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i will love monday

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i will love monday

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i will love monday
  • The Jam Monday
    "Rainclouds came and stole my thunder - Left me barren like a desert But a sunshine girl like you It's worth going through - I will never be embarrassed about love again - Tortured winds that blew me over"
  • The Flobots Monday
    "MAYDAY!!!! Born in the flood Bloody fingerpaint sets Blackmarketed fresh Water canons forget me not Epitaph airbrush with death White t's Wife beaters Button up Reattach flesh In between the lines Outside"
  • Aura Dione I Will Love You Monday (365)
    "Dum de dudedum da dum dum de de dudedum dum dee dudedum da dum dum de de dudedum I will love you monday and you will hurt me tuesday I will kill you thursday if you don't stop me wednesday forgive you"
  • ALO Monday
    "Go back to sleep and dream Tip down your pink sombrero Today was a time machine That's broken down in tomorrow And I know By the sound Of the rain As it falls on the ground That this love Is a shelter"
  • Enchant Monday
    "I'm not alone There are millions who are just like me Is our life our own Or are we breed to think everything's fine? Just another ant in the line I don't want to be One more calf who's suckling the"
  • Peter, Paul & Mary Monday Morning
    "Early one mornin' one mornin' in spring To hear the birds whistle the nightingales sing I met a fair maiden who sweetly did sing I'm going to be married next Monday morning. How old are you my fair young"
  • The Brothers On monday
    "You know it 's not always easy, to be your loving man, I try to treat you, please believe me, the best way that I can. I listen to your stories, nearly every night and day, and I say I understand that"
  • Pivitplex Hello Monday
    "Wake Up, hello Monday I'm a hero on the weekend no less Sunday When I wake up, hello Monday I face a week of heartache so my flesh would say. Suddenly, the sky starts falling Underneath this hurt is day I"
  • Will Butler Clean Monday
    "You know it's 9 a.m. And I, and I've been waiting for you wondering where you might sit I got the guards out just in case it's true But you know I know you wouldn't do Why don't you sit down and take,"
  • Soluna Monday Mi Amor
    "On Monday morning I feel blue And, boy, it's all because of you On Tuesday heartache is my friend I feel like we have reached the end On Wednesday I pick up the phone I'm tired of being all alone We've"
  • Fool's Garden Monday Morning Girl
    "It was Monday morning, ten o' clock, it seemed a perfect day I saw a girl, plucked up courage, then I heard me say: "I think you're beautiful, I really think you're made for me and if you want I'll take"
  • 'Til Tuesday Maybe Monday
    "Tell me again you only want what's good for me Tell me again you're gonna make me happy Tell me again I have promises to keep Tell me again- I might stop crying in my sleep Maybe Monday he'll call Maybe"
  • Aimee Mann Maybe monday
    "Tell me again you only want what's good for me Tell me again you're gonna make me happy Tell me again i have promises to keep Tell me again- i might stop crying in my sleep Maybe monday he'll call Maybe"
  • Vanilla Monday Mourning
    "Say what you will If you won't Monday mourning will find you Do what you do if you don't She'll wake up beside you She murders the day She hurries the hours away Sleep while you can If you can't Monday"
  • Student Rick Monday Morning
    "Monday morning and time to get out of bed work sucks, this is the part that I dread 7:30 the bus came early again my luck, my girlfriend turned gay and now im sitting here trying to find myself and I"
  • Bad Cash Quartet Monday Morning
    "Monday morning Feels like I'm going down And every wasted day Is going through my head Monday morning Know it's hard to be young And challenge everyone Do you know how it feels? I run at nights til I"
  • Jack Frost Last Monday
  • Lucky 7 Come Monday
    ""There's no turning back", that's what she said. I stretched out the boundaries to the edge, And slipped into deep dispair. So why does this happen to me, I know you see right through me, So why waste"
  • Fleetwood Mac Monday Morning
    "(Lindsey Buckingham) monday morning you sure look fine friday i got travelin' on my mind first you love me and then you fade away i can't go on believin' this way i got nothing but love for you so tell"
  • Pulp Monday Morning
    "There's nothing to do so you just stay in bed,oh poor thing Why live in the world when you can live in your head? Mmm when you can go out late from Monday till Saturday turns into Sunday And now you're"

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