there with myself myself is someone else there's noone handcuffed in the place on that day redo the day or die that's all I think of 'but' for no lies I will deny that I hate myself - that"
  • Fly - Ellie Goulding
    "In the window Faces staring right past me They're on a date, feeling happy And I go in there and sit with them Make them laugh And be normal For an hour and a half Someone's tired But not mine 'Cause"
  • Fly - Tyrone Wells
    "Sittin' in the airport waiting for the plane to come One man walks, one man runs Seems to me every burden every care Is about to slip into the air Chorus: Some are eager to go Some have baggage in toe Some"
  • Fly - Celine Dion
    "Fly, fly little wing Fly beyond imagining The softest cloud, the whitest dove Upon the wind of heaven's love Past the planets and the stars Leave this lonely world of ours Escape the sorrow and the pain And"
  • Fly - Larue
    "Fly I believe that there's more to life that what I see And I believe that I can still fly with my broken wings I believe that this picturesque beauty will fade way/ With His help I will gather my faith"
  • Fly - 3rd Root
    "Before I was soul fly and I will But I am one with the one that's one And as a child we now fly Forever, forever, forever Fly And why can't they find you 'cause I did And I am one with the one that's"
  • Fly - John Waite
    "For so long, you've gone on Trying to see an end to it all But I know that your grip, is getting loose And you think, if you leave The pain will go away, but you don't know what you need To get through 'Cuz"
  • Fly - Nickelback
    "Father, tell me somethin' Where do bad men go when they die? And mother says you'll go there but Wings for her and I and I don't mind Cause I have always wanted to learn to... Fly... learn to Fly... learn"
  • Fly - Miranda Sex Garden
    "Find me now oh, find me now when I still want to be found Feel me now oh, feel me now when I still know how to feel I will fly for you What I still have missed? Drown me now oh, drown"
  • Fly - Danny
    "(feat. Peace) So I've been through these hard times, mentally scarred Almost lost my sanity but got no sympathy cards And there's been, a couple times when my knees buckled I'd be in a heap of trouble"
  • Fly - Vision Divine
    "How many times Have I been falling down? Lost in the dark With no answers left I don't remember Now I roam all alone Searching for an answer For a reason to stand up and stay Waiting for a guiding light Breaking"
  • Fly - Kyla La Grange
    "Billy was a young boy throwing bricks Running through town with his finger flipped Crying inside for the love he missed Kissing your face with pale fist He could fly… He could fly… Missy was a swimmer"
  • Sparks Will Fly - Rolling Stones
    "(M. Jagger/K. Richards) You'd better grease up I'm coming back You're going to catch fire Pyromaniac You'd better shape up You'd better get set I'm gonna burn up In the smoke of a jet Sparks will fly When"
  • Sparks will fly - The Rolling Stones
    "You'd better grease up I'm coming back You're going to catch fire Pyromaniac You'd better shape up You'd better get set I'm gonna burn up In the smoke of a jet Sparks will fly When I finally get myself"
  • Fly - Steve Winwood
    "On a brave new morning smiling at the sky Every shadow of the past whispers goodbye There is hope if you can see I give it all to you, you give it all to me Every winter has the sun within its heart And"
  • Fly - Nicki Minaj
    "Rihanna: I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise to fly to fly Nicki Minaj: I wish today it would rain all day maybe that would kinda make the pain"
  • Fly - Nick Drake
    "Please give me a second grace Please give me a second face I've fallen far down The first time around Now I just sit on the ground in your way Now if it's time to recompense for what's done Come, come"

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